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期末必背!外研版九年级上册重点句型归纳,这里全啦!Ekwing 中考

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Your Way, Your Wing




收藏!2018 中考英语写作热点话题 16 篇 + 范文背诵丨Ekwing 中考

这次,给学生换一套复习动作吧丨Ekwing 复习神器

期末必背!人教新目标九年级全册重点短语+重点句型+考点解析+语法归纳,这里全啦丨Ekwing 中考








Module1 Wonders of the world


1.wonders ofthe world世界奇观 

natural wonders 自然奇观 

man-made wonders人造奇观 

2.join in参加;加入 (活动) = take part in 

3. I’m notsure. 我不确信 

4. agreewith sb. 同意某人的看法 

sb. agree with sth. 某人适应(食物、气候) 

agree to do sth. 同意做某事 

agree to sth.(plan /decision/suggestion) 同意/赞成 

agree on sth.( plan/ ) 在……方面意见一致 

5. on theeastern coast of ...在……的东海岸 

6. in one’sopinion据某人看来;按某人的意见 

7. more than= over 多于,超过 

8. produce electricity 供电 

9. millionsof 数百万的;数以百万计的 

10. wouldlike to do sth. = want to do sth. 想做某事 

Would like sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 

11. earlymorning 大清早 

12. become grey 变成灰色 

13. get outof ...从....出来 

14. gothrough 意为“穿过,强调从物体内部穿过”;从头至尾的练习 

15. fallaway 突然向下倾斜 

16. lookover 从(某物上面)看过去:仔细检查 

look across  眺望 

look down to 俯视;向下看 

17. on topof 在.....顶部 

18. at the bottomo 在.....的底部 

19. on bothsides 在两边 

20. be famous for 意为“以.......而闻名” 

21. do aninterview 做采访 

do an interview withsb 采访某人 

22. draw apicture of 画一副......的图画 

23. go down 下去;下沉;坠落 

24. wait for 等候 

25. dozens of 许多 

26. inheight 高度;在高度上



1. agree with sb 同意某人 

agree to dosth 同意做某事

2. would like to do sth 想要做某事 

3. in+一段时间 在.....(多长时间)之后,常用于回答How soon 的提问 

4. havebeen/gone to 以及have been in的区别 

5. because of+ 名词 因为…


6. withoutdoing sth 没有做某事 

7. be afraid ofdoing sth. / be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 

8. one of +the+ 形容词最高级+可数名词复数 最......的.....之一 

9. look forwardto doing sth 盼望做某事


Module2 Public holidays


1. since then 从那以后 

2. have a three-day holiday 有三天的假期 

3. public holiday 公众假日 

4. have one day off 有一天的休息时间 

5. all kinds of 各种各样的 

6. take avacation spend a vacation 度假 

介词短语:on / for vacation:He is going to take a vacation to Beijing. =He is going to Beijing on / for vacation. 

7. have apicnic 去野餐:They are going to have a picnic in the park. 

8. have fun= have g good / great time = enjoy oneself 玩得开心;过得愉快  

have fun doing sth. 高兴做某事 

9. playmusic 演奏音乐 

10. gosomewhere interesting 去有趣的地方 

11. as soonas… 一…就…引导时间状语从句(主将从现)I will call you as soon as I get there. 

12. makeshort speeches 做简短的演讲 

13. givethanks for 为某事/某物而感谢I gave thanks foryour help. 

give thanks to sb. 向某人表示感谢They gave thanks to me. 

14. teachsb. how to do sth. 教某人如何做某事Tom taught me how toride a bike. 

15. grow corn 种植玉米 

16. lay the table 摆设餐桌 

17. tell astory tell stories 讲故事 

tell a lie 撒谎 

tell a joke 讲笑话 

18. as well 也,位于肯定句句末She likes swimming. I like swimming as well. 

19. plentyof 大量的,充足的,后接可数名词复数或不可数名词。

20. makemuch progress取得很大的进步 

make progress in (doing) sth. 在(做)某事方面取得进步 

21. get back 回来 = come back, go back, return 

22. thinkabout 考虑;思考You always think about eating. 你总是想着吃。 

23. make aplan for 为......制定计划Let’s make a planfor the party. 

24. wake sb.up 叫醒某人 

getout of bed 起床

25. fallasleep睡着 

26. indifferent ways 以不同的方式People celebrateSpring Festival in different ways. 

