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May.24th-26th Inner Mongolia | Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour


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Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

Derset Camel Riding/Grassland Horse Riding

(CETtrip to inner mongolia 2018-06)

Highlights of this Tour

Taking side trip to Grassland from Beijing, you'll enjoy beautiful natural scenery, engage in featured activities, live in traditional Mongolian yurt, watch sunrise over the grassland. Trying some featured desert activities like sand exploration, camel riding, sand sliding, glider flying, motor racing etc.

  • Grassland Horse Riding: Take an optional horseback riding to visit a herdsman’s family and Aobao Hill, and Taste some local favorites such as mutton and other traditional cuisines.

  • Derset Camel Riding: Kubuqi Desert is featured by its amazing desert landscape and the whispering sand dunes. Try some featured desert activities like sand exploration, camel riding, sand sliding, glider flying, motor racing etc.

  • Inner Mongolia Museum: It is indeed a large and great museum which fully shows you the Mongolia history and culture. It is a window to see and know Inner Mongolia deeply.

All will be memorable experience for YOU!

Trip Overview

What attracts you most in Inner Mongolia? The endless blue sky, vast grasslands, nomadic tradition of ethnic Mongols, Naadam Festival in summer, legend of Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire, Inner Mongolian specialty cuisine... or just because it’s a dreamland?

  • Day1: Beijing-Xilamuren Grassland-Horse Riding-. Live in the yurt on the grassland.

  • Day2: Xilamuren Grassland to Kubuqi Desert. Live in Hohhot City

  • Day3: Hohhot City-Inner Mongolia Museum-Beijing.

Life is a journey. Let’s ignite the torches in our dream and travel through Inner Mongolia with myth, legend, grasslands and deserts!

(CETtrip to inner mongolia 2018-06)

Basic Tour Information

Activity place: Inner Mongolia, China

Activity date: Private Tour provided if you want to go with your family or friends!

  • 7th trip: May.17th-19th Confirmed

  • 8th trip: May.24th-26th Confirmed

  • 9th trip: May.31th-Jun.2nd

  • 10th trip: Jun.7th-9th Dragon Boat Festival

  • 11th trip: Jun.14th-16th

  • 12th trip: Jun.21th-23th

  • 13th trip: Jun.28th-30th

  • 14th trip: July.5th-7th  

  • 15th trip: July.19th-21th

  • 16th trip: Aug.2nd-4th

  • 17th trip: Aug.16th-18th

  • 18th trip: Aug.30th-Sep.1st

  • 19th trip: Sep.6th-8th

  • 20th trip:Sep.13th-15th Mid-Autumn Festival

    21th trip:Sep.20th-22th

  • 22th trip:Sep.27th-29th

  • 23th trip:Sep.30th-Oct.2nd National Holiday

  • 24th trip: Oct.1st-3rd National Holiday

  • 25th trip: Oct.2nd-4th National Holiday

  • 26th trip: Oct.3rd-5th National Holiday

  • 27th trip: Oct.4th-6th National Holiday

  • 28th trip: Oct.5th-7th National Holiday

  • 29th trip: Oct.11th-13th

  • 30th trip: Oct.18th-20th

  • For people who are not in Beijing, if you are interested in our trip as well, feel free to contact: Kevin 15510307193/18701009257Monica 18514204169.

Meeting point 1: Weigongcun subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:  04:20am

Leaving time:  04:25  

Meeting point 2:Huixinxijienankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time:  04:30am

Leaving time:  04:35am

Meeting point 3: South Gate of BLCU

Meeting time:  04:45am

Leaving time:  05:00am

Note: If you have more than 15ppl, we will pick you up at your spot.

Traffic tools: Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  Round Bus+Meals+Hotel+Entrance Tickets+Hose Riding+CET Party

  • Normal Price: 945RMB/pax, pay the depositfee 345RMB when you booked this trip

  • VIP Price: 895RMB/pax (How to join CETVIP?) pay the deposite fee 295RMB when you booked this trip.

  • Group Discount: 895RMB/pax if 3 or moret han 3 ppl booked together, pay the deposite fee 295RMB when you booked thistrip.

  • About the left fee: Pay the left fee 600RMBwhen you get on our bus.

