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Jun.16-18th/23-25th | Tour to Inner Mongolia Grassland&Desert

2017-06-07 Freya CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

CET (Cultural Exchange Trip) is a student self-organized service platform focusing on intercultural communication and aimed to create more opportunities for young people from all over the world to have more chances to communicate in more fantastic way like outdoor activities.

Inner Mongolia Grassland exploration&Kubuqi Desert  

Activity place: Inner Mongolia

Activity date: 

First session:Jun.16th-Jun.18th

Second session:Jun.23rd-Jun.25th

Meeting point 1: Weigongcun subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 12:00  Jun.16th/Jun.23rd

Leaving time: 12:10  (no waiting)

Meeting point 2: South gate of UIBE

Meeting time: 12:20

Leaving time: 12:30 (no waiting)

Meeting point : South Gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 12:40

Leaving time: 13:00 (no waiting)

Return time: 13:00 ,Jun.18th/Jun.25th

Arrival time: 21:00

Traffic tools: Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  930RMB

VIP Price:860RMB (How to join CET VIP)

Booking Hotline: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

After sell service:18514204469 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund within 72 hours (3 days) before this trip.

If you share this article into your moments and send the screenshot to our service wechat which is shown below, you will get the discounted price which is 920RMB for Normal and 850RMB for VIP 

Trip fee

Trip fee including:

  • Round Traveling Bus fee

  • Meals: Day1:  Dinner; D2 Breakfast Lunch and Dinner; D3 Breakfast and Lunch.

  • Hotel: one night Standard hotel in city , 0ne night Mongolian Yurts or Standard hotel in grassland 

  • culture exchange  night  party

  • Scenery tickets: all the senic spots 

  • Guide’s service

  • Horse-riding on the glassland 

  • Camel-riding in the desert 

  • Desert surfing car 

  • Desert cable car ( 34mins; Asia's longest ropeway in the desert)

  • Sand-sliding


  • Scenery tickets worth 490RMB and the horse riding worth 180RMB , and all these fees are included in our trip fee.  37 40058 37 14940 0 0 1418 0 0:00:28 0:00:10 0:00:18 3610 37 40058 37 14940 0 0 1295 0 0:00:30 0:00:11 0:00:19 3610

  • The Grassland is not totally Green, but horse riding is available as well.

  • Organizers reserve the right to adjust the schedule in case of any weather problem, traffic jam  or regulation of policy.


Hohhot Tourism Area--Kubuqi Desert TourismArea—Sheila MuRen Grassland(3 days tour)

D1:Set out from south gate of BLCU at 13:00Pm,We will pass by Badaling GreatWall and Yinshan MountainsWall, after traveling 500 kilometers, we arrive in the Hohhot and check in.

D2:Have breakfast and head for the desert activities (about 3 hours):Fairy sand island, High altitude sliding cable+Desert surfingcar+Desert motorcycle+Roving vehicle+riding camel+Sliding sand et.

Evening enjoy singing and dancing performances with rich ethnic characteristicand and participate in the Prairie Night Bonfire Party. 

D37:00am: we have breakfast and our first activity is horse-riding. 

And then we have free time to take pics.

after lunch we are going back to Beijing.

About the hotel

Cultural Exchange Trip

About the Food

Cultural Exchange Trip

Sheila MuRen Grassland

Cultural Exchange Trip

Kubuqi Desert

Cultural Exchange Trip

Dinosaur fossil Museum

Cultural Exchange Trip

CET activities

Cultural Exchange Trip

Sheila MuRen Grassland

Cultural Exchange Trip

Kubuqi Desert

Cultural Exchange Trip

How to Book your seat

Cultural Exchange Trip

1.Send a message: " Activity+how many seats you + Your Meeting point" to CET Customer Service Wechat(eg:Sawyer+1+123456(phone number)+hot spring party Feb.4th+BLCU)

2.Finish the payment by wechat or Alipay (Alipay ID: 18514204169, if you paid by Alipay, send a screenshot of your payment to CET Customer Service Wechat )

3.Once you finish the payment, you will get a payment nub and an invitation of our activity group, keep in touch with our trip leader in the activity group.


  • If you didnt have money in your wechat, you can give your cash to your friends who have money in their wechat and then let them transfer money to your wechat.

  • You can get more details about this trip from the activity group from our trip leader.

  • If you have problem to come to our meeting point, you need to ask in the activity group to let our trip leader to help you.

Other ways to finish payment

1.you can transfer accounts to this bank card:  number:6214850114113845(CMBC ShengWen lv 吕胜文)

2.Here are the cash payment sites:

  • BLCU-CET cash collector:   Gloria:17888834929

  • UIBE-CET cash collectorLucy: 13120020922


    Cash Collecting Point: Building 6

  • BFSU-CET cash collector: Valentina: 13260177599

  • CMU-CET cash collectorSaurabh:15600786808

  • Peking University-CET cash collector: Roxana: 17801116030

  • BNU-CET cash collector: Maria: 18811603309

  • Tsinghua University-CET cash collector: Jodie:18800114799

  • MUC-CET cash collectorWeinan:15611690562

  • BISU-CET cash collectorAlbert  13011082822

  • USTB-CET cash collectorCynthia:13020088022

 Contacts: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

CET -Korean&Japanese

여행스케치는 대학생들이 만든 문화교류단체로써 각종 활동들을 통하여 중국을 방문하는 외국인들에게 중국뿐만 아니라 다양한 나라의 문화를 접하고 경험할 수 있도록 도와주는 여행단체입니다


After Party during CET Trip

 Hiking Video

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