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Mysterious Mountain Changbai-North Korea Border Aug.18th-20th

2017-07-28 Poker CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

CETtrip to Moutain changbai 2017-5-27 by Zoey

Mysterious Mountain Changbai-North Korea Border

Culture Exchange Trip

Activity date: Aug.18th-20th

Meeting point: Beijing railway station Aug.18th

Meeting time: 7:30pm

If you will not depart from Beijing, you are also welcomed to join this trip. We can meet at the destiniantion railway station as well, call us for the details

Traffic tools: Train+Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  1840RMB

VIP Price:1780RMB  (Click it o join CET VIP)

If you share this post on your moments, you will get the discounted price which is 1820RMB for normal and 1760 RMB for VIP

Booking Hotline: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

After sell service:18514204469 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund within 72 hours (3 days) before this trip, if you cancel 3 days before this trip, you need to pay for the train tickets cancel fee by yourself and the hotel deposit fee couldnt be refunded.

Trip Fee

Trip fee includes:

  • Round Train fees(Beijing-Jilin)+Local Traveling Bus tickets

  • North part of Changbai Mountain scenic spot and Daxitai river entrance tickets,Changbai Mountain‘s environmental protection car and  transfering  station car

  • 4 day outdoor insurance 

  • Meals: 2 meals ,1 breakfast

  • Hotel: One nights standard hotel(2 or 3 people share one room,independent washroom) 

  • Local tour guide and CET English speaking leader

  • Culture exchange party including drinking and snacks 

Trip fee doesn't include

  • Other meals,you can prepaer by yourself;  fancy or simple it's up to you.

  • Personal expenditures

Full Itinerary

 Day1 】Leaving Beijing for Jilin

 (1131km, 10 hours  on train –riding ) by train, the ticket of hard sleeper bed is included  in the package.  

We might not be on the same train but all would arrived in railway staion before 7:30am together.

 Day2 】Longtan park -summit of ChangbaiMountain-Daxitai riverA lunch and dinner is included)

Local bus and team would pick us up at railway station.

We are going to head for Longtan Park and visiting this place for 40 mins.

Then go to the summit of Changbai Mountain which is the best preserved natural zone in East Asia. This river is named after a sort of local species of fish in Manchuria language. You can imagehow big the population of the fish was and how good the environment is.

We will arrive at the Daxitai river and walking along the river bank at night to enjoy the beautiful river that cross the best forest in Chang bai Mountain.(the ticket is charged by 108/per person ,included in this package)

 Day3 North part of Changbai Mountain scenic spot-Chang bai Mountain Heaven Lake-water fall and a hot water pool(A breakfast&dinner is provided)

Breakfast or Breakfast bag on bus to save more time to visit is provided.

Go to North part of Changbai Mountain scenic spot(40mins for bus- ride ,and the ticket  is included )

We still need to take a  mini bust after going through the ticket booth cause this place is too huge to walk to the Heaven LAKE.

The regulation of the scenic spot of Chang bai Mountain Heaven Lake would be strict, we need to visit the Heaven Lake in line, it is also the border of China and North Korea, please 

Look after yourself well and enjoy the nice view at same time. Do not try to explore the mysterious border line by yourself and you might  go lost in North Korea part of LAKE. This is a serious topic.

▲Delicious local special 

There is a famous water fall and a hot water pool which is an ideal place for so many movie shooting, ready to be surprised by an amazing view.

Go back to Jilin railway station before 18:00

 Day4 Arrived in beijing 


  •  Weather: The temperature in Changbai Mountain will be  low. You need to take thick clothes due to the cold weather.

  • Things to bring: Passport; Student book;  Cash; Waterproof jacket and trousers; Sturdy shoes, hiking boots if possible; A day pack to take on outings. Suitcases or bigger bags can be left at the hotel or on the bus; Camera and charger, batteries; Mobile phone, charger; Hayfever medication; Tissues and wipes.

CET Trip Feedback 


How to Book your seat

Cultural Exchange Trip

1.Send a message: " Activity+how many seats you need + Your Meeting point" to CET Customer Service Wechat(eg:Sawyer+1+123456(phone number)+hot spring party Feb.4th+BLCU)

2.Finish the payment by wechat or Alipay (Alipay ID: 18612035869, if you paid by Alipay, send a screenshot of your payment to CET Customer Service Wechat )

3.Once you finish the payment, you will get a payment nub and an invitation of our activity group, keep in touch with our trip leader in the activity group.

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