Participants: Min 20, Max 45 (if less than 20 participants, this trip has to be cancelled)

Booking Hotline: Kevin15510307193/18701009257./Monica 18514204169. (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund or change to the other CETtrips within 3 days before this trip.

Book Your Tickets Online

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How to Rigister online

After you finish payment, add our coustmer service wechat to join in the wechat group

Statement about the Trip Fee

What is included in the cost?

  • Round Traveling Bus fee for 3 days betweenBeijing and Inner Mongolia

  • Meals: Day1:Lunch and Dinner on thegrassland; D2 Breakfast Lunch and Dinner; D3 Breakfast and Lunch. 2 Big Mealsin the City (One Hotpot Lunch and one traditional Chinese Dinner )

  • Hotel: One night Mongolian Yurts, One Night in Standard hotel in Hohhot City.

  • Culture exchange night party

  • Scenery tickets: all the senic spots

  • Horse-riding on the glassland (about 1.5hours for you to ride)

  • Kubuqi Desert Entrance ticket fee

  • Camel-riding in the desert

  • Shoes cover fee for the desert

  • Off-Road Vehicle fee

  • Desert surfing car

  • Desert cable car ( 34mins; Asia's longestropeway in the desert)

  • Sand-sliding

  • Zip-line:High altitude Slide

  • 3 days traveling ensurance fee

  • Beers for the bonfire party and free drinkwater for the whole trip

  • Guide’s service

What is not included in the cost?

  • Personal expenditures

  • Note: We want to have a positive effecteverywhere we go, we don’t take commissions or kickbacks, and we don’t take youon detours for shopping.

More than 85% travelers choose CETtrip to visit Inner Mongolia!

CETtrip to Inner Mongolia 2019-4-5

Statement about the arrangement

About the arrangement on the grassland
  • The first day lunch and dinner will be on the grassland, while we have meals, the local band will sing local mongoliar songs and dance for us, funny and deep cultural experience. the 2nd day we will have breakfast on the grassland.

  • After dinner we will have bonfire party, CET will provide free beers for you, and you can also enjoy the local band show during the bonfire party. 

  • Fireworks and firecrackers are available on the grassland, not expensive.

  • While we ride the horse, our local guide will guide us to visit the local mongolian,and they will welcome us to have dessert and mogolian tea in their yurt.

  • Two people share one yurt, our yurt have indepent washing room.(VIP Yurt are provided for CET Group)

  • Please Note: Before May or after Oct. it may be too cold to live in the yurt, so we will arrange our people live in the nearby hotel if it is too cold.

About the arrangement in the desert

  • the second day we will have lunch nearby the derset (10km around), after lunch we will visit the desert

  • our trip fee includes all of the programs which are prvided in the desert spot, which you need more than 3.5 hours to visit the desert.

  • Kubuqi Desert Entrance ticket fee

  • Camel-riding in the desert

  • Shoes cover fee for the desert

  • Off-Road Vehicle fee, local driver will take you to surfing in the desert.

  • Desert surfing car

  • Desert cable car ( 34mins; Asia's longest ropeway in the desert)

  • Sand-sliding

  • Zip-line:High altitude Slide

About the arrangement in hohhot city

  • 3 Star hotel in the hohhot city, 2 ppl share one room, wifi is provided.

  • the 2nd day dinner we will have buffet, the 3rd day breakfast we will have in the hotel, and the 3rd day lunch we will have it in the halal hotpot restaurant (chengdu hotpot). Everyone can have a big plate of mutton. 

  • Please Note: Inner Mongolia Museum is closed to visit on Monday, if the 3rd day of our trip date is on Monday, we will go to Dazhao Temple. The ticket fee is on your expense, which is not included in the trip fee, becasue the Museum is free.

Full Itinerary Day by Day

Day1: Beijing-Xilamuren Grassland-Horse Riding-. Live in the yurt on the grassland

Transfer: By Traveling bus, From Beijing to Grassland, 595km, 6.5hours on the way

Meals: Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Overnight on the Grassland, Sleeping in the Yurt. Mostly before May and after Oct, it will be too cold to live in the yurt, so we will arrange our people live in the nearby hotel.

