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Tried and Tested: Reiki Healing

Claire L. Squire ShanghaiWOWeng

I have been hearing a lot about Reiki from friends lately. One of those friends once traveled to Thailand to be a Reiki healer and claimed he could heal my foot while I slept, while another friend had an unexpected life-changing Reiki session from the comfort of her own living room. I tend not to be a massive believer in mystical things (apart from ghosts which are obviously real), so I went along to a Reiki session to find out what it was all about.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is mash-up of two Japanese words: Rei – which means ‘higher power’ or ‘god’s wisdom’, and Ki which means ‘Life force energy’. Stick the two together and you have something like ‘spiritually-guided lifeforce energy’.

Reiki healing is based on the idea that there is a limitless supply of ‘life force energy’ all around us. A trained Reiki healer can tap into this life force and channel it into the body of their patients. The basic idea is that if you are physically, mentally or emotionally unwell, then your life force energy is low and it essentially needs ‘topping up’.

Most Reiki healers practice a little differently from one another, but they all lay their hands on a persons body and channel life force into it.

What does Reiki feel like?

After spending quite a pleasant afternoon reading up about Reiki, I decided to give it a shot. I got in touch with Shanghai-based Russian Valeria and met her in her home studio where she practices Reiki and explained the process to me.

She asked me to lie on a massage table (fully clothed), placed small crystals over my body, and just told me to relax and shut my eyes. She said that she would work her way down my body by placing her hands on different chakra points and that she would often learn things about the people she works on - about their body or their mental state - and that we would discuss that together at the end of our session.

As Valeria placed her hands on my head and I listened to the very stereotypical ‘spa’ music, I prepared myself for a much-needed nap.

To my surprise, I didn’t drift off at all at the beginning. I saw what seemed to be bright flashes of swirling blue and yellow colors in my eye lids. These blues and yellows would ebb and flow and change colors. As she moved her hands to my chest, the colors became much more intense, almost darting around behind my eye lids. Then she moved to my stomach and the colors faded away entirely and from then on, I drifted off.

Valeria woke me up gently and it was like waking up from the best sleep of my life. I was a little disorientated and slightly embarrassed that I had so fully nodded off. She left the room for a moment and gave me some time to collect myself.

When she came back, we sat down and discussed what she had found when giving me the Reiki session. She said that my liver was working very hard, and that I had been drinking a lot lately (It was a Monday morning, so yes). She gently suggested I put the wine down and pick up some green tea for a few days.  

She asked me if I had had an important relationship in the summer of 2013, to which I replied that affirmatively. She said that there were still things I needed to work through from this. I was a little puzzled as I feel like I have resolved all my feelings from that. We discussed the idea that absorbing positives are as important as ‘getting over’ negatives from any relationship. I decided to spend some time thinking about this.

Most spookily she asked me if something violent had happened to me around my home in December 2017. I immediately felt my heart racing and replied that yes I had. I was mugged outside of my apartment in Shanghai by three guys who roughed me up a fair bit before a passerby stopped them. She asked me if I had fully dealt with this and I replied that I hadn’t. She said that this was blocking a chakra in my chest, which explains the bright colors that were flashing and swooping around behind my eyes.

I left my session in turmoil. I felt that a lot of things had been brought to the surface. I went to the office and sat staring at my computer screen before realizing that I needed to go home. I needed to cuddle my dog, be on my own for a while and speak to my friends.

Ever since my Reiki session I have begun to deal with some of the things that were brought to the surface, I reached out to people close to me for help and in general, I feel happier and healthier than I have in a long time.

I have gone from being a non-believer to someone who would really recommend Reiki. If you are interested in booking a session or you have any questions about its process, I suggest you get in touch with Valeria using her contact information listed below.

Email: WholisticTherapiesShanghai@gmail.com

WeChat: wholistic_therapies

Price: RMB 600 per session, packages available.

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