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Oct.29th | Guyaju Ruins & Yongning Ancient Town Trip

2017-10-22 CET CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京


  • One-day Trip to Tianjing  |  Hiking to Gubei Water Town  |  Oct.28th

  • 2-Day Trip to Beidaihe,Qinhuang Island City  |  Oct.28th-29th

  • Hiking to Pofenglin   |   Langyashan Glass Plank Road Trip  |  Oct.28th

  • Water great Wall | Labagou  |  Yongning Ancient Town  |  Oct.29th

  • Shuiquan Ditch-Xiangtun  |  Oct.29th

  • Wuyuan-Field of Flower & Ancient Villages  |   Nov.25th-26th

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Yongning Ancient Town Trip

Activity place:Yanqing district Beijing

Activity date: Oct.29th

Meeting point 1: Weigongcun subway station, line 4, Exit B

Meeting time: 7:00am

Leaving time: 7:10am (no waiting)

Meeting point 2:South gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 7:30am

Leaving time: 7:40(no waiting)

Meeting point 3:Huixinxijie Nankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 7:50am

Leaving time: 8:00(no waiting)

Return to BLCU: 17:30pm

Arrival in BLCU: 19:30pm

Traffic tools: Travelling buse 

Trip Fee:  85RMB 

VIP Price43RMB (Click it to join CET VIP)

Discount Price for Group: 172RMB for 4 people; 215RMB for 5 people

Statement: No refund within 24 hours befor this trip 

How to Book your seat

1.Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.

2. If you need help, you can consult in this wechat group below:

3. if you couldnt get in this group, please contact our trip leader Along for help, phone nub/Wechat ID: 17801002153 . 


a) The trip fee doesn't include the entrance fee. The normal price was 55RMB, and half price for students.

b) Please wear heavy jacket and take enough water.

Guyaju Ruins