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China-ASEAN Textiles Trade Fair to Open

2017-03-27 东博社 东博社

Shengze, an ancient town of silk in China, is renowned for its textilesand garment fabrics, and it also serves as a base not only for the introductionand purchasing of China’s most fashionable materials for making clothing butalso for the export of China’s state-level ones. China Oriental Silk Market(COSM) located in Shengze has evolved into a major center for textile trade, priceforming and information releasing in China. Shengze Oriental Textile City, as arole model for the transformation and upgrading of COSM, has developed into theworld’s largest specialized textile-producing market, with a wealth of brandresources and excellent stores, and it is gradually becoming the preferredfirst destination for global purchasing agents in the textile and garmentindustries.


The purpose of this event is to boost the development and upgrading oftextile and garment industries in the China-ASEAN region, to save enterprises’expenses for purchasing raw materials and producing products, and to boostinternational cooperation and exchanges in this realm. Both experts andrepresentatives from chambers of commerce and enterprises in the China-ASEANregion will be invited to be present as guests at the scheduled time, with aview to discussing the development tendency of China-ASEAN garment industry,tapping into the potential of this market, creating a platform for cooperationand exchanges between China-ASEAN textiles and garments enterprises andenhancing commerce and trade ties and permanent cooperation.


Activity Name: China-ASEAN Textileand Garment Development Seminar & ASEAN Tourism Trade Fair

Venue: Shengze Town,Wujiang High-tech District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Date: April 26-27, 2017




April  25 (All day)

1.       Check-in;

2.       The welcoming banquet

April  26 (a.m.)


  1. The       opening ceremony of China-ASEAN Textile and Garment Development Seminar & ASEAN       Tourism Trade Fair;

  2. The       launching ceremony of Shengze Oriental Textile City;

  3. The       China-ASEAN Textile and Garment Development Seminar


  April 26 (p.m.)

  1. The       News Conference of New Products by Shengze Oriental Textile City;

  2. Supply-Demand       Information Sharing Conference

April  27 (a.m.)

  1. A       visit around Shengze Oriental Textile City;

  2. Free      choice in communicating and interacting with textile businesspersons in       Shengze Oriental Textile City

  April 27 (p.m.)

1.        Free choice in purchasing  items needed;

2.        The signing of purchasing  agreements;

3.        The closing ceremony of China-ASEAN  Textile and Garment Development Seminar & ASEAN Tourism Trade Fair



April  28

The  End 


Sponsor: China-ASEAN SMEs Trade Promotion Platform (CASTPP)

JiangsuWujiang High-tech Industrial Park Administration Committee

ChinaOriental Silk Market Administration Committee

Co-organizers:Shengze Oriental Textile City; China-ASEAN Panorama Magazine Agency


Venue:Suzhou, China

Date:April 26-27, 2017


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