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Your Mega Guide to Shanghai Fitness Studios

2018-01-09 ShanghaiWOWeng ShanghaiWOWeng

Most of us make some kind of fitness resolution at the beginning of each year. Shanghai has an incredible array of fitness studios to help get you motivated, moving, and change your life. Here’s our mega guide to our favorite studios in the city.



Photo: Z&B


Z&B Fitness


Classes Offered: Barre, Bootcamp, Cardio, HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Gymnastics, Indoor Cycling, Martial Arts, Mom & Baby, Pilates, Pole, Aerial, Toning, Stretching, Lifting, Women Only, Yoga, Zumba

Address: 14/F, 1219 Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu

Phone: 61219079

Jingan address: 6/F, 278 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

Phone: 61491791

Prices: First trial 50 rmb; drop in 150 rmb; 10 classes for 1180 rmb; 20 classes for 2160 rmb

 Photo: Soul Dancing


Soul Dancing


Classes Offered: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Pole, Bachata, Kizomba, African, Chair Dance, Heels Dance, MTV Dance, Jazz Funk, Hiphop, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Private Wedding Dance, Company Teambuilding Class and variety styles of Kids Dance 

WeChat: Souldancingstudio

Official WeChat account: SouldancingChina

Address: 4/F, 1199 Fuxing Zhong Lu

Phone: 62564400

Website: www.souldancing.cn

Prices: First trial 100 rmb; 1 class drop-in 300 rmb; 30 class package 5,940 rmb

Link Parkour Movement Training

Classes offered: Parkour

Address: Southeast Corner, DongAn Road/LongTeng Avenue Intersection, Xuhui Binjiang Riverside Park

Pudong address: Bldg 1, No. 59, 2622 Jinqiao Road

Phone: 18602112931

Prices: Outdoor classes 100 rmb drop in, or 800rmb for 10 classes. Indoor classes 200 rmb drop in, 2800 rmb 20 classes, 8000 rmb one year unlimited.


Photo: Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga


Classes Offered: Yoga

Address: IAPM mall: 999 Middle Huahai Road, L6-615

Plaza 66 location: 1266 West Nanjing Road, 3F, Unit 335

Phone: 54661266

Website: www.pure-yoga.com

Prices: Call to inquire


Photo: The Clinic


The Clinic


Classes offered: Yoga, strength training, pilates, personal training

Address: 118/98 Jiashan Road, Building B, 5F, Suite A501

Phone: 33688801

Website: www.theclinic.internationala

Prices: Call for information on packages


Photo: Super Model Fit


Super Model Fit


Classes Offered: Barre, Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Pilates, Pole, Aerial, Yoga, Zumba

Address: Jiashan road location: Studio 501, Jiashan Buliding, 251 Jiashan Road, near Yong Jia Road

West Jianguo location: W3, Jian Ye Li, 492 West Jianguo Road (near Yueyang Road)

Phone: 15000553198

Prices: 2 trial classes 300 rmb, drop in after trials 300 rmb per time; 10 classes for 1800 rmb

Photo: The Living Room


The Living Room by Octave


Classes Offered: Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, CrossFit, Dance, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Meditation, Pilates, Boxing, Yoga

Address: 357 West Jian Guo Road, near Tai Yuan Road

Phone: 33384666

Prices: Trial 180 rmb, Drop in 380 rmb, Unlimited 3 month membership 5000 rmb, 1 year unlimited membership 19,800 rmb.


Photo: Prime

Prime Fitness


Classes Offered: Bootcamp, Circuit Training, HIIT, Functional Training, Martial Arts

Address: Room 102, Building 1, 3 Fenyang Road, near Middle Huaihai Road

Jingan location: 3F, Cachet Boutique Hotel, 931 Nanjing Xi Road, near Tai Xing Road

Phone: 62599653

Prices: 150 rmb (minimum member card top up 1500 rmb)


Photo: Versus


Versus Fitness


Classes Offered: Barre, Bootcamp, Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Martial Arts

Address: 6F, 15 Dong Ping Road

Phone: 54270996

Prices: Trial class 60 rmb, Drop in 180 rmb, 10 classes 1499 rmb, 1 month unlimited 1680 rmb


Photo: Style Fitness


Style Fitness


Classes Offered: CrossFit, Performance Training, Pilates, Boxing, Dance.

