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期末必背!外研版七年级上册重点句型归纳,这里全啦!Ekwing 中考

2017-12-19 掌握学习之道 翼课网





Your Way, Your Wing





这次,给学生换一套复习动作吧丨Ekwing 复习神器

期末推荐!人教新目标七年级上册重点短语句型语法归纳,这里全啦丨Ekwing 中考








Module1 My classmates


1. I’m Chinese, and I’m from China. = I’m Chinese, and I come from China.) 我是中国人, 我来自中国.

2.---Where are they from? =Where do they come from? 他们来自什么哪里?

---They are from America.=They come from America.) 他们来自美国.

3. ---How old is that man? 那位男子多少岁了?

---He is forty-four. 他44岁.

4. The students are in Class Five, Grade Seven. 这些学生在七年级五班.

5. Tom is in Class One with Lingling.=Tom with Lingling is in Class One.=Tom and Lingling are in Class One. 汤姆和玲玲在一班.

6. What about you?=How about you?=And you? 你呢?/你怎么样?

7. Welcome to Class 6 Grade 7! 欢迎来到七年级六班。

8. Beijing is the capital of China. 北京是中国的首都。

9. Good to see you.=Nice to see you.=Glad to see you. 很高兴见到你。

10. I’m Tony Smith. Tony is my first name and Smith is my last name. 我是Tony Smith,Tony是我的名,Smith是我的姓。


Module2 My family


1. This is a photo of Tony' s family. 这是Tony的一张全家福。

2. What a big family! 多么大的一个家庭啊!

3. My mum’s parents are on the right. 我母亲的父母在右边。

4. The woman next to me is my dad’s sister. 紧挨着我的这位女子是我父亲的妹妹。

5. Is this your family? 这是你的家庭吗?

6. Are these your grandparents? 这些是你的祖父母吗?

7. My mother is the manager of a theater. 我的母亲是剧院负责人。

8. My father’s job is at a police station. 我父亲在警察局工作。

9. His parents are shop workers. 他的父母是商店工作人员。


Module3 My school


1. ---What’s your classroom like? 你们的教室看上去怎么样?

---It’s really big. 真的很大。

2. ---How many students are there in your class? 你们班有多少学生?

---There are forty-four students in my class. 我们班有四十四个学生。

3. There aren’t any computers in our classroom. 我们教室没有电脑。

4. ---Are there any computers on everyone’s desk ? 每位学生的课桌上有电脑吗?

---Yes, there are some. ( No, there aren’t any.) 是的,有一些。

5. ---What’s in your classroom? 你们教室里有什么?

---There is a lot of furniture. 有很多教学设施。

6.There is a map and some pictures on the walls.

=There are some pictures and a map on the walls. 


7. In the middle of the school is a big playground.=A big playground is in the middle of the school. 一个大操场在学校的中央。

8. ---Where is the library? 图书馆在哪里?

---It’s next to the science lab. 它挨着实验室。

9. Gao Yan’s between Zhao feng and Li Min. 高燕在赵峰和李民中间。


Module4 Healthy food


1. We’ve got lots of apples. 我们有大量的苹果。

2. He hasn’t got any meat. 他没有一些肉。

3. ---Have you got any chocolate? 你们有一些巧克力吗?

---Yes, we have. / No, we haven’t. 是的,我们有。/不,我们没有。

4. Let’s go shopping for food and drink. 让我们去买一些食品饮料吧。

5. Let’s get some coffee for your mum. 让我们给你妈妈买点咖啡吧。

6. Too much chocolate isn’t good for you. 太多的巧克力对你不好。

7. What kind of fruit? 什么种类的水果?

8. Cola is bad for you. 可乐对你有害。

9. ---How about some orange juice? 一些橘汁怎么样?

---Good idea. 好主意。

10. Is your food and drink healthy? 你的饮食健康吗?

11. It is important to stay healthy. 保持健康很重要。

12.There are lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch, but there isn’t any cola or candy . 中午有许多水果蔬菜,但没有可乐和糖果。

13. Please remember to buy some fruit. 请记住买一些水果。


Module5 My school day


1. What’s the time?=What time is it? 什么时间了?

It’s twenty past one.=It’s one twenty. 一点二十。

2. What are our lessons on Monday?=What lessons do we have on Monday? 星期一我们上什么课?

3. We have Chinese at 8:00 and science at 8:55. 8:00上语文课,8:55上科技课。

4. It’s interesting to study maths. 学数学有趣。

5. I like the lessons on Tuesday afternoon. 我喜欢星期二下午的课。

6. They don’t have geography on Friday. 他们在星期五不上地理课。

7. Do you have PE on Thursday afternoon? 你们在星期四下午上体育课吗?

8. I love history and I’m good at it. 我喜欢历史,我擅长历史。

9. My favourite subject is English. 我最喜欢的课程是英语。

10. I can talk with my Chinese friends. 我能和我的中国朋友谈话。

11. Maths is difficult for Betty.=It’s difficult for Betty to study maths. 对于Betty来说,学习数学难。

12. ---What time is your art lesson? 你的美术课在什么时候?