27. countdown 倒数I always count down the days until theend of the term. 

28. dependon 依靠,依赖 ;取决于We can’t depend on our parents. Your success depends on whether you work hardor not. 你的成功取决于你是否努力工作。 

depend on sb. to do sth. 指望某人做某事We shouldn’t depend on him tofinish the work. 

29. gettogether 聚会 

30.apartfrom除......以外(还有), 相当于besidesA part from the cost, it will take alot of time. 除了花费外,它还需要许多时间。


1.have+一段时间+off 放多长时间的假


3.have fundoing sth做某事很开心 

4.enjoyoneself 玩得开心 

5.watch sb.do/doing sth观看某人做/正在做某事


6.teach sb.how to do sth教某人如何做某事 

7.It's better to dosth.最好做某事 

8.Don't you...?(否定疑问句)难道你.......吗?




Module3 Heroes


1. choose to do sth. 选择做某事:We choose to join the English club. 

2. tell sb. About sth. 告诉某人关于某事:Please tell me about your vacation plan. 

3. one of the + 形容词最高级 + 可数名词的复数形式,最……的……之一 :She is one of the most famous singers in China. 

4. in the world 在世界上 

5. play tabletennis打乒乓球 

6. stoppingdoing sth. 停止正在做的事 

stop to do sth. 停下去做另外一件事 

They stopped working and decided to have arest. He stopped to talk with me. 

7. attenduniversity abroad 出国留学 

attend a meeting 参加一次会议 

8. Whatevershe does, she never gives up. 无论她做什么,她从不放弃。 

whatever = no matter what 无论什么 

Take whatever you want. 你想要什么就拿什么 

give up doing sth. = stop doing sth. 放弃做某事:You should give up smoking at once. 

9. have astrong will 有坚强的意志 

10. as wellas 不但……而且;还 

She can speakEnglish as well as Japanese. 

as well as 同……一样好(同级比较的结构) :He plays the pianoas well as you. 

11. She is simplythe best. 她确实是最好的。 

12. die for 为……而死:He died for the country . 

13. takecare of = look after 照顾;护理 

take good care of … = look after …well 好好照顾 

14. the + 形容词,表示某一类人,表示复数意义,若用作主语,谓语动词用复数形式。 

the rich富人 the poor穷人 

the sick病人 the old老人 

the young年轻人 the weak弱者 

the strong强者 the blind失明的人 

the wounded伤员 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 富者愈富,贫者愈贫。 

15. so that以便; 为的是 (从句中出现情态动词,so that引导的是目的状语从句):He got up early so that he could catchthe early bus. He got up early so that he caught theearly bus. (从句中用的是行为动词的过去时,so that引导的是结果状语从句) 

16. inventv. 发明 

invention n. 发明物 

inventor n. 发明家 

Can you tell me who invented the telephone?

He wants to be an inventor when he grows up. What do you think is the most importantinventions? 

17. at thattime 那时候,在那时 

18. on one’sown = by oneself = alone 独自;单独:The girl can finish the work on her own / by herself. 

19. It’suseful for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人有用:It’s useful for youto know the rules. 

be useful to sb. 对某人有用:

This book is useful to young people. 

be useful for (doing) sth. 某事/某物有用:

Dictionaries are usefulfor learning English. 

20. withoutdoing sth. 没有做某事(做伴随状语) 

without sth. 没有某物:He went to school without eating breakfast. We went out without any money. 

21. manageto do sth. 设法做成某事:He managed to avoidan accident. 避免 

22. operate v. 做手术

operation n. 手术 

operate on +sb./某部位:The doctor isoperating on a boy / his leg. 

do an operation on sb.给某人做手术:The doctor is doingan operation on a girl. 

23. continuedoing sth. 继续做原来的事 

continue to do sth. 继续做另一件事

He continued reading Lesson Ten. They continued talking after the meal. After reading Lesson Nine, he continued toread Lesson Ten. 

24. in theend = at last = finally 最后;终于 

In the end hefinished the work on time. 

25. die of 因……而死(内因)后跟

hunger, cold, illness, afever等名词:The man died of his illness. 

die from 由于…而死(外因)后跟wound, accident, over work, carelessness等名词:The soldier died from his wound. 

26. make +宾语 +宾语补足语(名词/形容词) We made him our monitor. 我们选他当我们的班长。 The presents made us excited. 

