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Apr.30th-May.5th Xiamen | 6-Day Gulangyu Island+FujianTulou Tour


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Xiamen | 6 Days Gulangyu Island+Fujian Tulou In-Depth Tour

Xiamen Cycling and Sailing Plus Gulangyu Strolling

Fujian Tulou & Hakka Culture Discovery

Located at the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is a tourist city of Fujian Province famous for its attractive seascape. As one of the major seaports since ancient times, it boasts a wide gulf with deep water but without freezing and silting. The name was consequently given, which means 'a gate of China'. 

As one of the forerunners of the special economic zones of China, the city mainly consisting of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, the north bank area of the Jiulong River and Tong'an County, is connected with the mainland by the Gaoji Seawall, Xiamen Bridge. The city has been called the Egret Island because of the hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting there. This is due to the beautiful natural scenery, the fresh air and the clean environment of the city.

Xiamen is China’s cleanest and most beautiful seaport city, as well as China’s most romantic leisure city. Gulangyu Island, known as the Piano Island, offers amazing view of the city and features many Victoria-era style European buildings. The Buddhist Nanputuo Temple, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, is a national treasure. While Meiji Study Village shows you the academic atmosphere of this Garden City as well as its pretty natural and social sights.

Xiamen also is the best gateway to Fujian Tulou which is also called Earthen Building, a Living World Heritage. Fujian Tulou is not only the cluster of Hakka culture, but also the most extraordinary type of Chinese rural dwellings. In 2008, a total of 46 Fujian Tulou sites in Nanjing and Yongding County, including Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Gaobei Tulou Cluster etc, have been inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site-exceptional examples of a building tradition and function exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive organization, and in terms of their harmonious relationship with their environment, an outstanding example of human settlement.

Highlights of this Tour

Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city with a slow-paced life, and it really is a great place to relax during holidays. This classic Xiamen tour combines the essential attractions in Xiamen City with romantic Gulangyu Island and the unique tulou. 

  • Enjoy the blue sky, beach and green belts along the seashores;

  • Cycle along Huandao Road to have a better sea view and get a far beyond imagination of Xiamen;

  • Take Sailing Ship to embrace the blue ocean and get close touch with white dolphins in the sea;

  • Visit the beautiful Yunshuiyao Ancient Village where many Chinese films and MTV were made here due to its pure nature and culture.

  • Be marvel at the Earth Buildings, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Appreciate the intriguing scenery, historical relics and architectures of varied styles in Gulangyu Island;

  • Admire landmarks such as the South Putuo Temple and Jimei Study Village;

  • Taste all kinds of delicious “taiwan" snacks and appreciate the lovely night scenery along the Zhongshan Road

Wander on Gulangyu to see exotic architecture with a Mediterranean flavor, such as various old consulates and churches. Go to see the tulou (Hakka Earthern Buildings) before it is too late, as this unique style of building is not being built any more, due to changes in the locals’ demand for housing. This tour is good for family.

Trip Overview

Spend 6 leisure days and marvel at the essence of Xiamen, the Garden City on the Sea. You will not only visit the famous Gulangyu Island, but will also view the Yunshuiyao Ancient Viallage in Nangjing County and the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Gaobei Tulou in Yongding Country. 

  • Day 1: Beijing-Xiamen city, take the berth train at 16:00. Overnight in the train.

  • Day 2: Xiamen-Sailing Ship Cruise-South Putuo Temple-Cycling on Huandao Road- Night View Zhongshan Road, Overnight in Xiamen City.

  • Day 3: Xiamen-Yunshuiyao Ancient Village-Heguilou Tulou-Huaiyuanlou Tulou, Overnight in Nanjing Country.

  • Day 4: Nanjin Country-Yongding Country-Gaobei Tulou-Chengqilou-Shizhelou-Wuyunlou-Jimei Study Village, Overnight in Xiamen City

  • Day 5: Xiamen-Gulangyu Island-Beijing; take the train back to Beijing at 17:25; Overnight in the train.

  • Day 6: Arrive at Beijing around 12:06pm (at noon)

Tulou is the embodiment of Hakka Culture and it’s the residence and fortress of Hakka people. This earth building complex is the distinguished one in the art of architectural world. It’s the great place for architectural photography and Hakka Culture photography.

Basic Tour Information

Activity Place: Xiamen Fujian Province

Activity Date:  Private Tour provided if you want to go with your family or friends!