Address: B1, 1500 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Nan Lu

Phone: 64410192

Prices: Trial 130 rmb (if you sign up the same day trial is free, no drop in) 20 classes 150/session



Photo: Y+ Yoga


Y+ Yoga Center


Classes Offered: Yoga

Address: Xintiandi Studio: 150 Hubin Road 3F, 5 Corporate Avenue

Fuxing Studio: 299-2 Fuxing Xi Road

Anfu Studio: 308 Anfu Road, 3F

Phone: 63406161

Website: www.yplus.com.cn

Prices: Call to inquire


Photo: Barre in Fusion


Barre in Fusion


Classes Offered: Barre, Functional Training, Pilates, Pole, Aerial

Address: Room 2802, No.128, Pu An Road (near Middle Jin Ling Road)

Phone: 18621985437

Prices: Trial class if booked in Dianping 198 rmb for 3 classes, drop in class 250 rmb, 10 classes 2,000 rmb (one class added free); call to book class


Photo: Feel Good Fitness


Feel Good Fitness


Classes Offered: Bootcamp, Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Yoga

Address: Room 4c, Bldg 5, 288 Dagu Road (near North Chengdu Road)

Phone: 63233865

Prices: Drop in 160 rmb, 20 classes 2500 rmb.


Photo: CrossFit Body in Motion


CrossFit Body in Motion


Classes Offered: CrossFit, Lifting, Strength, Bootcamp, Circuit Training

Address: Bldg 6, 288 Dagu Lu, near Chengdu Lu

Phone: 63150307

Prices: (classes by appointment) Drop in 200 rmb, 10 classes 1,500 rmb Unlimited 1 month 1,800


Photo: V+ Fitness


V+ Fitness


Classes Offered: Core, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Pilates

Address: 657, Ciros Square, No. 388 West Nan Jing Road (near North Huang Pi Road)

Xuhui location: 1F, Base Building, No. 45 North Cao Xi Road (near Zhao Jia Bang Road)

Jingan location: 304, 1788 Square, No. 1818 West Nan Jing Road (near Hua Shan Road

Changning location: 406 - 407, Nanfeng Shopping Mall, No.100 Zun Yi Road (near Zi Yun Road)

Phone: 64861023

Prices: Drop in class 240


Photo: GuCycle




Classes Offered: Spin

Address: B1-E05, Hubin Road Shopping Center, 150 Hubin Road

Jingan location: B1, Jingan Kerry Center Mall, Yanan Middle Road

Phone: 4000805181

Prices: Free trial class, Drop in 210 rmb, 10 classes 1700




Photo: Absolute MMA


Absolute MMA


Classes Offered: Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (adults & kids), Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and MMA Fit

Prices: contact membership consultant for more details

Address: Building C4, Room 301, 800 Show, 800 Changde Lu (near Changping Lu)

Phone: 15801709103


Photo: Lizzy’s All Natural




Address: 66 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Yanan zhong lu

WeChat: zenergyspace

Prices: Drop-in 150rmb, 5 classes 700rmb, 10 classes 1300rmb


Photo: AFit




Classes Offered: Bootcamp, HIIT, Fitboxing, TRX, Tabata, Strength & Conditioning

Address: Bldg. B, 1/F, 753 Yuyuan Lu (near Jiangsu Lu)

Phone:  15026546903

Prices: Call for details


Photo: F45


F45 – Jingan


Classes Offered: rotating cardio, resistance and hybrid HIIT, circuit and functional workouts

Address: B103, 98 Yanping Lu (near Wuding Lu)

WeChatID: Functional45

Prices: RMB 200 (single), RMB 1,680 (monthly), RMB 4,500 (3 months), RMB 8,000 (6 months), RMB 14,000 (year), RMB 1,800 (10 classes)


Photo: Body & Soul Yoga


Body & Soul Yoga


Classes Offered: Yoga

Address: 33 Changhua Road

Phone: 32185009

Website: www.bodynsoulyoga.com

Prices: Call to inquire


Orange Theory Fitness


Classes Offered: cardio, functional training, HIIT

Address: 3/F, 245 Maoming Bei Lu (near Weihai Lu)

Phone: 6031 4777

Prices: First trial free, RMB 1,988 (10 classes), RMB 3,788 (20 classes), RMB 1,788 (1 month unlimited), RMB 1,300 per month (8 months unlimited)


Photo: Free Soul


Free Soul Yoga


Classes offered: Yoga

Address: 9 Clouds Meditation Space, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, 4th floor