27. take off(飞机等)起飞;脱下(衣服等):The plane took off at nine. He took off his wet shoes. 他脱下了浸湿的鞋子。

28. aroundthe world = all over the world 世界各地,全世界

29. in need of需要 need n.:The doctor told me I was in need of a good doctor. 

30. be proudof 为……感到自豪:They are proud of their brave soldiers. 

31. set off/ out =startoff/ out 出发;动身 

set off for…动身/出发去… :They set off for home then. 

32. get away 离开,逃离:I hope to get awayearly in the morning. 

33. learnfrom向......学习 

learn sth. from sb. 向某人学习某事:Let’s learn from Lei Feng. I am learning English from Tom. 

34. on one’sway home在某人回家的路上:I bought a book onmy way home. 

35. saveone’s life 挽救某人的生命:The doctor tried hisbest to save the boy’s life. 




1.one of+the+形容词最高级+可数名词复数 最.....的......之一 

2.tell sb.about sth.告诉某人关于某事 

3.start doing sth.开始做做某事 

4.begin todo sth.开始做某事 

5.stopdoing sth.停止做某事 

6.on one'sown独自一人 

7.manage to do sth.设法完成某事 

8.both...and... .......和......两者都 

9.want to dosth.想做某事 

10.makesb/sth. +形容词 使某人/某物...... 

11.try to dosth.努力干某事 

12.wait for sb. to do sth.等待某人做某事


Module4 Home alone


1.look after照顾 

2.be careful with /of小心(对待)....... 

3.make sure确保 

4.plenty of许多,大量 

5. cooksimple meals 做简单的饭菜 

6. wake up醒;醒来 

7. be aboutto do sth. 将要/打算做某事 

8. have a good trip 旅途愉快 

9.a coupleof两个,几个 

10.turn off关掉;关闭(设备)turn on 开 

11. sb. be/feel boredwith sth. 某人对某事感到厌烦 

12. come true实现 

13.be worried about= worryabout担心 

14. onbusiness出差 

15. atlast最后;终于 

16. have fun玩得高兴 

17.as soon as一......就...... 

18. hurry todo sth. 匆忙做某事 

19. ask sb. forsth.向某人要某物 

20. hand in上交 

21. be unable to do sth.不能做某事 

22. feeltired and sleepy 感到又累又困


23. help sb. withsth. =help sb. (to) do sth.

24. tidy up收拾;整理 

25. Plan to do sth. 计划/打算做某事 

26. dependon依靠;依赖 ;取决于 

27. say goodbye to sb.和某人道别 

28. see sb.off送别某人 

29. be busy doing sth. be busy with sth. 

30. be /get readyfor sth. 为某事准备好 

be/get ready todo sth. 准备好做某事 

31. get sth.ready 把某物准备好:We must get dinner ready. The guests arecoming. 

32. in ahurry 匆忙 hurry up 赶快 

33. by accident= bychance 意外地,偶然地 

34. later on以后,后来 

35. take away 拿走,带走 

36. indanger 处于危险中 

37. allday long整天 

38. pointout 指出 

39. call the police 报警 

40. clean up清理 

41. fight with 与……打架


1. so+be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语........也是如此 

2. so+形容词/副词+that从句 如此......以至于 

3. lots of+可数名词复数/不可数名词 许多...... 

4. advisesb. to do sth.建议某人做某事

5. be about to dosth.即将做某事 

6.want to dosth.想要做某事 

7. a bit+形容词/副词 有点..... 

8. have todo sth.不得不做某事 

9. a few+可数名词复数 几个...... 

10.be unableto do sth.不能做某事 

11. try to dosth.设法做某事 

12. want sbto do sth.想让某人做某事 

13. start to dosth.开始做某事 

14. be happyto do sth.做某事很高兴 

15. tall sb. to dosth.告诉某人做某事 

16. learn todo sth.学会做某事 

17. be busydoing sth.忙于做某事


Module5 Museums


1. on thesecond floor 在二楼 

2. be againstthe rule 违反规定 

3. in trouble 处于困境 

4. Noentry. 禁止入内。 

5. That’s nogood. 那不行。 

6. Take a photo /photos / pictures 拍照 

7. Nophotos. 禁止拍照。 

8. Nowonder. 难怪。 

9. berude 粗鲁的 

10. go upstairs/downstairs上楼/下楼 

11. punishsb. for (doing) sth. 因(做)某事而惩罚某人:He punished his son for copyinghomework. Tom was punished for fighting. 