  • 5th Tour: Apr.30th-May.5th Labour Holiday

  • 6th Tour: May.24th-May.29th

  • 7th Tour: Jun.6th-Jun.11th Dragon Boat Festival

  • 8th Tour: Jun.14th-Jun.19th

  • 9th Tour: Jun.21th-Jun.26th

  • 10th Tour: July.5th-July.10th

  • 11th Tour: July.19th-July.24th

  • 12th Tour: Aug.9th-Aug.14th

  • 13th Tour: Aug.23th-Aug.28th

  • 14th Tour: Sep.12th-Sep.17th Mid-Autumn Festival

  • 15th Tour: Sep.27th-Oct.2nd

  • 16th Tour: Oct.1st-Oct.6th National Holiday

  • 17th Tour: Oct.2th-Oct.7th Natioanl Holiday

  • 18th Tour: Oct.25th-Oct.30th

  • 19th Tour: Nov.15th-Nov.20th

  • 20th Tour: Nov.29th-Dec.4th

  • 21th Tour: Dec.20th-Dec.23th

  • For people who are not in Beijing, if you are interested in our trip as well, feel free to contact Monica: Jane 15510307192/Monica 18514204169.

Leaving Date: D1 leave at 16:00pm from Beijing and arrive Xiamen at 10:49am on D2

Arriving Date: D5 leave at 17:25 from Xiamen and arrive Beijing at 12:06pm on D6

Meeting point: Beijing West Train South Station,at the Flag Tower (Find CET Green Flag)

Meeting time: 1.5 hours before the leaving time of your train tickets

Trip fee: Local Traveling Bus+Accommondations+Entrance Tickets+Meals+CET English Guide

  • Normal Price: 1485RMB/pax, pay the deposit 485RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Group Discount: 1435RMB/pax if 3 or more than 3 seats booked together, pay the deposite 435RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • VIP Price: 1435RMB (Buy CET VIP on our wechat offical Menu), pay the deposit fee 1435RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Single Supplement: 280RMB for the Single room supplement if you want live alone.

  • Please Note: The left 1000RMB trip fee will be collected 7 days before depature. The trip fee of the 16th tour and 17th tour will be 280RMB more than normal due to National Holiday.

Participants: If less than 12 participants, the trip fee will be different.

Travel Advisor:  Jane 15510307192/Monica 18514204169  (English & Mandarin)

Book Your Tickets Online

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Notice about booking online

  • If you pay by Alipay: after you finish the payment, then go back to wechat page, wait for a second, you will see our wechat group QR code.

  • If you pay by wechat: after you finish the payment, then click "Done"or  完成,then you will see our wechat group QR code.

  • If you failed to join in this trip wechat group, please scan the QR code again and you will see our trip leaders contacts, contact him/her to join our activity group.

Statement about the Trip Fee

What is includes in the cost?

  • Accommodation:  3 nights in 3-Star hotel. D1 in Xiamen City; D2 in Nanjing Village; D3 in Xiamen City. Single Room Supplement is not included.

  • Meals during this trip: D2 Lunch (Dinner will leave for you to taste local food in food street); D3 Breakfast、Lunch and dinner; D4 Breakfast、Lunch and Dinner; D5 Breakfast (Lunch and dinner will be on Gulangyu island and are on your own expense)

  • Entrance Ticket: Sailling Ship Cruise

  • Entrance Ticket: Cycling around 2 hours

  • Entrance tickets: Yunshuiyao Ancient Village

  • Entrance tickets: Gaobei Tulou

  • Entrance tickets: Jimei Study Village

  • Entrance tickets: South Putuo Temple

  • Entrance tickets: Round Ferry Fee between Gulangyu and Xiamen City

  • CET English Guide for the whole trip.

  • Local travelling bus with experienced driver.

  • 4 Days outdoor insurance.

  • Please Note: We will book all the tickets as Adult ticket firstly, If you are student, please take your student book and we will refund the price difference to you if your student book works.

What is not included in the cost?

  • Round Berth Train Ticket: 408RMB/Ticket, 5RMB/ticket booking service fee if there is ticket available online, 65RMB/ticket book service fee if there is no tickets available online.

  • Additional personal consumption which is not mentioned in the cost.

  • Please Note: We want to have a positive effect everywhere we go, we don’t take commissions or kickbacks, and we don’t take you on detours for shopping.

Statement about the Refund

  • If you cancel this trip more than 7 days before depature, we will fully refund.

  • If you cancel this trip 3 days before depature, we will refund 50% trip fee to you.

