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Apr.6th WGW | Spring Blossom: Yaoziyu Wild Great Wall


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Deep Tour for Qingming Festival

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Hiking to Yaoziyu Wild Great Wall + Enjoy Spring Blossom

WGW Hike: Every weekends we will have two kinds of Great Wall trips, one kind is the repaired one which we will go to the senic spot like: lakeside Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Juyongguang Great Wall and so on; the another one is WGW(Wild Great Wall Hike), most of this kind of great wall is original, and broken wall. They are not famous and most are inside of the forest or on the big mount which is not convenient to some tourists, so we will do a little bit hike to visit. When you visit this kind of Great Wall you can feel the history and the beautiful mounts and forests.

In the small mountain village of Huairou, you can tell the legends about eagles, they live in cliffs. Cliffs, which can let you feel the towering peaks, blue sky and white clouds, eagles circling, natural ecology, inaccessible, and somewhat sinister.

The water is mountain-shaped and the mountains are complex. The peaks and towers are towering. Who can be born to have the wings? To fly, it can only hit the wall like a bird, and it can't be compared to the eagle circling around the mountain. Reminiscent of high-risk martyrdom, it is only through the bird path to the foothills.

There are also several mountain passes that you can hiking, Zhuangdao Kou, Xishuiyu Kou,Xiaochangyu Kou,Gezi Yu Kou. Passing through the mule's mouth (Gezi Yu Kou), the most important place have the high wall is Guancheng. It stop thousands of people by only one people.. Going north to the road can lead to the Four Seas. It stopped three cities. It was so tight that even bird cannot fly through.

Hiking Information

Activity place: Huairou District, Beijing

Activity date: Apr.5th/7th

Distance: 9km

Time to complete: 3-4 hours

Location:Huairou District, Beijing

Drive time: 2 hours each way

Level of difficulty: Level 2

Key Information

Activity Date: Every Saturday

  • 3rd trip: Apr.6th

  • 4th trip: Apr.13th

  • 5th trip:Apr.20th

Meeting point 1: Beitucheng subway EXIT C

Meeting time: 07:00am

Leaving time: 07:35 (no waiting)

Traffic tools:Travelling Bus

Trip Fee: Round Traveling Bus fees+Hiking Guide+Ensurance fee

  • Normal Price: 95 RMB

  • Discount Price: 80 RMB if 3 or more than 3 ppl booked together 

  • Member + sharing price: 80 RMB if you follow the official CETtrip北京 and share the link on your moment  

  • VIP Price: 80 RMB  (Click it to join CET VIP)

Participants: Min 15, Max 45 (if less than 20 participants, this trip will be cancelled)

Booking Hotline: Luff 17801203127 (English & Mandarin)

Statement:  No changing to other CET trips or refund within 24 hours of departure.

Sample itinerary

  1. 07:50 - Depart from Beijing

  2. 10:00 - Begin the hike

  3. 12:00 - Lunch time - Own food

  4. 13:00 - Continue to hike the great wall and enjoy the flowers in full blossom

  5. 17:00 - Begin to drive back

  6. 19:00 - Arrive at Beijing

Travel and hike times are approximate, and depend on traffic and the pace at which you hike. 

What is included in the cost?

  • Round-trip transport

  • CET Hikers staff hiking guide

  • Insurance

  • Local guide (where applicable)

What is not included in the cost?

  • Anything not specifically mentioned as being included can be counted as not included.

  • CETtrips doesn’t include any shopping trips. Don’t worry about that.

You need bring:

  • Lunch and plenty of snacks to keep your energy up

  • Warm clothes, gloves, and a hat in case the weather turns bad

  • Sun protection: long-sleeved shirt, hat

  • A bottle of sports drink with salt content (Gatorade, Pocari Sweat)

  • A waterproof jacket in case the weather changes

  • Strong and comfortable hiking boots

Safety first

CETtrip reserves the right to alter, postpone, or cancel the hike if participation is deemed unsafe for hiking, for example but not excluding forecast temperatures above 35°C, heavy rain or storms forecast, strong winds, icy or closed roads.

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  • If you pay by Alipay: after you finish the payment , then go back to wechat page, wait for a second, you will see our wechat group QR code.

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Apr.5th-7th Qingming Festival

 Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

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About Hiking Level

Level 1: Easy, maybe a bit hilly, but no very long climbs.  hikes are usually 5–8km long.it will take around 3 hours.
Level 2: Level 2 hikes will take around 3-4 hours, and can be either reasonably easy, or challenging, depending on how often you exercise. 
Level 3: There may be long climbs up hills, and there may be steep sections.it will take around 5-7 hours
Level 4: hikes will usually take 6-8 hour hours to complete, and will be difficult for people who are not used to hiking or are out of shape. Some level 4 hikes are shorter, but very steep.
Level 5: hikes are physically challenging, and suitable for experienced hikers in good shape. 
Level 6: hikes are the most difficult hikes we do: long, with tough ascents and descents. They are physically challenging, and suitable for experienced hikers in good shape