12. There isno shouting and no running. 禁止喧哗和跑。 

13. bedifferent from 与……不同 

14. talkabout sb. /sth. 谈论某人/某事 

15. the answer to the question 那个问题的答案

the key to the door 门的钥匙 

16. dig coal 挖煤 

17. physics experiments 物理实验 

18. as wellas 不仅……而且 

19. fill …with…把…装满… =be full of 

20. find out 查明 

21. compare...with 把…和…相比较 

22. peopleof all ages 各个年龄段的人 

23. have awonderful time 玩得很开心 

24. be free 免费的

25. allowsb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 

allow doing sth. 允许做某事 

26. make anoise 发出噪音 

27. On the ground floor 在一楼 

28. take aboat trip乘船旅行 

29.have a high fever发高烧 

30. send anemail发送电子邮件 

31.write down写下 

32. get intotrouble陷入麻烦 

33.breakthe rule破坏规则 

34. keepquiet保持安静 

35. make sure确保;务必 

36. in thewhole world在全世界 

37. Take thelift 乘电梯 

38. between...and...在.......和......之间 

39. drop in顺便拜访 

drop in on sb. 顺便拜访某人 

drip in at sp. 参观某地 

40. payattention to 注意 

pay attention to(doing) sth. 注意(做)某事 

41. lookforward to (doing) sth. 盼望(做)某事



1.What a/an+形容词+名词单数!多么......一个......

2. What’sthe matter (with sb.)?(某人)怎么了? 

3. payattention to (doing)sth.注意(做)某事 

4. lookforward to doing sth.期待做某事 

5. withoutdoing sth.没有做某事


Module6 Problems


1. too much + 不可数名词 太多的 

2.play the guitar 弹吉他 

3. play musical instruments演奏乐器 

4. Stop sb. (from) doing sth.阻止某人做某事 

5. make a deal with sb. 与某人达成协议 

6. fail the exam 考试不及格 

pass the exam 通过考试 

fail to do sth. 做某事没成功 

7. anyway 不管怎样 

8. want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 

9. get into the habit of (doing)sth. 养成做某事的习惯 

10. come home from school 放学回到家 

11. do volunteer work 做义工 

12. That’s / It’s a shame. = That’s / It’s a pity. What a shame/pity. 真可惜;真遗憾 

13. No deal. 不行。 

14. Instead of (doing) sth. 代替/而不是做某事 

15. That’s not the point. 那不是重点。 

16. consider doing sth. 考虑做某事 

17. last word 最终决定;最后一句话 

18. ask for one’s advice 征求某人的建议 

19. come round to sp. 拜访(某地):She said she would come round to my house. 

20. use sth. for (doing)sth. 把某物用于(做)某事:We use knives for cutting things. 

21. go wrong 出毛病;出故障 

22. decide to do sth. 决定做某事 

23. ry out 试用;试 

24. take off 起飞;脱下;卸载 

25. no longer = not ... anylonger no more = not …any more 不再 

26. be angry with sb. 生某人的气 

be angry at sth. 对某事生气 

27. get back 找回;要回 

28. make mistakes 犯错 

29. tell sb. to dosth. tell sb. not to do sth. 

30. tell sb. the truth 告诉某人真相 = to be honest 说实话 

31. at least 至少 at most 至多 

32. apologise to sb. for (doing) 因某事向某人道歉 =make an apololgy to sb. for(doing) sth. 

33. pay the bill 付钱; 

34. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 

35. warn sb. (not) to dosth. 警告某人(不要)做某事 

36. by mistake 错误地 

37. hurry up 快点;赶快 

38. get high marks 取得高分 

39. Pocket money 零花钱 

40. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事 

41. save up a lot of money 攒了许多钱 

42. feel sorry for 为……感到遗憾 

43. get into trouble with sb. 与某人关系紧张 

44. warn sb. of /about (doing) sth. 警告某人关于(做)某事:My mother warned me of the danger of drivingthe car. 我妈妈警告过我开车的危险性


1. sb. spend some time/money (in) doing sth 花费时间、金钱做某事 

2. want (sb.) to do sth 想要(某人)做某事 

3. stop sb.\sth. (from)doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 

4. get into the habbit ofdoing sth. 养成做...的习惯 

5. It’s +adj.(形容词)+to do sth.做某事是...的 

6. as +形容词或副词的原形+as 和...一样.... 

