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Apr.28th-May.1st | 3-Day to Changdao Island-Fairyland in Bohai

2018-03-16 CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

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Weekends Trip in March

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3-Day to Changdao Island-Fairyland in Bohai

(CETtrip to Changdao island 2017-05-27 from Miracle)

Changdao Island lies between the Jiaodong and the Liaodong Peninsula. There are totally 32 islands, each with different features. 


Changdao Island has fantastic rocks, elegant scenery, warm climate and rich tour resources such as the Half Moon Bay, the Jiuzhang Cliff, the Wangfu Rock, the Forest Park, the Changshan End, the Pagoda Rock, the Dragon-claw Hill, the Mituo Rock, the Daheishan Island (Big Black Hill Island), the Birds Island, the Temple Island, the Birds Exhibition Center and the Boundary Memorial of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.

Every Year we will organize CETtrip to this place during May to Oct. Too early or too later it will be so cold to hang out on the island because of the strong sea wind.

Activity place:  Changdao Island,Shandong province

Activity date: 

  • First Trip: Apr.28th-May.1st,  Labour Holiday(leave at Apr.28th night)

  • Second Trip: Jun.15th-18th DragonBoat Festival(leave at Jun.15th night)

Meeting point 1: South Gate of BLCU

Meeting time:  06:00pm

Leaving time:  06:05  

Meeting point 2:Huixinxijienankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:  06:25pm

Leaving time:  06:30  

Traffic tools: Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  Round Bus+Meals+Hotel+CET Party

  • Normal Price: 685RMB/pax, pay the deposit fee 285RMB when you booked this trip

  • VIP Price:655RMB/pax (How to join CET VIP?) pay the deposite fee 255RMB when you booked this trip.

  • Group Discount: 645RMB/pax if 3 or more than 3 ppl booked together, pay the deposite fee 245RMB when you booked this trip.

  • About the left fee: Pay the left fee 400RMB when you get on our bus.

Participants: Min 20, Max 45 (if less than 20 participants, this trip has to be cancelled)

Booking Hotline: 18514204269/18514203469 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund or change to the other CETtrips within 3 days before this trip.

Statement about the trip fee

Trip fee include:

  • Round Traveling Bus tickets

  • Hotel: Two nights hotel(2-3 people share one room; independent washroom in the room.)  and 3 meals for  each day included

  • Free travelling gifts to make your rest in the bus more comfortable

  • 4 day outdoor insurance 

  • Culture exchange party including drinking and snacks 

  • Local Tour Guide’s service and CET English Speaking Guide

Trip fee doesn't include

  • Ferryboat ticket from Penglai to Changdao island: 90 RMB per one

  • Transportation fee in the island: 30 RMB per one ( Because the small island will be very crowded during the holiday, we will not take our big travelling bus to land on )

  • Discounted through ticket of all the senic spots in changdao Island: 160RMB per one(original price is 180RMB/Person)

  • The fee of cruise out to the sea:180RMB/person as group price (original price is 230RMB/Person) Sometimes it will be closed to foreigners, if it happens, we have to cancel this program.


  • Food: Please take some snacks during the trip as we will spend a lot of time on bus.  Bring enough cash because ATM is not available everywhere at local attractions.  

  • Things to bring: Passport; Student card or book;  cash; Waterproof jacket and trousers;Warm clothes in case it gets chilly Sturdy shoes, hiking boots if possible; Camera and charger, batteries; Mobile phone, charger; Hayfever medication; Tissues and wipes.

  • If you want to have a try to be a fishermen to fish in the sea, please contact us in advance, we can rent a fishing boat to the sea, each ship costs 200 RMB/hour, a boat can hold 8-10 people.

Book your seat Online

Press this QR Code and Extract it to book your seat.

If this link is available for you to book, it means we have seats available.

Notice about booking online

  • DONT forget to Click ''Done'' or ''完成'when you finsih your payment!!! or you wont get the activity wechat group and your ticket QR code above!!!

  • If you are not CET VIP, please dont choose VIP price, or you couldnt get your seat confirmed even though you have paid.

  • NO Need to be confirmed from CET. Once you finsih payment, your name will be on our list!

Apr.5th-7th Inner Mongolia | Grassland+Kubuqi Desert

Click the pic to get the details about this trip

Full Itinerary

【Day 1】

Leaving beijing to Penglai. We will spend 9hours (3 hours rest on the expressway service area), and we suppose to arrive at Penglai at 8:00am next day if there is no traffic jam.

【Day 2】

Arrival at Penglai port, take  ferryboat to Changdao island, our bus will also get on the ferry to changdao island.

We can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the ferry. It will take one hour on the ferry.

Arrival at Changdao island,go ahead to our hostel and check in, have delicious seafood lunch. 

After that we will head for Wanniao Island(万鸟岛),according to the Chinese name, it's clear that there will be thousands of birds flying there,it's a good opportunity to be intimate with birds and the nature.

Go back to our hotel to take seafood lunch and take a rest.

In the afternoon, gather to go to the north of Changdao island to enjoy a wonderful day.

  • Visit jiuzhangya. If the temperature is suitable, we can have the sea frolic in the waves

  • Visit yueyawan. Pick up colorful crystal ball stone, see the dolphin show

  • See sunset on the sea.

【Day 3】

Leave for Linhai park.

  • 1-2 hours hiking

  • Visting the highest mountain in Changdao island, Watch the panoramic view of this island

  • View hundreds of windmills on the mountain

  • View the dividing line between Huanghai and bohai.

Go back to our hotel to take seafood lunch and take a rest

In the afternoon we will go to Xianjingyuan (仙境源)to enjoy free time or go fishing by speedboat voluntarily.

Go back to our hostel to have seafood dinner.

  • Free time after dinner , you can have a walk on the seaside

  • Or you can have a bike hiking around the island, bike is provided without fee.

  • Our hostel is 3 mins walk way to the seaside.

Highly recommend buying some local seafood specialty.

【Day 4】

You can set an alarm to see the beautiful sunrise in the sea, it's up to you.

07:30  Breakfast time and take all your belongings to the bus. Check out before 8:00.

We will go back to Penglai to visit the famous fairyland, 2-3 hours' free time. Maybe you can see the amazing mirages If you are lucky enough.

12:30  Set out to go back to Beijing, plan the lunch by yourself.

We will arrive in Beijing at about 20:00 (if no traffic jam)

Sunrise on the Sea

Yueyawan Scenic Spot

Hundreds of windmills

Boundary between Huanghai and Bohai

Linfeng Park

Jiuzhangya Scenic Spot

Delicious Seafood