WeChat: FreeSoulYogaSH

Prices: 200rmb for 2 trial classes, 10 classes 1600rmb, 1 month unlimited 1200rmb


Photo: SpaceCycle




Classes Offered: Spin, Yoga, Barre

Address: 3/F, 789 West Nanjing Lu (across from Nike)

Phone: 3656 3936

Prices: RMB 258 (drop-in), RMB 1,850 (10 classes), RMB 5,100 (30 classes), RMB 9,300 (60 classes)


Photo: Z&B


Z&B Fitness


Classes Offered: Barre, Bootcamp, Cardio, Circuit Training/HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Gymnastics, Indoor Cycling, Martial Arts, Mom & Baby, Pilates, Pole/Aerial, Women Only, Yoga, Zumba, Open Gym

Address: 6F, 278 Shaanxi Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu)

Phone: 71219079

Prices: RMB 150 (drop-in), RMB 130 (5 classes), RMB 1,200 (10 classes), RMB 2,200 (20 classes), RMB 4000 (40 classes), RMB 5,400 (60 classes), RMB 8,000 (100 classes), RMB 799 (1 month gym pass), RMB  1,999 (3 month gym pass), RMB 2,999 (6 month gym pass), RMB 4,999 (12 month gym pass); mixed passes also available


Photo: Reebok CrossFit


Reebok CrossFit MeWellness


Classes Offered: Bootcamp, CrossFit, Yoga

Address: No. 667 Changhua Road, near An Yuan Road

Phone: 18801894007

Prices: Drop in 200 rmb, 10 classes 1,700, 20 classes 3,100


Photo: Becycle


Becycle Spinning Studio


Classes Offered: Spin

Address: Studio S4A, 667 Chang Hua Road, near An Yuan Road

Phone: 18616952975

Prices: New client special 330 rmb for 3 rides, Drop in class 170, 10 rides 1400, 1 month unlimited 1500


Photo: Aboro Academy


Aboro Academy


Classes Offered:  Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, Functional Training, Boxing, Kick boxing

Address: Studio 6 -8, 2F, 667 Chang Hua Road, near An Yuan Road

Phone: 62220266

Prices: Drop in class 250 rmb, Unlimited monthly 2100 rmb


Photo: Golden Gloves


Golden Gloves


Classes Offered: boxing, bootcamp, toning, women only

Address: 4/F, Huaqi Building, 969 Wuding Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu)

Phone: 6733 7257

Prices: RMB 3.988 (3 months), RMB 5,588 (6 months), RMB 6,888 (9 months), RMB 8,288 (year), RMB 2,800 (20 classes), RMB 1,600 (10 classes)


Photo: Spinback Fitness


Spinback Fitness


Classes Offered: Spin, Spin & HIIT,  Body Blitz Ride

Address: 4/F, 969 Wuding Lu (near Changde Lu)

Phone:  15801869019

Prices: RMB 150 (drop-in), RMB 1,400 (10 classes), RMB 2,600 (20 classes), RMB 4,800 (40 classes


Photo: Oz Body Fit


Oz Body Fit


Classes Offered: Muay Thai, Boot Camp, Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning

Address: 80 Changping Lu (near Changhua Lu)

Phone: 6288 5278

Prices: RMB 100 (trial), RMB 180 (drop-in), RMB 1,500 (10 classes), RMB 3,000 (25 classes), RMB 5,500 (50 classes)


Photo: MoveM




Classes offered: Spin

Address: Building 3, 546 Yuyuan Road (all the way in the back)

Phone: 5258 0551

WeChat: mymovem

Prices: Free first trial; 3 classes 600 rmb; 10 classes 1750 rmb


Photo: BeastLab


Beast Lab


Classes Offered:  Bootcamp, Core, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Open Gym, Pilates, Yoga

Address: 2306F, No. 66 North Shaan Xi Road (near Wei Hai Road)

Phone: 13060664954

Prices: Drop in 180 rmb, 1 month 1,800


Photo: Fit Monster


Fit Monster


Classes Offered: Circuit Training, HIIT, Functional Training, Lifting

Address: Apartment 14, No. 341, Tai Xing Road (near West Beijing Road)

Phone: 13004160072

Prices: Trial class 50 rmb, Drop in class 150, Intro offer 3 classes for 250, 10 classes 1,250


Photo: StepUp Dance


Step Up Dance


Classes Offered: Contemporary, K-Pop, Jazz, Ballet, Zumba

Address: Rm. 207, No. 596 Middle Yan An Road, near Shimen 1st Road

Phone: 18621951536

Prices: Drop in class 128 rmb, Unlimited monthly class 980 rmb



Photo: Iron Dragon


Iron Dragon Crossfit Shanghai


Classes Offered: Bootcamp, Circuit Training / HIIT, CrossFit, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Weights & Lifting

Address: 3F-5F, Bldg 1, No. 1279 West Zhong Shan Road (near Wu Zhong Road)

Phone: 62376780

Prices: Drop in class 189 rmb, 1 month unlimited 1550 rmb.


