深度解读 | 姜文《让子弹飞》

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译文1  托尼·巴恩斯通(Tony Barstone)、周平 合译


On Pure Bright Day


Pure bright Season comes with fine fast drizzle

and travelers on the road feel their souls sliced off.

Please tell me where I can find a wineshop?

A cowherd boy points to distant Apricot Blooming Village.

译文2   蔡廷干 译


All Souls’ Day


The rain falls thick and fast on All Souls’ Day,

The men and women sadly move along the way.

They ask where wineshops can be found or where to rest,

And there the herdboy’s fingers Almond-Town suggest.


译文3  曹顺发 译


The Mourning Day


A fine rain falls on the tomb-sweeping day,

All mourners are heartbroken on their way.

“A wine shop to rid my sorrow, but where?”

A cowherd points Apricot Cot “O’er there”.



译文 4   陈君朴 译


The Qingming Festival

On the Qingming Day, rain is falling uninterrupted,

And the wayfarer is more than ever broken-hearted;

“Is there any wine shop hereabouts? ”A buffalo boy

Points to a distant village where apricots are spotted.

译文5 丁祖馨 译


Qingming Festival

Qingming rains never seem to end.

The traveler along this road is overcome by dejection.

“Where can I find a tavern?”

“Apricot Village, way down the road,”

A cow boy replies pointing his finger.


译文6     都森、陈玉筠 译

The Qingming Festival

In these memorial days, annoying drizzle falls;

Mouners en route feel the pain in their hearts.

Is there any wine shop around here,please?

A cowkid points at a faraway Village Apricots.


译文 7  龚景浩 译


The Day of Clear and Bright

’Round clear and bright showers are so frequent;

Wayfarers on the road feel despondent.

“Tell me, Buffalo Boy, is there a tavern somewhere?”

The lad pointed to a hamlet with blossoming apricot trees way down the road.

译文8  何功杰 译


It's drizzling all the Tomb-Sweeping Day long,
The traveller bore a broken heart along.
'Where there is a wine-shop?' a cowherd guy
Point'd to th' apricot-flower village nearby.

译文9  黃宏發Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa)  译




It is Qingming, early April, a season of mizzles and gloom, 

Away from home, a wayfarer, faring into gloom and doom.

O where can be found a tavern, my goodlad, if I may ask? 

There! points the herd-boy to avillage where apricots bloom. 




译文10    黄新渠 译

Qingming Day


As the Qingming Festival comes around,

Thick and fast, the rain is falling down.

On the way to the graveyard to pay homage.

I visit my deceased with a broken heart.

Where may i find a wineshop to kill my sorrow?

A cowboy the way to Apricot Flowers Village shows.


译文11   高照成 译



Rainy Rainy, the tomb-sweeping season,
Heartbroken, the pedestrains on the road.
"Is there a tavern nearby please? "
The apricot-blooming village there, a herdboy indicated.

译文12   古云 译


The drizzIing season runs into the QingMing FestivaI Day

The mourners feel sadIy affected on the way

They ask the road to a winehouse nearby

The cowboy points to Apricot Village not far away

译文13   贾磊 于晓波 译


It always rains ’round the Tomb-sweeping Day
Heart broken, mourners are out on their way
May I ask, Mr. Cowboy where the nearest tavern is
He points to the distance midst the blooming apricot trees

译文14   林建民 译

Ching Ming Festival


Continuous drizzle on Ching Ming Death Festival days

Pedestrians on the roads seemed to be losing balance

When I try to inquire the whereabout of an alehouse

The cowherd points at distant Apricot Flower Village

译文15 刘克璋 译

The Qingming Festival

On the day paying homage at mausoleums and touring

The successive fine rain makes a passer so heartbreaking.

"Do you know is there a wine shop hereabouts?"he enquires,

A shepherd boy shows the huts amid apricot flowers.

译文16  马飞飞 译

Tomb Sweeping Day
On Tomb-Sweeping Day there was endless rain.
People on the way whose sorrow never drain.
"Where is the wineshop?" I asked the way.
A shepherd boy pointed the Apricot village, far away.


译文17   任治稷、余正 译


Qingming Festival

Qingming season nonstop misty rain,

People look miserable along the way.

Tell me if there is a tavern around here,

Shepherd boy fingers Villa Apricot over there. 


译文18   石永浩 译

Tomb Sweeping Day

On Tomb Sweeping day rain falls all over
And roads see many a gloomy mourner
Asked where to find an inn, a boy herder
Points to the Apricot village yonder

译文19   孙大雨 译


The Clear-and-Bright Feast

Upon the Clear-and-Bright Feast of spring, the rain drizzleth down in spray.

Pedestrians on countryside ways, in gloom are pinning away.

When asked “Where a tavern fair for rest, is hereabouts to be found”,

The shepherd boy the Apricot Bloom Vill, doth point to afar and say. 


译文20   唐一鹤 译


Pure Brightness(Qing Ming) Festival

It’s drizzling thickly and profusely

On the Pure Brightness Day.

Away farer is overwhelmed with sorrows

On his way.

“Excuse me, can you tell me

Where to find a wineshop in the village?”

