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Free | Night Hiking to Fragrant Hill Nov.3rd

2017-10-30 CETtrip CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

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Night Hking to Fragrant Hill Nov.3rd

(Photos taken from Fragrant Hill)

Long Long ago, CET had organised one night hike.

As a hiking lover group, we had seen many beautiful mountians in the sunsine,we also wanna to have a look their reverse face in the moonlight. 

So we did one:Night hiking to Mount Tai, the first of China's Five Mountains.

50 hikers seted off from Beijing to Shangdong Province, taking an excited、delighted and expected ect. moods, to see the Sunrise on the Mount.Tai (our trip name).

When we arrived at the food of the Mount, a big surprise came: Sun day turned to be a rainy day. A wonderful night hiking to see the sunrise became to be a hiking in the rain. Cold and sleepy made everyone disappointed

But no place on the mountain for us to stay, all of us had no choice, had to keep on.

After we arrived at the top, we didnt see the sunrise surely. But we saw the Sea Fog between the mountains, excited、delighted and surprised we all were.

I knew someone or most of them hated me as a planer of this trip. I worried about this as well when I guided them on the mount, and i also felt depressed and helpless about the bad weather

After we encouraged each other, supported each other and helped each other during this hike, 5 couples happend after this night hiking in the end.

I dont know if they sill love each other as couples, But i am sure they loved me at some moments.

Pefect plan is only suitable to travelers and no one can promise a pefect plan actually. When we have problems, what we need to do is to find the solution.It should be like this, and this is also the reason why i like hiking mostly.

Hikers are different from travelers.

Night hiking to Fragrant Hill

Dare you come?

(Photos taken from Fragrant Hill)

How to go to book your seat

  • Share this news on your moment

  • Send the screenshot of your sharing and your name and your phone nub to our wechat offical account: CETtrip 北京

  • Consult Contacts:18514204269

Send your message to this wechat offical account

Key Information

17:30 Meet at the Gate of the Fragrant Hill senic spot.

  • Our trip leader will send the location in the avtivity wechat group.

  • The entrance ticket of Fragrant Hill is 10RMB, students get half discount, and everyone pays your own bill.

  • Please arrive before 17:30.

17:45:  Buy tickets and get inside of Fragrant Hill

18:45:Walk along the stairs , reach the summit, and see the city night scene

From the peak, the winding Yongding River like a white silk belt fluttering among the western valleys, the Marco Polo Bridge on the river, Shijing Mountain, the Summer Palace and Jade Spring Mountain can all be seen from here, and on a clear day one can even make out the skyline of Beijing.

19:30:Ready to go down

20:30:Arrive at the foot of the mountain, take the public bus to go back

How to go to Fragrant Hill by public bus

BLCU—>Fragrant Hill

Take the 331 bus at BLCU station and get off at the Xiangshan Station. And then walk about 700m straight,you can arrive. it will take you 1.5 hours if no traffic jams.

UIBE—>Fragrant Hill

Take the Line 10 subway at Huixingxijienankou subway station and then get off at Bagouchun subway station from B Exit, and then walk about 100m to the Bagouchun bus station and take the 630 bus and get off at the Xiangshan Station. And then walk about 700m straight,you can arrive. it will take you 2 hours if no traffic jams.

Weigongchun—>Fragrant Hill

Take the 563 bus at BLCU station and get off at the Xiangshan Station. And then walk about 700m straight,you can arrive. it will take you 1.5 hours if no traffic jams.