7. You should +动词原形 你应该做.... 

8. finish doing sth 完成做某事


Module7 Great books


1.What’s up?= What’s wrong?=What’sthe matter? + with sb./sth. 某人/某物有某事 

2. more… than…与其说…不如说… 

3. discuss v. 讨论

n. discussion --

have a discussion 进行讨论 

4. makesense合情理;明智,有意义 

make sense to sb. /sth. 对某人/某物有意义:That does not make sense to me. 那对我没意义。 

5. influence sb. / sth. 影响… = have an influence on sb. /sth. 对…有影响:I don’t want to influence you. He has a great influence on the government. 

6. by the way顺便问一下 

7. why don’tyou do sth.? = Why not do sth.? 为什么不做某事? 

8. not as/so..as... 不如 ....... 

9. get intotrouble遇上麻烦 

10. in themiddle of 在......中间/中部 

11. escapefrom…从…逃跑 

12. for atime 一度,一时,一段时间:I want to stay herefor a time. 

13. besurprised to do sth.对做某事感到惊讶 

be surprised at sth. 对某事感到惊奇 

in surprise 吃惊地,惊奇地 

to one’ssurprise 令某人吃惊的是 

14. more than + 名词 不只是,不仅仅是:

Bamboo is used for more than building. 

15. pay for(sth.)为…付钱;为.....付出代价:

How much did you pay for the book? You will have to pay for what you have done. 

16. ineveryday English用日常英语 

17. It isthought to be = People think that 人们认为 

18. in theform of 以......的方式,以.......的形式:

My garden is in theform of a square. 

19.grow up 成长,长大 

20.all thetime 总是,一直 

21. laugh atsb. 嘲笑某人 smile at sb.对菒人微笑 

22. turn thesituation round 扭转局势 

23. inreturn 作为回报:

I sent him a present in return for hishelp. 

24. beincluded in 被包括在.......中 

25. for free 无偿,免费:

You will get a book for free.


1. What'sup?什么事? 

2. describe...as...把....描绘成....,把......说成...... 

3. I suppose(that)+从句 我猜想 

4. Why don'tyou do...?你为什么不.....呢? 

5. It's apity that+从句 遗憾的是..... 

6. bepleased to do sth很高兴做某事


Module8 Sports life


1.stand for是.......的缩写;代表 

2. train for 为……训练 

3. playagainst和......比赛 

4. beat sb.打败某人/团队 

win the match /prize 赢得比赛/奖品 

5. if mymemory is correct 如果我没记错的话 

have a good/bad memory 记忆力好/差 

6. make a decision做决定 decision n. 

7. That’s no excuse. 那不是借口。 

8. no way决不;不可能 

9. face the truth 面对事实 

10. have nochance to do sth. / have no chance of doing sth. 没机会做某事 

11. rememberto do sth. = don’t forget to do sth. 记得做某事 = 不要忘记做某事 

12. be madat/ with sb. = be angry with sb. 生某人的气:She is mad at me forbeing late. 

be mad on/about sb./sth. 特别喜欢某人或某物:She is mad about kids. be angry at /about sth. 对某事生气 

13. nicework= good joy = well done做得好 

14. cheerfor sb. 为某人加油 cheer sb. up 让某人开心/振作起来 

15. success n. 成功

succeed v.

successful adj.

successfully adv. 

16.encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 

be encouraged to dosth. 被鼓励去做某事 

17. the highjump 跳高 

jump high 跳得高 

18. have theability to do sth. 有做某事的能力 

have the ability indoing sth.有能力做某事 

19. setup 建立,成立 

20.among 在…中间(三者或三者以上) 

21. at thesame time 同时 

22.break the record 打破纪录 

23. use sth.to do sth. 使用某物去做某事 

24.at the same time同时 

25. in fact事实上,实际上 

26. from now/then on 从现在/那时起 

27. suffer …from…患(病),受(某病)折磨 

28. It is a pitythat 令人遗憾的是 

29. stop sb.(from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 

30. a symbolof… …的象征 

a symbol of courage and success 勇气和成功的象征 

31. continue to do sth.= go on to dosth.; continue doing sth. = go on doing sth.继续做某事 

32. takepride in...以.......为骄傲 

33. preparefor...为......做准备 

prepare…for…为…准备…:I ampreparing for the party. I have toprepare enough food for the guests. 