---I have art at 3:00 pm on Wednesday. 我在星期三下午3:00上美术课。

13. We start work at nine o’clock. 我们在九点钟开始上课。

14. My school is next to my home. 学校紧挨着我的家。

15. We have a break for thirty minutes. 我们休息30分钟。

16. We have lunch in the dining hall at 12:20. 12:20我们在食堂吃午饭。

17. I have a busy day on Saturday. 星期六我度过了繁忙的一天。

18. The students have eight lessons every day. 这些学生每天上八节课。

19. Mr.Li makes maths lessons interesting. 李老师使数学课有趣。

20. I do my maths homework first after school. 放学后我首先做我的数学作业。


Module6 A trip to the zoo


1. Welcome to Beijing Zoo. 欢迎来到北京动物园。

2. The zoo has many kinds of animals in the zoo.=There are kinds of animals in the zoo. 动物园里有许多种类的动物。

3. The animals come from different countries and eat different food. 这些动物来自不同的国家,吃不同的食物。

4. They also like plants. 他们也吃植物。

5. ---Do pandas eat plants and leaves? 熊猫吃植物和叶子吗?

---Sure. They love bamboo. 当然。它们喜爱竹子。

6. ---Shall we go and see pandas? 我们去看熊猫好吗?

---Yes. Let’s go. 好的。我们走吧。

7. Which is Lingling the panda ? 哪一只是熊猫玲玲?

8. There is a panda called Lingling. 有一只叫玲玲的熊猫。

9. A panda doesn’t eat meat. 熊猫不吃肉。

10. The tiger lives in Asia.=The tiger comes from Asia. 老虎生活在亚洲。

11. A panda eats about 30 kilos of bamboo a day. 一只熊猫每天吃30斤竹子。


Module7 Computers


1. How do I do my homework on the computer? 我怎样在电脑上做家庭作业?

2. What’s next? 接下来是什么?

3. Please connect the screen to the computer. 请把显示器连接到主机。

4. Finally, turn on the computer. 最后,打开电脑。

5. I want to learn how to print a document. 我想学习怎样打印文件。

6.My father often talks to his customers on the computer. 我父亲经常在电脑上和他的客户洽谈。

7. I also go on the Internet to check my emails. 我也上网查看我的电子邮件。

8. I listen to music or watch movies on the computer every Friday night. 每星期五晚上我在电脑上听音乐或看电影。

9. There is no computer in my home. 在我家里没有电脑。

10. I play a lot of games and my mother doesn’t like it. 我玩大量游戏,我母亲就会不高兴。


Module8 Choosing presents


1. ---Would you like to come to my birthday party? 你愿意来参加我的生日派对吗?

---Yes, I’d love to. / I’d love to, but... 是的,我愿意。/ 我很愿意,但是......

2. My mother never makes a birthday cake for me. 我母亲从不给我制作生日蛋糕。

3. Do you sing it in Chinese or in English? 你用中文还是英文唱这首歌呢?

4. What would you like for your birthday? 关于你的生日,你想要什么呢?

5. It’s a secret. 这是秘密。

6. What do you often do on Teachers’ Day? 在教师节你常做什么?

7. She spends lots of money on clothes. 她在衣服上花费了大量的钱。

8. We usually watch football on TV at weekends. 在周末我们常在电视里看足球赛。

9. Which presents do you choose for your friends? 你为你的朋友选择哪些礼物呢?

10. It’s great to hear from you. 收到你的来信真是太好了。

11. I’m afraid I can’t come. 恐怕我不能来。

12. I always watch my sister play football. 我一直都在观看我的妹妹踢足球。


Module9 People and places


1. We’re enjoying the school trip a lot. 我们非常喜欢学校的这次旅游。

2. I’m standing on the Great Wall and talking to you. 我正站在长城上和你打电话。

3. We’re on a school trip to the Great Wall. 我们正参加学校到长城的旅游。

4. Are they with you? 他们和你在一起吗?

5. They are on sale at the shop. 它们在商店里出售。

6. Please take some photos and send them to me by email. 请照一些像,并用电子邮件发送给我。

7. It’s time to go back to school now. 回学校的时间了。

8. At this moment, in different places of the world, people are doing different things. 此刻,在世界上不同的地方,人们正在做不同的事。

9. Hi fromTony. 来自Tony的问候。

10. Thank you for your postcard. 谢谢你的明信片。

Thank you for sending me a postcard. 谢谢你送明信片给我。

11. We are having a good time. 我们正玩的高兴。


Module10 Spring Festival


1.Hi, Lingling. This is Tony speaking.


2. What’s happening ?=What are you doing? 你在做什么?

3. Are you getting ready for Spring Festival? 你们正为春节做准备吗?

4. We’re getting lots of food ready for Spring Festival. 我们正为春节准备大量的食品。

5. She’s cleaning the house and putting things away. 她正打扫房间和整理东西。

6.Spring Festival happens every year, but not on the same day.春节每年都会来,但不在同一天。

7. It usually comes in February. 春节常在二月份。

8. Here’s a photo for you. 这儿有一张照片给你。

9. My mother is sweeping away bad luck. 我母亲正把霉运扫去。

10. We are celebrating Spring Festival with a traditional family dinner on New Year’s Eve. 在除夕夜,我们以一顿传统的家庭晚餐来庆祝春节。

11. Hongbao means lucky money. 红包就是压岁钱。

12. Spring Festival finishes at Lantern Festival. 春节在元宵节结束。

13. He is still at work.=He is still working. 他仍然在工作。