  • If you cancel this trip within 3 days before depature, no refund.

Quick Weather Info: Xiamen weather is mild and pleasant most of the year because the city has a subtropical monsoon climate. In this case, the whole year round is good time to visit. The annual temperatures average 21C and rainfall abounds mainly in the months from May to August. The climate in winter is mild, requiring only sweaters or light coats in the coldest January. Summers are free from extreme heat, although thin clothes are still needed in the hottest July.

About the Local Food: Xiamen cuisine is the main representative of Fujian cuisine which is famous throughout China. Besides local dishes, food of other parts of the country also can be found here, making this city a good destination for gastronomes. Being fresh, light, crispy and slightly spicy in taste, seafood is famous for its extreme freshness.

Statement about the transport for this trip

  • The suitable berth train from Beijing to Xiamen is Z307 leaves from Beijing around 16:00pm and arrive at Xiamen around 10:40am. It is 408RMB.

  • The suitable berth train from Xiamen to Beijing is Z308 leaves from Xiamen around 17:25pm and arrive at Beijing around 12:06. It is 408RMB.

  • If you dont know how to book the train ticket, please inform us when you book this trip. We will book the train ticket for you. If there are tickets available online, the booking service fee is 5RMB and we will give you the paper ticket at the train station. If there is no train ticket available online, CET will let our train ticket cooperater to help us book the train ticket: 65RMB/ticket for the service fee.

  • We will try to arrange all of the participants in the same train firstly, but if there is no tickets available, we have to take different train, please be cooperative.

Statement about China Train Ticket

  • All of the train tickets will start to be sold online 30 days before the train starts, and if you have special needs of the train tickets, please inform us 30 days before the tickets are sold online.

  • All of the train tickets are sold randomly once it is sold online, so it is difficult to get the sequential tickets, hope you can understand and book the trip in advance.

  • All of the hard sleeping bed tickets will be sold out soon once it is put online to sell, especial for some hot tourist cities like harbin, Xian, Luoyang, and so on.

  • It doesnt mean you couldnt get the sleeping bed ticket when it is sold out online, CET has train ticket cooperater who can help us to book the sleeping bed train ticket (when the others cancel theirs), the service charge is 65RMB/ticket.

  • If you cancel your tickets 48hours before the train depature, you can get 95% of your ticket fee, the train ticket booking service fee is non-refund. If you cancel your tickets 24hours-48hours you can get 90% refund, and within 24hours, you can get 80% refund.

Labor Holiday May.1st-3rd May.2nd-4th May.3rd-5th

 Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

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Full Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1: Beijing-Xiamen city, take the berth train at 16:00. Overnight in the train.

Transfer: By Berth Train, From Beijing to Xiamen, 2019km, 18h and 41mins on the way

Meals: None meals

Accommodation: Overnight in the Train, Sleeping bed ticket.

Please Note: Take your passport and student book if you have, .

Please Note: Dont forget to take your passport and student book if you are student. Prepare some snacks before you get on the train, you will have you dinner and breakfast on the train, food is also provided on the train.

Leaving from Beijing to Xianmen, Find our trip leader at the Flag Tower of BeijingXi Train Station  ( Find CET Green Flag)  to get your train ticket. and then get together to check inside and take the train. It will take around 18 hours on the train. So remember to bring some food with you.

Transport ideas: Actually most of CETtrips are planed for foreign students, so in order to make our trips more affordable, most transports of our trips are by normal train. But in fact, there are many flights and high speed train available for this trip,  and Xiamen Gaojun Airport is just 9 km from downtown area. It is convenient as well for this trip. So if you need, please feel free to consult our travel advisor.

Day 2: Xiamen-Sailing Ship Cruise-South Putuo Temple-Cycling on Huandao Road- Night View Zhongshan Road, Overnight in Xiamen City.

Transfer: By Local Traveling Bus, 10km, 0.5h on the way

Meals: Lunch, Dinner will be on your own expense to explore local food

Accommodation: Overnight in Shanghai City.

Please Note: Our guide will take us to Zhongshan Road to enjoy the nightlife of Xiamen and you can also taste local snacks for your dinner. In order to let you enjoy as much as you want, we will not set the back time, and you can back to hotel by taxi on your own expense, it is only 5-7km distance.

Welcome to Xiamen, the Garden City on the Sea! Clear the customs and retrieve your baggage by yourself upon arrival, you will be greeted by our tour guide in the train station who is holding a sign on which CETtrip. A comfortable vehicle (non-smoking) with experienced driver will transfer you directly to your hotel in Xiamen City. Your guide will help you check in. And then we will have Lunch together.