34. first ofall 首先,起初(强调次序) 

above all 首要的是,最重要的是(强调要引起特别注意)


1. rememberto do sth记得去做某事 

2. just todo只为做........ 

3. want sb.to do sth.想让某人做某事 

4. hadbetter do sth.最好做某事 

5. It is apity that... ......是个遗憾 

6. stop sb.from doing sth.阻止某人做某事 

7. continueto do sth.继续做某事 

8. advisesb. to do sth.建议某人做某事 

9.It's+形容词+to do sth.做某事是......的 

10. need todo sth需要做某事


Module9 Great inventions


1. to some degree在某种程度上 

2. put up挂;张贴;公布;举起;搭起; 

3. on theschool website在学校网站上 

4. take goodcare of好好照顾;好好看管 

5. wait forweeks 等好几个星期 

6. hear from sb. 收到某人的信 

7. send andreceive photos and emails 发送和接收相片和邮件 

8. I wonder= I want to know 我想知道 

9. in the future 在将来 in the past 在过去 

10.thousands of 数以千计的;成千上万的 

11. electronictechnology 电子技术 

12. morepowerful 更有效 

13.anyway 不管怎样 

14. Here itis . 它在这。 

15. an empty memory card 一张空白的存储卡 

16. read theinstructions 看说明书 

17. lendsth. to sb. 把某物借给某人 

borrow sth. fromsb. /sp. 从某人/某地借某物 

18. use itproperly 正确使用它 

19. Buy anewspaper read a newspaper 

20. bereplaced by被......取代 

21. lookthrough 快速阅读;浏览 

22. go tosleep 入睡;睡着 

23. in those days 在那个年代 

24. at atime 每次;一次 

25. by hand 用手;靠手做 

26. as aresult 结果;因此 

as a resultof 由于;因为 

27. developv. 发展→ n. development 

28. make sb./sth. + adj. 使某人/某物处于某种状态:The bad news makesher sad. 

29. in a way从某一点上看;在某种程度上 

30. compare …to… 把…比作/看作 

31. anamount of + 不可数名词大量的 

32. Varied /all kinds of各种各样的 

33. wait andsee 等等看;等着瞧 

34. give/make areport 做报告 

35. keepaway from 远离 

36. hundredsof millions of +复数名词数亿的.... 

37. doresearch 做调查 

38. searchfor搜寻;搜查 

39. write tosb. = write a letter to sb.结某人写信 

40. what’smore 而且,更重要的是 

41. not all…并非所有的……都(部分否定) 

42. communicatewith 与……联系 

43. in the near future 在不久的将来



1. lend sth. to sb. 把某物借给某人 

2. promise sb.to do sth. 承诺某人做某事 

3. allow sbto do sth 允许某人干某事 

4. instead ofdoing sth. 代替做某事 

5. It seems+(that)从句 看起来好像...... 

6. startto do sth.开始做某事 

7. need todo sth. 需要做某事

8. not与all连用表示“并不是所有的都” 

9. It’s +形容词+to do sth.做某事是....的 

10. tell sb. to do sth.告诉某人做某事 

11. learn todo sth学做某事 

12. in the序数词century在......世纪


Module10 Australia


1. ask sb. (not) to do sth. 要求某人(不)做某事 

2. Write a letter to sb. 给某人写信 

3. here wego我们这就去看看,我们开始吧 

4. in centralAustralia 在澳大利亚中部 

5. accordingto 根据;按照 

6. the local people 当地居民 

7. a specialand magical place 一个特殊而神奇的地方 

8. What’sits height? 它的高度是多少? 

9. lie off/ to /in /on 位于 

10. sheepfarmers 牧羊人 

11.keep sb. /sth. away 使某人/某物不靠近 

12. cut sth.off sth. 把某物从某物身上剪掉 

13. That’s why…那就是…的原因 

14. That’sbecause… 那就是因为… 

15. Keep adiary 写日记 

16. brush sth.off sth. 把某物从某物身上刷掉 

17. at the time = atthat time 在那时 

18. at themoment现在;此刻 

19. Sb. be surprised at sth.某人对…感到惊奇 

20. duringdifferent periods of the day 在每天的不同时代 

21. have aclose relationship with …与…关系密切 

22. in manyways 在许多方面 

23. growgrapes 种葡萄 

24. lie inthe sun 躺在阳光下 

25. Thesun is very bright. 阳光明媚。 

26. in thefields 在田野里 on the hill 在小山上 

27. go horseriding 去骑马 

28. farbehind 与......相差很远 

29. be /get used todoing sth. 习惯做某事 

used to do sth. 过去经常做某事 

30. be proudto be 以是…而自豪 

31.get along 和睦相处


1. ask sb.to do sth. 要求某人做某事

2. write aletter to sb.给某人写信 

3. keep sb./sth. away 使......避开,使 ......不靠近 

4. brush sth.off sth. 把某物从某物上刷掉 

5. be going to+动词原形 将要....... 

