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Apr.5th/7th XiangShui Lake | Plum Blossom on Great Wall


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Deep Tour for Qingming Festival

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“Great Wall and the Plum Blossom, Feel the Spring of the Great Wall”

2019 the Festival of Plum blossom on Great Wall

Xiangshui Lake|opening

The new plum blossom(Chinese name: Meihua) exhibition

Open one door, feel one world

Create a boutique micro landscape

Outdoor display of the unique view of "plum blossom on the Great Wall"

Highlights of this activity

Red plum - "Hongmei opens on the earth show the beginning of the spring" Great Wall Plum Blossom Indoor Exhibition and Outdoor Exhibition will lead you to a new world, the 100-year-old Gumei Pile and  Ancient Great Wall will allow tourists from all over the world to witness the wonders of the "Meihua Ying Great Wall" on the top of the Great Wall and the North. 

Red Pavilion - The Chinese proverb of the saying "There is a red boat in the south and a red hall in the north." is origginal from“The Red Pavilion of Great Wall”.During the festival, there will be a red base for the promotion of red culture and plum blossom spirit, allowing visitors to accept the spiritual wash of the red culture in Meishan Flower sea.

Red Lecture Hall - During the Great Wall Plum Blossom Festival, the "Red Lecture Hall" of Xiangshui Lake will be reopened, preaching red stories, promoting red culture and inheriting red genes.

The Great Wall Culture - Beijing Xiangshui Lake is known as "the flower dynasty at the foot of the Great Wall." Among the flowers, the first “Plum Blossom” will open the grand curtain of the Beijing World Garden and show the world the elegance of the  Great Wall.

National style - welcome you to Beijing, Welcome you to Great Wall. The Great Wall Plum Blossom Festival will be the first to greet the welcome in the spring. At that time, tourists from inside and outside of the Great Wall, north and south of the China will gather in the Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake, and show the world a ceremonial state of hospitality with the Great Wall as the background.

The world wind - there are friends coming from all over the world. The Great The domestic and foreign tourists who participate in the Festival will be singing and dancing on the Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake. you will have a memory of songs, flowers and Great Wall.

Basic Tour Information

Activity place: Xiangshui Lake Great wall 

Activity date: Every Weekends (3.2-4.7)

  • 6th trip: Apr.5th

  • 7th trip: Apr.7th

Meeting point 1: Weigongcun subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:  6:50

Leaving time:  6:55(no waiting)

Meeting point 2: South gate of BLCU

Meeting time:  7:05

Leaving time:  7:10(no waiting)

Meeting point 3: Huixinxijienankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:  7:20

Leaving time:  7:25(no waiting)

Back time: 16:00 pm 

Traffic tools: Travelling Bus

Trip Fee: BUS bus + Great Wall Ticket+Insurance Fee+CET Guide fee+Lunch

  • Normal Price: 148 RMB/pax

  • VIP Price: 128 RMB/pax (Buy CET VIP on our wechat official Menu)

  • Discount Price: 128 RMB/pax if u share this article on your moment

Participants:min 15 Max 50

Booking Hotline:Luffy 17801203127 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No changing to other CET trips or refund within 24 hours of departure.


The Trip fee  includes:

  • Transportation: round-trip bus fare

  • The professional team leader fee

  • Lunch 10 people one table (No refund if you do not want)

  • Tickets: The  ticket of Xiangshui Lake (the tickets included in this activity are group discount tickets, old age, students and other special certificates are invalid);

  • Activity insurance

The Trip fee Excludes:

  • Other: All expenses except the fee included


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Apr.5th-7th Qingming Festival

 Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

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It is the best place to enjoy the plum blossoms in the early spring, and you can also climb the Great Wall after you festival.

In the cold wind, a  plum blossom stands proudly, and the great wall tells us the glory of its former glory. The wall and the plum blossoms complement each other. Under the backdrop of the cold wind, feel the life spirit of plum blossom and the toughness of the city wall. 

Beijing Huairou Xiangshui Lake Great Wall Natural Scenic Area is located in the West of Mutianyu Great Wall. It belongs to the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. It is 78 kilometers away from Beijing and 28 kilometers away from Huairou County. It covers an area of 18 square kilometers. The Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area is Rongcheng, Gudong, Shanchuan, Quantan, Fei Waterfall and Ming Dynasty Cliff Stone are engraved in one, which is another unique and beautiful tourist attraction in the suburbs of Beijing. The name of Xiangshui Lake is not because there is a large piece of water, but at the source of spring water. The spring is like a note, the water is like a thunder, and the sound of running water can be heard from a thousand meters. "Lake", the first large spring of Huairou, is the drinking water source of the nearby people. It is also one of the sources of Huairou Reservoir. It has a water output of 0.3 cubic meters per second and a daily flow of 25,937 tons. The water quality is sweet, refreshing and delicious.

