光艺术Vertical Horizon|光连接万物,让一切看起来都很美

Luce e design 意大利Luce e design 2023-03-15

Vertical Horizon是目前世界上最大的灯光艺术装置。

Vertical Horizon is the largest light installation in the world.



意大利设计事务所Quiet Ensemble设计了这个由摄像机和开放式麦克风组成的互动装置系统,使全球不同地点的人能通过一束光片产生奇妙的互动。

Quiet Ensemble have organized a system of cameras and open microphones that enable different installations around the globe to interact with one another as each beams up a sheet of light.

Video by Quiet Ensemble

这些互动每周7天、每天24小时都实时通过大屏幕呈现。Vertical Horizon 将沙特阿拉伯的利雅得作为这个新艺术装置的中心,使努尔·利雅得既是全球指南针,又是引导世界其他地方发生变化的指挥者。

The shows can be watched live and in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vertical Horizon/Light Cutter turns Riyadh into the epicenter of this new artistic installation, making Noor Riyadh both a global compass and a conductor of what happens in other parts of the world.



A huge slab of light crosses the planet, sinking and emerging from one side to the other, the angle of the screen is exactly calculated to enter Riyadh and exit Rome.



A luminous plate sensitive to living stimuli, thanks to a system of sensors,atmospheric and environmental data in real time, thermal cameras and active microphones h 24.



Vertical Horizon cuts the planet in two, the two opposite sides emerging from the ground reveal to thepublic,one in Riyah and the other in Rome。

这个艺术装置旨在捕捉一切有生命的东西,包括地面的振动、声音、路人—— 通过加热,每个捕捉到的元素都实时转化为数字流体,在充满想象力的感官调色板中融合了色彩的动态变化。

It captures everything that is alive including the vibrations of the ground, sounds, passers-by heat, each captured element is transformed in real time into digital fluids, shades dynamics of color that blend together in an imaginative palette of the senses.




The environment is therefore the real creator of the work, always different and unexpected.


Vertical Horizon 反映万物相连的理念,一侧的观众将看到地球另一侧观众的生命力,反之亦然,创造出一种将千里之外的元素结合在一起的幻觉图画,看似遥远却又不可避免地联系在一起。

Vertical Horizon wants to reflect on the idea that everything is connected, viewers on one side will see the vital energies of the audience on the other side of the planet and vice versa, creating a sort of pictorial hallucination that unites elements that are kilometers away, apparently distant but inevitably connected.



The passage of a visitor in Riyadh generates digital waves in Rome, while a drop of rain in Rome creates a cascade of fragmented pixels in Riyadh. This is to underline the concept of the Butterfly effect for which each of our actions is not only important but fundamental.


If it is true that the Theater ceases to exist in the absence of spectators, the Vertical Horizon instead continues to live, the two screens that protrude from the ground will continue uninterruptedly to capture the presence and energies of invisible elements such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, UV rays, the passage of small animals or the light breath of the wind, coloring and changing into fantastic stroboscopic shapes and polychromies.


This is to suggest that the apparent emptiness is actually teeming with life, the nothingness is underestimated presence, the microscopic is at the same time immense and the presence of the grain of sand or the ant are not only fundamental, but they move the world.


Design Company:  Quiet Ensemble

Lead Designers: Fabio di Salvo, Bernardo Vercelli

Client: Noor Riyadh

Video and Photos Credits:  Quiet Ensemble








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