After Lunch, we will head to Sailing Ship wharf to have around 50mins cruise in the sea, embrace the blue ocean and get close touch with white dolphins. Clean you up with the moderate sunshine and sea wind. 

Then we will to head to Xiamen landmark: South Putuo Temple, which first built in Tang Dynasty. It is renowned for its collection of Buddhist cultural relics, such as a Burmese jade carving of the Buddha, some important Buddhist texts. Standing at the top of the Wulao Peak, you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of Xiamen University and Xiamen Port.

Then we will start our bike cycling along the Huandao Road to cycle the 10 km for about 2 hs. Huandao Road is a paradise for leisure travelers enjoying the blue sky, beach and green belts along the seashores!The cycling tour gives you far beyond your imagination of Xiamen.  Riding along Huandao Road you will have a better sea view.

After the scheduled sightseeing during daytime, you will appreciate the lovely night scenery and participate in the colorful nightlife activities in Xiamen. The colored and sparkling lights decorated on the tall buildings especially along the Zhongshan Road makes Xiamen more vigorous and lively at night. After our driver send us to Zhongshan Road, you will be free to explore the local snacks in this food street and enjoy your nightlife there. Please dont drink too much and back to hotel before 23:00pm.

Day 3: Xiamen-Yunshuiyao Ancient Village-Heguilou Tulou-Huaiyuanlou Tulou, Overnight in Nanjing Country.

Transfer: By Local Traveling bus, From Xiamen to Yunshuiyao Village, 150km, 2.5h on the way

Meals: Breakfast、Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Overnight in Nanjing Village.

Please Note: Please dont drink too much water during the bus traveling, only one stop at the high way service area.

On this day, get up around 7:30am and check out of the hotel after breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel 7:40am. And you’ll leave Xiamen for Fujian Tulou in Nanjing County (2.5-3 hours’ scenic drive). After arriving in Nanjing, you’ll go to visit  Heguilou and Yunshuiyao Village, and Huaiyuanlou.

Yunshuiyao Village: This beautiful ancient village is named after the Changjiao Brook that connects Heguilou and Huaiyuanlou. Along the banks of the brook are ancient banyan trees, ancient building and patches of farm land. A walk through the village will bring you back in time to Chinese traditional rural life. This village has been a popular place for film making. The famous film named The Knot (Yun Shui Yao) was shot here.

Fujian Tulou: dates back to one thousand years. Tulou, aka Earth Towers of the Hakkas, are the special fort-like buildings built by the Hakkas. Tulou in Fujian Province is the most famous and best preserved site, and was widely spread in the area and was listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO as early as 2008.

The formation of the Fujian Tulou exemplifies the wisdom and creativeness of the ancestoral Hakkas settlers. It closes the gap between Chinese architectural history and world architectural history and is regarded as a miraculous wonder by thousands of experts, scholars and tourists who have been enchanted by its beauty. Over 3,000 Tulou buildings can be found in Fujian, mainly in Yongding, Nanjing and Hua’an Counties. 

Day 4: Nanjin Country-Yongding Country-Gaobei Tulou-Chengqilou-Shizhelou-Wuyunlou-Jimei Study Village, Overnight in Xiamen City

Transfer: By Local Traveling Bus, From Yongding Country to Xiamen, 180km, 3h on the way

Meals: Breakfast、Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Overnight in Xiamen City.

Please Note: Please dont drink too much water during the bus traveling, only one stop at the high way service area.

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel. Today, you’ll head to Yongding County to visit Gaobei Tulou Cluster: Chengqilou-Shizhelou-Wuyunlou.

Yongding County attracts plenty of visitors from home and abroad annually. In the area, Gaobei Tulou Cluster is one of the most well-known. It features dozens of Hakka earth towers such as Chengqi Tulou, Wuyun Tulou, Qiaofu Tulou and Shize Tulou.

Chengqi Tulou, a famous Yongding hakka Tulou, known as ‘King of Round Tulou’, is one of the most famous ones. Built by the Jiang family, the construction of Chengqi Tulou took over 50 years. The building is a three-ring round one with an ancestral hall at the center. The outer ring has four floors with 72 rooms on each floor, the second ring has two floors with 40 rooms on each floor and the inner one has one floor with 32 rooms. A precious wooden folding screen made of Phoebe zhennan and inscribed with pictures made in 1754 during Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911AD) is housed inside.