6. show sbsth=show sth to sb 把某物给某人看 

7. use sth to dosth 用某物做某事 

8. enjoydoing sth 喜欢做某事 

9. one of+名词复数 ......之一


Module11 Photos


1. takephotos拍照 

2. You bet. = sure = ofcourse = certainly 当然。 

3. the thingis 重要的是 

4. thegeneral standard 整体标准 

5. I have afeeling that 我有种感觉 

6. havedifficulty (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难 

7. Itdoesn’t matter. 没关系。 

8. for the first time 第一次 

9. be inwith a chance to do sth. = be in with a chance of doing sth. 有机会做某事 

have a chance to do sth. = have a chance ofdoing sth. 

10. morethan + 形/副词 = very 非常 more than happy = very happy 非常开心 

11. read out宣读 

12. be pleased with 对......感到满意 

13. comparedwith…与…相比(作状语) 

14. even though = evenif 尽管(引导让步状语从句) 

15. giveprize to sb. 给某人颁奖 

16. protect…against /from…保护…免受… 

17. a groupof 一群;一组 

18.congratulations to sb. 向某人祝贺 

congratulations onsth. 为某事祝贺 

congratulate sb. on sth. 为某事向某人祝贺

congratulate v. 祝贺 

19. thanksto sb. = say/ give thanks to sb. 向某人表示感谢 

thanks to = because of 幸亏;由于 

20. welcomesb. to do sth. 欢迎某人做某事 

21. Present the prizes to sb. 给某人颁奖 

22. enterthe competition 参加比赛 

win the competition 赢利比赛 

23. far (away)from离......远,远离

24. Would /Do you mindsb. / one’s doing sth.? 你介意某人做某事吗? 

Would you mind me / my openingthe window? 你介意我打开窗户吗?


1. Why don’tyou do...?为什么不做 

2. What aboutdoing sth.?做某事怎么样 

3. be sorryto do sth.对做某事感到抱歉 

4. protect +宾语+against保护......;使......不受 

5. manage todo sth.设法做某事 

6. congratulationsto sb.祝贺某人 

7. startdoing sth. 开始做某事 

8. begin todo sth. 想要做某事 

9. want todo sth. 想要做某事 

10. be usedto doing sth.习惯于干某事


Module12 Save our world


1. spread over cities and villages 遍及城市和乡村 

2. be a danger to 对……有伤害 

3. so many + 可数名词复数 so much + 不可数名词 这么多的…… 

4. It’s no use/good doing sth. 做某事是没用的 

5. Collect waste收集废品 

6. nice idea = good idea 好主意 

7. save energy 节约能源 

8. cause pollution 引发污染 

9. turn off the lights 光灯 

10. ask for sb. 找某人,求见某人 

ask for sth. 要某物 

ask sb. for sth. 向某人要某物 

11. What …do with…? How … deal with…? 怎样处理…? 

12. divide …into… 把…分成… 

13. throw away 扔掉 

14. be harmful to sb. /sth. = do harm to sb. /sth. 对某人/某物有害 

doharm for sb. to do sth. 对某人来说做某事有害 

15. ifpossible = if it is possible 如果可能 

16. change...into = turninto把......变成...... 

17. tons of 大量的,许多的 

18. make a change 作出改变 

19. hope for sth. 期待/盼望某事 

20. take steps to do sth. 采取措施做某事 

21. Make a policy for 为……制政策 

22. try one’s best to dosth. 尽某人最大努力做某事 

23. protect theenvironment 保护环境 

24. Plant trees 种树,植树 

25. clean up 打扫,清理 

26.such a short time 这么短的时间



1. so much+不可数名词 那么多 

2. It’s nouse doing sth. 做某事是没有用的 

3. What...do with...?.......怎样处理......? 

4. If possible如果可能