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《道听图说画咖啡》之14: 陕西北路 Cafe Guide No. 14:North Shanxi Road

2016-12-25 咖叔 咖啡评论 咖啡评论



20161223 1030分至1630



20161224 1130分至1230



Date and time of photos taken


10:30– 16:30, December 23, 2016



11:30– 12:30, December 24, 2016







Christmas day is coming! TC would like to present this edition of Cafe Guide as a Christmas gift to you all, and in the mean time, to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of TalkCoffee.




This edition of Cafe Guide mainly covers the section of North Shanxi Road between Fengxian Road (south) and Wuding Road (north) and the location map of cafes is as follow




陕西北路362号︱No. 362, North Shanxi Road

WE CAFE是于2016519日开业的一家小巧玲珑的咖啡店。当咖叔上门光顾时,正好有一位外籍顾客在购买咖啡,当值的女咖啡师是Emma

WECAFE is a small coffee shop which was opened on May 19, 2016. Emma, the on-duty barista, was taking the order from the foreign customer while TC paid the visit.

外籍客人走后,咖叔点了杯美式咖啡,打开话匣子与Emma闲聊。Emma 老家在云南,通过店长的指导,从不懂咖啡到如今能够成为一位咖啡师,确实不简单。Emma还向咖叔展示她刚买并正阅读的那本刚买的《世界咖啡地图》(下图右侧):

After the foreign customer, TC ordered a cup of Americano and opened up the conversation with Emma. Emma is from Yunnan Province and became a barista with the direction of the store manager, a job well done. Emma also showed me that she was reading the book The World Atlas of Coffeejust bought (right side of the following photo)

随后,咖叔有机会与店长刘先生做短暂的交流。刘先生同时也是WE CAFE 的创始人之一,另外一位创始人就是隔壁“美室造型”的老板(如下图左侧)。


Later on, TC had the chance to chat with the store manager, Mr. Liu, who is also one of the two co-founders. The other co-founder is the boss of the neighboring “C-House Styling” (See the left side of the following photo).




Once a barista and now the co-founder of a coffee shop, Mr. Liu cherishes each and every opportunity that could show and share his understanding of coffee with customers served. Mr. Liu looks forward to bringing back the original nature of coffee to the coffee lovers.



陕西北路415号︱No. 415, North Shanxi Road

Refuel Coffee&Co. (Refuel)

陕西北路457-3号︱No. 457-3, North Shanxi Road


TC visited Refuel in the morning. Upon stepping in, I was welcomed like an old friend by the smiling barista behind the bar, kind and natural with no strange feeling.


The heat wave from the floor-typed heating furnace at the storefront made the cold all gone.


November 11, 2016, Singles' Day, was the birthday of Refuel and also the day the four co-founders demonstrated their sincere regards to coffee.

戴小姐是四位创始人之一,主要负责RefuelCoffee&Co. 的日常经营管理业务。曾经从事人力资源的相关业务,因其工作环境使然,戴小姐经常有机会接触咖啡相关的服务事项,由此开始关注并逐渐深入涉及咖啡专业领域的相关知识,如今,咖啡已成为戴小姐事业上的重心。

Miss Dai, one of the co-founders, is mainly in charge of Refuel’s daily operations. Once engaging in the business of human resources, Miss Dai had easy access to coffee-related services due to her working environment. She started to pay attention to and gradually devoted herself more into the coffee-related area of expertise. Now, coffee has become the main focus of Miss Dai’s career.      


Except for the outsourced roastery, Refuel offers specialty coffee, decent meals, 2nd-floor bar services and a variety of interactive activities.

另外,Refuel 从事咖啡生豆的进口业务,通过直接与境外的咖啡庄园联系接洽,专业进行专业的杯测与一系列相关的进口业务。

In addition, Refuel engages in the import business of green beans by direct contacting with the foreign coffee estates, conducting professional cupping and a series of imported businesses. 


Though a brand new store, Refuel, taking itself as your good old pal and neighbor, welcomes your patronage all the time.


Kiwi Cafe

陕西北路527号︱No. 527, North Shanxi Road


miss li cat coffee bar

陕西北路6072号︱No. 2, Lane 607, North Shanxi Road


陕西北路600号︱No. 600, North Shanxi Road

Dolphin Cafe

北京西路1181号︱No. 1181, West Beijing Road

Dolphin Cafe 虽位于北京西路上,但其临近陕西北路,因此,将Dolphin Cafe列入本次报道中,更能体现此区块咖啡店的分布情况。

Although located on West Beijing Road, Dolphin Cafe is quite near North Shanxi Road and the inclusion of Dolphin Cafe into this edition of Cafe Guide will show you a whole picture of how coffee shops are located in this block.

2016年3月开业的Dolphin Cafe,店面蓝白色调搭配,传达一份简约和明亮。游弋的白色海豚在代表蓝色海洋背景的衬托下,不大的店面却使你感觉到一份自由自在。

Opened in March 2016, Dolphin Cafe decorated with blue and white colors delivers a clear message of simplicity and brightness. The store is not so big but does make you feel at ease just like the white logo of swimming dolphin set off by the abundance of blue-ocean-colored background.

今天店里当班的是一位颇具亲和力的女咖啡师 Flower。或许是周末的上午,客人较少,因此有机会与Flower进行较多的交流。

The barista on duty today was the lovely Flower.This was a Saturday morning perhaps, it was not so busy and TC was able to have more communication with Flower.

Flower 因热爱咖啡而选择成为一位咖啡师。入行2年多,Flower以真心诚意制作每一杯咖啡,最大程度地来满足不同消费者的不同需求。Flower热爱咖啡,这份来自大自然的给予,并高兴与大家一起分享。

Flower chose to be a barista because she had a passion for coffee. Being in the coffee business for over 2 years, every cup of coffee made by Flower has been full of her sincerity so that it can meet a diversity of demands from various customers. Flower loves coffee, a gift from the mother nature, and is happy to share it with you all.

——  End  ——






Total walking distance of field trip


December23, 201612.5 km

December 24, 201610.8 km

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