After Lunch, we will leave Yongding Country to Xianmen City and Visit Jimei Study Village which is another Xiamen landmark. It is opposite to Xiamen Island and is at the foot of Tianma Mountain facing the sea on three sides. Jimei is the hometown of Mr. Tan Kah Kee (Chen Jiageng) , a renowned educator and leader of overseas Chinese. Nowadays, Jimei is one of the four most popular tourist sites of Xiamen City, especially for its academic atmosphere as well as pretty natural and social sights.

The most remarkable feature is without doubt the Jimei Study Village founded by Mr. Tan Kah Kee in 1913. It is the only one in China. The buildings of Jimei Study Village are a combination of eastern and western styles, facing the beautiful seashore, and they are attractive places for visitors. Recently, Jimei Study Village has been selected as a protected cultural relic of the nation together with another spot in Jimei, Ao Yuan.

Day 5: Xiamen-Gulangyu Island-Beijing; take the train back to Beijing at 17:25; Overnight in the train.

Transfer: By Berth Train, From Xiamen-Beijing, 2019km, 5h on the way

Meals: None meals

Accommodation: Overnight in the train by sleeping bed ticket.

Please Note: There are some senic spots on Gulangyu island which need entrance tickets fee, they are around 10-50RMB. We will leave free time for you to explore this island and you can choose which to visit.

After Breakfast and check out the hotel, you will be transferred to the ferry for a boat trip to Gulangyu Island from Xiamen City. This scenic area is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics, and its varied architecture. The island is on China's list of National Scenic Spots and also ranks at the top of the list of the ten most-scenic areas in Fujian Province. In July 2017, it was listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

Besides the island's historic significance as an international port, Gulangyu is a great place to escape from city traffic and highrise, though Xiamen has consistently been voted as one of the most livable cities in China, and Gulangyu Island has been recognized as one of Fujian Province's most scenic places.

Here are some of the attractions that make the islet so popular with natives and international visitors, as well as some important information for making one's island adventure enjoyable.

  • Features: a vehicle-free zone, China National Tourism Administration AAAAA Scenic Area

  • Popular activities: beach water sports, shopping, visiting museums, and viewing dazzling ocean inspired sunrises

  • Must sees: Piano Museum, Shuzhuang Garden, Huaijiu Gulangyu Museum, and Sunlight Rock Scenic Area

  • Suited to: young families, couples and anyone who needs a break from city life and can get around well on foot

You can start to visit Sunlight Rock, the highest point of Gulangyu, to have a panoramic view of both Gulangyu and Xiamen. Also visit to Shuzhuang Garden, a beautiful seaside garden and the famous Piano Museum with a collection of 80-fold rare old pianos from all over the world.

After we go back from Gulangyu island, your guide and driver will escort you the railway station to catch the train to your next destination. Service ends!

Day 6: Arrive at Beijing around 12:06pm (at noon)

Additional Information:

  • Please be advised that there will be approximately 10-45 travelers per group

  • The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to change due to the weather and traffic conditions

  • Please inform us of any dietary restrictions and allergies if you booked our tour. Please remember to bring any medication that you need with you

  • Pregnant women, guests with heart attacks, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, severe colds, and those who are not suitable for outdoor hiking are advised to carefully decide whether or not to travel according to their own conditions or doctor's advice

  • We will contact you between 8:00pm-10:00pm a day before you travel to reconfirm the pick up time and place. Please keep your contact lines or channels available. If you have not received any confirmation after 10:00pm, please contact customer service.

  • In case of severe inclement weather or other environmental problems beyond control that causes the tour to be unable to proceed, participants can opt for a reschedule.

Things to bring

  • Passport/ID card.

  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes, and a spare pair of shoes to change into at the end of the day. 

  • Bring a few changes of clothes, including something warm for night time.

  • It's highly recommended you bring a waterproof outer layer and rain jacket.

  • Bring a book or pack of cards in case you get bored during the driving between the villages. (We don't think you'll get bored!)

  • Bring you camera and chargers for all your electronics.

  • Bring a backpack to hold water and food for the hiking. Bring a duffle bag or suitcase for the rest of your things – we can leave that at the hotel or on the bus.

  • Meals, water and snacks arenot all provided; bring extra snacks if you like!

  • Bring personal toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc) and small towel.

  • Bring any personal medicine you might need. Your guide will have a basic first aid kit.