Photo: Primal6




Classes Offered: Functional training, strength training, HIIT

WeChat: hammurabi_f

Address: MetCon, 1772 Zhongshan Nan Er road, 3rd floor

Prices: Drop-in 180rmb; 10 classes 1,250 rmb


Photo: SoulFit




Classes Offered: Barre, Bootcamp, Circuit Training / HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Martial Arts, Pilates, Weights & Lifting, Yoga, Zumba

Address: 4F, Block 1, No. 505 Zhao Hua Road (near Ding Xi Road)

Phone: 13901822467

Prices: Drop in 69 rmb


Photo: TriFit




Classes Offered: Circuit trainint, boot camp, yoga, aerial yoga, barre

Address: 6F Beethoven Plaza, 1158 ChangNing Road, near ZhongShan Park Station

WeChat: Veta_Y

Prices: Inquire via WeChat


Photo: Drishti Yoga


Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala


Courses Offered: Yoga

Address: 121 Jiangsu Road, Zhongxi mansion, Room 20C

Phone: 61559564

Website: www.drishtiyoga.org

Prices: Call to inquire


Photo: Uptown


Uptown Powered by Under Armour


Classes offered: Calisthenics / Street Workout, Circuit Training / HIIT, Core, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Open Gym, Running, Weights & Lifting

Address: 1F, Bldg 2, Anken Air, No.181, Lane 465 Zhen Ning Road

Phone: 62162382

Prices: Drop in class 180 rmb


Photo: Yesoul


YESOUL Spinning Studio


Classes Offered: Indoor Cycling

Address: Rm. 103, No. 968 Jin Zhong Road, Linkong SOHO, Building 6, near Xiehe Road

Phone: 62288865

Prices: Call to book a class




Animal Martial Arts & Fitness


Classes Offered: Martial arts, HIIT, strength and conditioning, self-defense, women only

Address: 1715 N. Zhongshan Road, Building E, Room 2101 (Near Zhenping road station)

WeChat: mmabecca

Prices: Inquire via WeChat




Photo: Alpha Fit


Alpha Fit Studio


Classes Offered: Core, Functional Training, Indoor Cycling, Rowing

Address:  Room 131, B1, Himalayas Center, No. 869 Ying Hua Road (near Fang Dian Raod)

Phone: 50338512

Prices: Drop in class 200 rmb, 30 classes for 4,500 rmb


Photo: Emperor CrossFit


Emperor CrossFit


Classes Offered: Bootcamp, Circuit Training, HIIT, Core, CrossFit, Functional Training, Open Gym, Lifting

Address: 255 Lanhua Road, near Shi Nan Road

Phone: 68590139

Prices: Drop in class 200 rmb, 10 classes 1,600

Photo: Icarus




Classes Offered: CrossFit

Address: No. 510 Hongfeng Road, near Ming Yue Road

Phone: 15921778417

Prices: Drop in class 200 rmb, 1 month unlimited 1,800

Photo: Synapse


Synapse Pilates


Classes Offered: Pilates

Address: Suite 1701, Building B, 188 ZhangYang Road, near Fu Kang Road

Phone: 58763307

Prices: Free trial, Drop in class 200 rmb


Photo: YoFit


YoFit studio


Classes Offered: Circuit Training / HIIT, Core, Dance, Functional Training, Martial Arts, Pilates, Weights & Lifting, Yoga

Address: No. 287 Lan Hua Road (near Shi Nan Road)

Phone: 50826828

Prices: Drop in class 110 rmb




Photo: Icarus CrossFit

Icarus CrossFit

Classes Offered: CrossFit

Address: 928 Qiqihaer Lu, Near Jiangpu Park station, exit 1 (Get directions beforehand, it’s tricky)

Website: www.icaruscrossfit.com

Prices: Free trial; 10 classes for 1,600; 30 classes for 4,500; Unlimited month 1,600

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