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Oct.28th | One-day Trip to Tianjin

2017-10-21 CETtrips CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

Carefree Stroll Trip to Tianjin

Activity place:Tianjin

Activity date: Oct.28th

Participants: Min 20, Max 50

Meeting point 1:Weigongcun subway station, line 4, Exit B

Meeting time: 7:00am

Leaving time: 7:05 (no waiting)

Meeting point 2: South gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 7:20am

Leaving time: 7:25(no waiting)

Meeting point 3:Huixinxijienankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:7:40am 

Leaving time: 7:50(no waiting)

Traffic tools:Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  95RMB 

VIP Price: 85RMB (Click it to join CET VIP) 

(3 ppl book together 255RMB;4 ppl book together 340RMB;5 ppl book together 255RMB;6 ppl book together 510RMB.)

Booking Hotline: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund within 24 hours before this trip. If you want to refund, please contact our trip leader: Along Tel/Wechat ID: 17801002153 . 

How to Book your seat

1.Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.

2. If you need help, you can consult in this wechat group below:


  • The Trip fee doesn't include the entrance ticket fee of all senic spots.

  • Price of taking a boat to the sea for net fishing is 80RMB/pax for 2.5hours as CET Group ticket price (Original Price is 100RMB).Lunch is included, we will have it on the boat.

  • Price of the eye of tianjin is 70RMB

  • Price of the China house is 50RMB, 30RMB for student.

  • Please take enough water


10:40 Arrive Beitang of Tianjin. Then we embrace sea for 2.5 hours, after we use the net to get the fishes or seafood we can let the fisherman cook for us. By theway if you think take photos or enjoy the wind on the sea is not enough plsjoin us to play werewolves or cook seafood dishes with fishermen.

Beitang is located in the northern part of Tanggu Districtof Tianjin City, rich in aquatic resources, rich variety of delicious fish,shrimp, crab, shellfish and other ten varieties. Richly endowed by nature ofthe natural environment, abundant fishery resources, making Beitang thereputation of GEIL jade. After mid Qing Dynasty, Beitang became one of theImperial Palace Seafood supply.

China house :The owner of the museum, Mr. Zhang Lianzhi,spent 30 million Yuan on buying it at an auction in 2000 and started todecorate it with his own antique collections in 2002. There is no blueprint fordesigning and Mr. Zhang decorates it by his inspirations and artistic talents.

During the construction of Chinahouse, it has used more than 20 tons of naturalcrystal, more than 300 stone lions, more than 300 porcelain cat pillows andmore than 13 thousand intact porcelain vases, bowls and plates. Presently, wehave already stuck more than 700 million porcelain pieces outside and insidethe building, and all of them are antiques.

1:30 Have the lunch on the boat

15:00 reach the China house

Wudadao Sightseeing Street; Carefree Stroll on Tianjin Ancient Culture Street; Have a walk on the bay; Visit the Eye of Tianjin (a ferris wheel built on the bridge). You can also have a try(70RMB/preson); Go back to Beijing.

16:00 snack street

17:00 Tianjin eye

19:00pm we start to leave Tianjin to Beijing, will arrive BLCU about 9:30pm if no traffic jams

The Schedule may change a little according to the traffic condition.