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CET 2nd Annual Hiking Festival at Langyashan Flower Park Apr.8th

2017-04-04 Suede CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

CET (Culture Exchange Trip) is a student self-organized service platform focusing on intercultural communication and aimed to create more opportunities for young people from all over the world to have more chances to communicate in more fantastic way like outdoor activities.

CET 2nd Hiking Festival at Langyashan April.8th

Culture Exchange Trip

Activity place: Hebei province

Activity date: Apr.8th, Saturday

Trip Distance:184km,about 3h

Meeting point 1: Liangmaqiao subway station, line 10, Exit B

Meeting time: 5:00am

Leaving time: 5:20am (no waiting)

Meeting point 2Weigongcun subway station, line 4, Exit B

Meeting time: 5:00am

Leaving time: 5:20am(no waiting)

Meeting point 3: South gate of UIBE

Meeting time: 5:00am

Leaving time: 5:20am (no waiting)

Meeting point 4South gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 5:00am

Leaving time: 5:20am(no waiting)

Return time: 16:00pm

Arrival time: 19:00pm(if no trafica jams)

Traffic toolsTravelling bus

Hiking Distance:12km, Level 3

Available seats: 300 (CET VIP also need to hurry up to grab your seats due to the limited seats available)

Festival Fee: 35RMB ( Festival T-Shirt+Hat 、Ensurance 、Festival Gift ) 

CET VIP Price: totally free  ( How to be CET VIP? )

Provided Service: Free for participation & Round-bus & Entrance ticket


  • There is no bus fee and no entrance fee for all the participants. But you need to pay 35 RMB for Festival T-shirt & insurance for the match ( Free for CET VIP ).

  • All participants can get four entrance tickets of the senic spots in Hebei province which will be introduced below

  • All participants who have completed this hike can get a certificate and mementoes of this hike festival.

  • No refund once you have payed this trip (too much work for our customer service wechat, so once you make your decission, please dont change) 

What is CET Hiking Festival?

At April, the best season for hiking in Beijing, CET is going to celebrate its two years anniversary with a series of activities for our lovely fans and supportive hikers.  

Sophisticatedly planed, this hiking festival play an critical role in the  celebration of our anniversary. 

Let’s have a biggest hiking Festival to memorize this historical moment for CET.

What does CET provide?

  • Free bus-ride Between Beijing to Langyashan flower sea (160 km From BLCU, 3 hours each way)

  • Free entrance for this Flower park

  • Free four entrance tickets of the senic spots in Hebei province which CET Trip will go in the later days

  • Free Drinks during hiking stops.

  • Free Festival gift which is provided by CET partner: Langyashang Senic Sport

You only need to pay 35 RMB for a T-shirt 、hat and the insurance of this hike to support CET to make this anniversary possible.

Free entrance tickets of the senic spots

(CET Trip will organize our trip to these place for our people in the later days, please dont throw your free tickets away )

  1. Free Taihang Water Town entrance ticket  (太行水镇民俗馆) which worth 58RMB.

  2. Yishui Lake entrance ticket without boat ticket ( 易水湖门票,不含船费)which worth 30rmb.

  3. Free Qingxiling Senic Spot entrance ticket ( 清西陵景点门票 ) which worth 110RMB.

  4. Free Langyashan pony park entrance ticket ( 狼牙山牡丹园门票) which worth 40RMB.

How to get a seat

Step1: Share this article to your moments and memtion 3 friends.

Step2: Send the screenshot to our Wechat Official Account ( Hiking ) or long press the OR code below and then send the screenshot to this account.

Step3: After our Wechat Official Account receives your screenshot, it will teach you how to book your seat online.


  • Seats are available for first 300 people. We only keep the seat for who has finished the payment.

  • CET VIP can book your seat from our CET VIP Wechat Service account derectly but also need to follow these steps

CET VIP Black Card

Only 99RMB

( Click the pic to get the details )

What can we expect?

Firstly. You will be immersed in a huge size of flower land which is more than 2000 areas at the beginning of this hike. 

After the stretch up you would enter a very ancient village located in a big valley with old building and many peach trees during its blossom. 

After 5km of flat easy hike, you will follow the hiking route to reach the top of a hill, Here you should speed up if you want to win prize. 

For someone like me who just wants to enjoy the nice view, this is the moment for you. Holding your camera take as many pictures as you can, the best view in this spring for  Beijing hikers would come to your memory and SD card.

Climbing up for altitude

Highest: 226m  Lowest: 105m

Distance: 12km

CET First Year Anniversary Hiking Festival 2016 Apr.18th

Our handsome and beautiful comperes were holding the opening ceremony.

All the athletes were waiting for the beginning of the competition. 

Bang! With a huge gunshot. Five groups of participants with different colored shirts rushed off. It seemed like everyone wanted to win the first prize.

When all the athletes started off, the audiences were enjoying a performance.

The first part, hiking in the flower sea. See, the girls were just enjoying the beautiful scenery, didn't care about the match.

The second part, hiking in a small village. 

The third part, hiking on the mountain. This part must be the toughest, everyone felt tired. But if you never gave up, you will be your own winner!

The last part, they were reaching to the terminal point, everybody felt excitied.

Congratulations, you finished the whole match ! You were all the winners in our minds.

Here are the winners. Although we didn't know most of them, also congratulations to them.

And also thanks to all of the volunteers!

Actually, all of us really had a very nice day!

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