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Mar.24th-25th | Visit The Most Beautiful Countryside in China

2018-02-28 CETtrip 北京 CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

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Wuyuan --Ancient villages

Visit The Most Beautiful Countryside in China

Wuyuan, known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," with at least 50 old villages, is located northeast of Jiangxi Province, and near Mt Huangshan and Jingdezhen.

Wuyuan is home to a few of the well-preserved ancient architecture in China. Each of those ancient structures has a unique appearance as well as structure. They emerge from among the emerald green mountains and trees, clear rivers along with the crisscrossing paths between the fields. 

Those structures were built in 740 during the Tang Dynasty; its remoteness and inconvenient transportation protecting its villages' beauty from a large amount of tourists. Local people there can enjoy the pure, clean brooks, seemingly delicate wooden buildings, unique bridges as well as the tranquil lifestyle, etc...

This village has turned into a ecological, cultural as well as tourist demonstration center of China. The ancient Architectural complexes,caves, blue water, trees as well as rural sceneries; all these form a typical Chinese countryside scene

Wuyuan has become a well known town in the world features in famous Huizhou local culture as well as charming idyllic scenery. Beijing Opera, Hui Opera, the Luo Dance known as the "Dance Live Fossil" as well as the charming tea performance, all these make Wuyuan fascinating tourism destination.

(Photos from CETtrip to wuyuan 2016-4-18)

Activity place: Wuyuan, Jiangxi province

Activity Date:   From Mar.24th to Mar.25th

Leaving Date: Mar.23h  Friday Night

Arriving Date: Mar.26th Monday Morning

Meeting time: 1.5 hours before the leaving time of your train tickets

Meeting point: 

  • Beijing west train station if you join CETtrip from Beijing

  • JiuJiang railway station (Destination City) if you join CETtrip from the other City.

Traffic tools: Train and Local Travelling Bus

Participants:Min 15 people,  Max 30 people

Trip fee:

Normal Price: 1180 RMB

Discount Price: 1100RMB if 3 or more than 3 pax book seats together

VIP Price: 1100RMB  (Click it to join CET VIP)

Booking Hotline: 010-82414330 (English & Mandarin) 9:00-17:00

After sell service: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin) 9:00-17:00

Statement of the trip fee

Trip fee includes:

  • Hard sleeper bed tickets from Beijing to Jiujiang and from JiuJiang back to Beijing.(Train tickets fee is around 600RMB and it is included in the trip fee, CET will buy the tickets for you with your informations)

  • Travelling bus fee from Jiujiang to Wuyuan and from Wuyuan back to JiuJiang.

  • One night in standard hotel

  • 3 day outdoor insurance 

  • Leader's service fee

Trip fee excludes:

  • Entrance tictets of our trip's scenic spots.

  • Sixiyan countryside ticket price is 60RMB

  • Huang Ling with cableway ticket price is 145RMB.

  • Take your Students book if you have, you can have discount for the entance tickets

  • Meals go dutch, fancy or simple, it's up to you.

  • Shuttlt Bus Fee inside the scenic spots and other expenses not mentioned

(Photos from CETtrip to wuyuan 2016-4-18)

Statement about refund: 

  • No refund within 3 days before depature, but you can get 80% of your train ticket fee back from the train station with your passport (Only original passport works).

  • Refund 80% trip fee when you cancel this trip 3 days before depature.

Book Your Tickets Online

Notice about booking online

  • Finish the payment online firstly and DONT forget to Click ''Done'' or ''完成'when you finsih your payment!!! or you wont get the activity wechat group!!!

  • If you are not CET VIP, please dont choose VIP price, or you couldnt get your seat confirmed even though you have paid.

  • NO Need to be confirmed from CET. Once you finsih payment, your name will be on our list!

  • If you are going to book more than one seat together, please write down your friends' names on the “ Note" blank

  • If you have problem in joining the wechat group, please call us:010-82414330/18514204269

Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.

If this booking link is available for you to book, it means Seats are available!

Full Itinerary

【Day 1】 Departure to Jiujiang city from beijing west train station

Take your  passport (only it works, no yellow paper and no copy ones) with you and meet our trip leader (with CET Green Flag) at the Flag Tower of Beijing west train station, and then get your train tickets from him, and then take your train to Jiujiang train station.

【Day 2】Jiujiang—Wuyuan—Huangling—Qinghua County 

Arrive at Jiujiang train station in the morning about 7:00am and then try to find CET Green flag and trip leader at the exit of the train station (our trip leader will post the location and pic into the group for your conveniece to find him)

Buy some simple food for breakfast and please dont waste too much time for the breakfast, becasue we need to hurry to Wuyuan town from jiujiang City, it is about 240km distance.

7:30 am, Leaving from jiujiang City to Wuyuan town, we suppose to arrive at 11:30am if no traffic jams.

Our first visitiing place is Huangling scenic spot, Huangling is the most classic scenery, Free photography in  #Huangling#  scenic area and appreciation of terraced field scenery in autumn  Suiyuan;  and also you will find the big difference about the ancient town between the south and the north in China. 

Have your lunch in the scenic area, and we suppose to leave at 16:00 to our living place:  #Qinghua town# it is also a traditional chinese south town, with white walls and cyan tiles, amost all of the buildings are the same style.

After we arrive  #Qinghua County#, we will have our dinner nearby our hostel together (share the bill together ) 

(Photos from CETtrip to wuyuan 2017-11-28)

Note: Our hostel is running by local villagers, not fantasy but clean and comfortable.

【Day 3】Crescent Moon Bay- Zheyuan Village - Sixiyan Countryside - Jiujiang 

At 7:30, we will leave for Crescent Moon Bay .

And Bandeng Bridge is nearby Crescent Moon Bay, we will visit these spots for 45 minutes.

(Photos from CETtrip to wuyuan 2017-3-21)

At 9:30, we will arrive Zheyuan village. we need to hike about 3km to visit this peace village, the endless spring scenery along the hiking routh will make this trip more unforgotenable. 

(Photos from CETtrip to wuyuan 2017-3-21)

At 11:30,we will leave for Sixiyan countryside. There are so many local delicacies, u can have lunch in this beautiful countryside.

Get on our bus at 14:30 and then back to jiujiang city to catch our train back to Beijing.  

When we arrive, if we have enough time, we will have some local food (jiujiang crock soup is really delicious and famous all over China),but if we dont have time, we can only bus some food and eat it on the train.

【Day 4】Arrive in Beijing

Arrive in Beijing West Railway Station at 07:38.

All times are approximate, and depend on our speed of movement. if this trip have met big traffic jams, our trip leader has the right to adjust our schdule, please be cooperative.


REMEMBER TO BRING: Passport; Student card or book; cash; Waterproof jacket and trousers; Sturdy shoes, hiking boots if possible; A day pack to take on outings. Suitcases or bigger bags can be left at the hotel or on the bus; Camera and charger, batteries; Mobile phone, charger; Hayfever medication; Tissues and wipes.