In the history of the Great Wall, the first time with the "Meihua" and "Great Wall" to cross time and space, is a cultural experience journey to reshape the national spirit.

The Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake will bring a visual feast of shocking body and mind, showing the unique landscape of “Meihua and Great Wall”. Visitors can experience the beauty of the national spirit while enjoying plum.

The Great Wall and Plum Blossoms are the negatives of Chinese memories, the cards of Chinese culture, and the core of the Chinese spirit. The Bohai Town People's Government and Beijing Xiangshui Lake Great Wall Tourism Co., Ltd. will continue to hold the 3rd Great Wall Plum Blossom Exhibition and continue to create new glory. With the support of all walks of life, it will be February 23, 2019 - On April 7th, the first Beijing Great Wall Plum Blossom Festival and the 2019 4th Xiangshui Lake Great Wall Plum Blossom Exhibition were held in Huairou Bohai.

The Great Wall of Mei Dance is blooming. The Xiangshui Lake Great Wall Plum will be unveiled at the 2019 Beijing World Garden, and the first Great Wall Plum Blossom Festival in Beijing will be the first to greet the Beijing World Expo’s welcome number, on the northern extension of Beijing’s central axis, at the foot of the Great Wall, at home and abroad. Presenting a world-famous cultural scene and a spiritual feast that shocks the mind and body.

The scale of this year's plum blossom festival is the most in the past years. The "indoor exhibition" has more than a thousand pots of plum blossoms covering five major varieties competing to open, collecting all the trees of Feng's thirteen styles, more than 30 pots for hundreds of years, more than ten pots over two A hundred years of ancient plum piles are on display, and there is a precious variety "Xifeng Lie" as the treasure of the town hall to meet with you; "Outdoor Exhibition" on both sides of the Great Wall grafted into the living thousands of plum blossoms will continue to smash the Great Wall, will present for everyone The unique landscape of Meiying Great Wall.

CETtrips #

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Four major plates

1 exhibition section

Opening Ceremony, Great Wall Plum Blossom Exhibition (indoor exhibition, outdoor exhibition), Bohai Achievement Exhibition, Great Wall Red Pavilion Exhibition, Red Lecture Hall, Great Wall Plum Blossom and Red Gene Forum, and Jihai Old City Flower Festival.

2 national wind plate

"I am speaking for the new national service" series of activities, the theme day activities of the 38th Festival - the beauty of the foot of the Great Wall, the February two dragons heading up folklore show.

3 photography plates

The third perspective exhibition - "Huaxiang Ancient Great Wall · Meizhan Chinese Style" photography competition

4 public welfare sector

Great Wall Public Welfare Tree Carnival [Fifth Season], Beijing Primary and Secondary School Students' Social Classroom Enters Xiangshui Lake, Great Wall Flower Market, Great Wall to Appreciate “Mei”, Bohai has “Rite” – Xiangshui Plum Blossom Wholeland Tourism Industry Alliance Gift Package, Beijing The Great Wall Plum Blossom Cooperative Rural Revitalization Plan, the Disabled and Disabled Poverty Alleviation Campaign.

2019 Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

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Full Itinerary

07:30 Huixin West Street South Exit subway station set off.

10:00: Arrive at [Shuishui Lake Scenic Area], visit the indoor plum blossom exhibition, and feel the plum blossoms from the bitter cold; here are cinnabar plum, green plum, weeping plum, palace powder plum, jade dish plum... nearly 1,000 square meters In the independent exhibition hall, several large-scale fine plum flower pots are open to the public. This year, we also offer a precious century-old Gumei pile for the majority of tourists, which will allow you to witness the wonders of the "Meihua Ying Great Wall" on the top of the Great Wall and the North.

Noon: Collectively enjoy rainbow trout lunch, authentic farmer's meal;

Afternoon: Visit the outdoor plum blossoms, the ancient wall of the ancient city, overlooking the spring.

Visit the [Changshui Lake Great Wall] to enjoy the natural scenery and enjoy the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. The Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area integrates the Great Wall, the ancient caves, the mountains, the springs, the waterfalls and the Ming Dynasty cliffs. It is another unique and beautiful tourist attraction in the suburbs of Beijing.

16:00 Collection return

18:30 Return to the gathering place, look forward to the next time!

Note: The above itinerary is the expected itinerary, which is subject to the actual event schedule of the leader!