“Over there,” the shepherd boy pointing to

The distant Apricot Blossoms Village.


译文21   王峰 译

Tomb Sweeping Day

Around the Tomb Sweeping Day, rains ofttimes fall.

People on the way are soul-broken, each and all.

To drink to our ancestors, where to find a bar? 

A cowboy points at Apricot Blooms Town afar.


译文22   王力伟 译

Pure Brightness

The rain patters in the term of Pure Brightness

Passengers along the roads are all of unhappiness

I ask where a wineshop is

The shepherd boy points to Xinghua Village


 译文23   万昌盛、王僴中译


The Tomb-visiting Day

The ceaseless drizzle drips all the dismal day,

So broken-hearted fares the traveler on the way.

When asked where could be found a tavern bower,

A cowboy points to yonder village of the apricot flower.



译文24 文殊 王晋熙 邓炎昌 译


It drizzles and drizzles on this Pure Brightness Day;

I feel heavy at heart, a wayfarer on my journey.

When I ask where a tavern might be found,

The cowherd points yonder to a village with flowering apricot trees.

译文25   吴钧陶 译


The Pure Brightness Day

It drizzles thick and fast on the Pure Brightness Day,

I travel with my heart lost in dismay.

“Is there a public house somewhere,cowboy? ”

He points at Apricot Village faraway.



译文26   吴伟雄 译


The Mourning Day

It drizzles thick and fast on the Mourning Day,

The mourner’s heart is going to break on his way.

When asked for a wineshop to drown his sad hours?

A cowboy points to a hamlet amid apricot flowers.



译文27   邢全臣译

Pure Brightness Festival


Around the Pure Brightness Day it drizzles quite often,

Men on the way to mourning the dead seem heart-broken.

“Where, ” may I ask, “to find an inn to drown my grievance”?

The herd boy points to Apricot Hamlet in the distance.


译文28 许景城 译

Tomb Sweeping Day


Tomb Sweeping Day sees drizzles running ’n flying, 

and hearts lost in gloom, mourners on paths crying.

 'Any tavern near and far? ’ Iask a boy,

who points to Almond Bloom Vill beyond eyeing.


译文29   徐英才 译

 The Day of Mourning

A rainy Qingming Mourning Day,
The travelers look in dismay.   
“A pub here,” I ask this cowherd,
Who says, that bloom hamlet fa’ away. 

译文30   许渊冲、许明 译

The Mourning Day


A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day;

The mourner’s heart is going to break on his way.

Where can a wineshop be found to drown his sad hours?

A cowherd points to a cot ’mid apricot flowers.



译文31  徐忠杰 译

The Qingming Festival


During the Qing-ming Festival,

Is daily continual rain.

People, going to the country,

Form an almost unbroken train.


“Is there a wine shop hereabouts?”

We enquire of a peasant lad.

“Apricot Flower Village yonder,

Is a shop where wine can be had.”

译文32  颜海峰  

Qingming Festival

It dizzles and mizzles in Qingming season

And people on road seem to have lost their souls

Where can I find a tavern, I ask

A shepherd, who points to Apricot Hamlet yonder


译文 33   杨宪益、戴乃迭 译

In the Raining Season of Spring

It drizzles endless during the rainy season in spring,

Travelers along the road look gloomy and miserable.

When I ask a shepherd boy where I can find a tavern,

He points at a distant hamlet nestling amidst apricot blossoms.



译文34 张智中 译

Tomb-Sweeping Day


On Tomb-Sweeping Day it rains endlessly;

On the verge of heart-broken are wayfarers.

Where is the wine shop to drown my sorrow?

The cowboy points afar to Apricot Village.

译文35    赵彦春 译

Pure Brightness Day

The rain rustles on at Pure Brightness Day;

The traveler’s tired, his soul in dismay.

Where is a tavern? He asks a shepherd,

Who points to Apricot Bloom faraway.



译文36  赵甄陶 译

Clear-Bright Day


It's raining very hard on Clear-Bright Day;

The traveler’s heart is surely wrung on the way.

“Please, where d’you know of a tavern’s waysidecot? ”

The cowboy points to flowers of the apricot.



译文37 周方珠 译

The Memorial Day

Like tears the light drizzle falls on the Memorial Day,

Heart-broken is the passer-by plodding on the way.

Asking about wine shop he wants to drown the sad hours,

A cowherd points to the Cot of Apricot Flowers.

译文38  朱皓 译

With Qingming's excessive sprinkle,
People along the road appear full of woe.
"Where's a wineshop?"I ask natives.
A shepherd boy points at the apricot-flower village afar, with chuckle.

译文39  偬仕 译

In the Rainy Season of Spring

It drizzles endlessly during the rainy season in spring,

Travellers along the road look gloomy and miserable.

When I ask a sheperd boy where I can find a tavern,

He points at a distant hamlet nestling admidst apricot blossoms.

译本40 佚名 译


On day of Qingming Festival, a drizzly rain falls.

On the road, the traveller, disconsolate.

Enquiring, where can a restaurant be found?

A cowherd boy points, far away, to Apricot Blossom Village.