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Mar.15th -18th Guilin | 4-Day Tour to Explore Guangxi Province

2018-02-27 CETtrip 北京 CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

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Guilin | 4-Day Deep Tour to Explore Guangxi Province

- from CET trip to guilin

Guilin is China's most picturesque region and has long been one of the world's most famous travel destinations. It's breathtaking scenery has attracted many famous poets and artists for thousands of years. Artists are able to find inspiration from the Karst mountains and the unsurpassed beauty of the Li River.

Today Yangshuo's nightlife has sprung up to keep pace with contemporary China. You can still catch a glimpse of Guilin's yesteryears in the countryside where it has been and continues to be home to many ethnic minority groups. Every corner you look is picture postcard perfect! It is truly impossible to take a bad photo. Go ahead, immerse yourself...There is an ancient saying here - "East or west, Guilin scenery is the best".

The former US president-Bill Clintonvisited Guilin in 1998, he said, "I heard of the name of Lijiang River long ago.Today I visit Lijiang River.It is more vivid and genuine than what I thought before. Nowhere is like Guilin.It makes me think of the traditional Chinese paintings."

CETtrip to Guilin 2017-10-1

The Li River is truly like no other place on Earth. This was the first place in China where I actually felt like I was transported back in time. I was prepared for so many of the things we saw in other cities: the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, etc. But traveling down the Li River, I genuinely felt like I was in a completely different and unique part of the world. I can't imagine that scenery in any other country, on any other continent. "

---Traveler from CETtrip: Leo


Tour Brief

CETtrip to Guilin 2017-10-1

Activity Date:  

  • Trip In Mar: From 2018-Mar.15th to 2018-Mar.18th

  • Trip In Apr: From 2018-Apr.4th to 2018-Apr.7th

Arriving Date:Mar.15th/Apr.4th

Leaving Guilin:Mar.18th/Apr.7th

Meeting point: Guilin Train Station/Airport 

Trip fee:  Local Travelling Bus+Accommondation Fee+Entrance Ticket Fee

  • Noraml Price: 1580RMB/pax, pay the deposit 580RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Group Discount: 1520RMB/pax if 3 or more than 3 seats booked together, pay the deposite 520RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • VIP Price: 1520RMB  ( Buy CET VIP on our wechat offical Menu ), pay the deposit fee 520RMB/pax when you book the trip.

Participants: If less than 4 participants, this trip will be cancelled

Booking Hotline: 010-82414330/18514204269  (English & Mandarin)

Note: The left 1000RMB trip fee will be collected 5 Days before this trip. 

CETtrip to Guilin 2017-10-1

Statement about the Trip Fee

Trip Fee includes:

  • Hotel: Three  nights standard hotel;2 ppl share one room independent washroom

  • Local travelling bus: transpost inside of the senic spots are not included

  • All the entrance tickets we gonna visit:

  • Longji Rice Terrace: 85RMB for each one; 

  • Silver Cave: 80RMB for each one; 

  • Yangshuo Cycling: 30RMB for each one; 

  • Xianggong Hill: 65RMB for each one; 

  • The Elephant Hill: 70RMB for each one

  • CET guide fee for whole trip

  • 4 Days outdoor insurance

The trip fee does not include:

  • All the cable car fee inside the scenic spots

  • Transport from Beijing to Guilin and from Guilin to Beijing

  • Additional personal consumption

Statement about the Refund

  • If you cancel this trip 7 days before depature, we will refund 90% deposit to you.

  • If you cancel this trip 3 days before depature, we will refund 50% deposit to you.

  • If you cancel this trip within 3 days before depature, no refund.

Book Your Tickets Online

Notice about booking online

  • Finish the payment online firstly and DONT forget to Click ''Done'' or ''完成'when you finsih your payment!!! or you wont get the activity wechat group!!!

  • If you are not CET VIP, please dont choose VIP price, or you couldnt get your seat confirmed even though you have paid.

  • NO Need to be confirmed from CET. Once you finsih payment, your name will be on our list!

  • If you have problem in joining the wechat group, please call us:010-82414330/18514204269

Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.

If this booking link is available for you to book, it means Seats are available!

Informations about the Trian Ticket

CET will help you to book your train ticket or plane tickets if you couldnt do it by yoursleves. and we should arrive on the arriving day that we have memtioned above. Here is your options for the train tickets:

From Beijing to Guilin (the other cities you can call us for help)

From Guilin to Beijing (the other cities you can call us for help)

Trip Schedule

【Day 1】

When you arrive at Guilin North Railway Station, meet together and go to the hotel check in.

In the evening: you can visit Dongxi Street and Guilin Two-Rivers-Four-Lakes scenic spots, it is a good place to visit at night.

【Day 2】

In the morning to the afternoon: see the world No.1 terrace Longji Rice Terrace which is located in Ping’an Village of Heping Town in multinational autonomous County of Longsheng

The terrace has the extraordinary workmanship of nature and pictures que artistic conception, so it has the reputation of ‘the No.1 World Terrace’.  

In the evening: you can walk freely on the pedestrian street of Zhengyang to taste the special snacks on the Shangshui Food Street and enjoy the most beautiful night scene of Sun&Moon Towers and elphant hill.

【Day 3

In the morning: [Li River] 

Li River is like the winding jade belt,enwinding the lush strange peaks. It has been the karst scenic spots with the largest scale and the most beautiful scenery.

Among the ‘World’s Top 15 Rivers’American CNN selected,  Li River is the only one river in China, which has been selected.

In the afternoon: Silver Cave 

[Silver Cave] (It takes about 60 minutes). The Silver Cave’s karst cave is the typical karst landform. The former president - Clinton is also its fan. 

In1998, when he visited China, he specially delayed the flight to Hongkong in order to go on a tour around the Silver Cave. 

In the afternoon: Yangshuo Cycling, which you have to experience once during your whole life. 

[Ride in the ten - mile gallery] American president - Carter came to Yangshou to tour around. He knew the information from the body guards that there are many interestingscenes in the Ten- mile gallery. If you take the car, it will be left behind ina very short time. 

When he heard this, he temporarily put up with the scheme oftourism. He borrowed several bikes and enjoyed the ten-mile gallery. 

In the evening: walk on the west street.

You can freely walk in he place,where there is no country, a great amount of passion and the rich feelings[Foreigner Street - the west street of Yangshuo] (There shall be no vehicle orguides available for you)

【Day 4

In the morning: Walk along the Yulong River - the most beautiful Chinese river.[Scenery of Yulong River] (It takes about 40 minutes. You can enjoy the scenery onfoot). Yulong river - the most beautiful place in China.You can contact the trip leader if you want to take a boat.

then  visit the Xianggong Hill, which is recognized as the best places to photograph, and to overlook the whole Li River. 

In the afternoon: Visit the Elephant Hill

[Elephant Trunk Hill] (about 60 minutes) the original name of the Elephant Hill is called Li Mountain. The mountain has gotthe name because it is especially like a huge elephant, which is standing alongthe river and extending its long nose into the water to drink the sweet waterof Li river. It is called the symbol of landscape of Guilin. 

Its shapeis like a huge elephant, whose nose extends into the Li river to drink water. There is a big round hole with the are of 150 square meters between the trunkand the legs. The river is crossing through the hole and is like the moonfloating on the water. The water and moon sitting on the west bank and the Moonstones on the east bank of Li river are opposite. One is hanging in the sky andthe other one is floating on the water, which forms the peculiar landscape of ‘Two Moons of Li River’ .

In the afternoon: Back to Beijing.

CETtrip to Guilin 2017-10-01