Please Note: Dont forget to take your passport and prepare some snacks before you get on the bus,  please drink less water when you get in the bus, the bus will travel on the high way for more than 5 hours so it is difficult to stop and find the toilet whenever you need. 

Gather at our Meeting points, please dont be late, and then enjoy our traveling bus journey from Beijing to the Grassland(595 km away, about 7 hours’ driving). We will pass by Badaling Great Wall and Yinshan MountainsWall, after traveling 500 kilometers, if we didnt meet traffic jams we will arrive about 12:40, we will only have one stop about 9:30am during the travelling.

In Mongolian language, Xilamuren means “yellow water”, and some people would like to call it “Zhao River”. Xilamuren Grassland is teemed with green grass and fresh flowers every summer and autumn. Thanks to to the continual efforts made by the governments at all levels and companies concerned, the service quality is becoming better and better. As result, Xilamuren has been turned into one of the must visited pastures in Inner Mongolia. This grassland is about 90km away from Hohhot in the north. It is the closest grassland near Hohhot and is one of the most popular grassland for travelers from home and abroad relax on.

After we arrive at the Grassland, You’ll be warmly welcomed by local Mongolians who are colorfully dressed. They’ll present you a silver cup of wine; then our trip leader will arrange the yurt for you, two people share one yurt. and then we will go to have Lunch together, 10 people share one table. To be honest, the lunch is the normal tourist meal which may be not so good as you expected, but you can order some BBQ from their menu by yourself (not included).

After lunch we will take an horseback riding to visit a herdsman’s family and Aobao Hill,  You are arranged to go to the stud farm to select the horse for your horseback riding which usually takes about 2 hours, herdsman’s family will welcome us to have dessert and mogolian tea in their yurt.

Appreciate the beautiful scenery of the grassland; taste some local favorites such as mutton and other traditional cuisines. Enjoy some traditional Mongolian activities like archery, horse racing, and Mongolian-style-wrestling performances.

After we finish horse riding, we can go back to our yurt and take a short rest and wait for dinner, 10 ppl share one table. The dinner is almost the same as Lunch, if you want Mongolia Palace Feast Meal as your dinner, we can arrange for you which is 180RMB/Pax on your own expense.

In the evening, take part in a bonfire party and enjoy traditional dancing and local songs presented by the local Mongolians. After one day’s travel, you will stay in a Mongolian yurt, two people share one yurt, our yurt have indepent washing room. Far away from the light pollution, you will have chance to see the stars shinning in the night sky. If the weather is not good, the Bonfire Party will be cancelled.

Good to Know: This place has a large temperature difference between day and night. In midsummer night, it’s cool like in autumn. Dont forget to take heavy coat.

Day2: Xilamuren Grassland to Kubuqi Desert. Live in Hohhot City

Transfer: By traveling bus. From Grassland to Kubuqi Desert, 189km, 3hours on the way

Meals: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Overnight in Hohhot City.

You will rise early in your yurt in order to catch the majestic sunrise over the grassland if you dont want to miss it, and you’ll be able to roam among the blue skies and the tranquil and untouched flowers of the plains.

After breakfast, we’ll drive to the Kubuqi desert. On the way, you will cross the bridge of Yellow River. Get on the Ordos Plateau and you can appreciate the great scene of plateau and canyon. It is 350km away from Grassland to the Desert, it will take us 3-4 hours.

Upon arrival, we will have lunch firstly nearby Kubuqi Desert, traditiona Chinese lunch, vegitable and meat dishes are available. Around 13:00 we will go to the desert. enter the hinterland of the desert by cable car( 34mins ). Go Camel-riding on the sand and Sand Sliding、Zip-line、Off-Road Vehicle fee、Surfing Car. Or if you like hiking, you can hike a while in the desert guiding by our guide. We will leave 3.5 hours for us to have fun in the desert.

After we finish this program, we will have dinner nearby the desert or go back to Hohhot to have dinner. Today dinner is hotpot, vegetiable and meat provided.

From the desert to Hohot is around 180km, it will take us 2 hours to arrvie the city, and check in hotel.

Day3: Hohhot City-Inner Mongolia Museum-Beijing

Transfer: By Traveling bus, From Hohhot City to Beijing, 519km, 6h and 41mins on the way

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Accommodation: Overnight in the Train, Sleeping bed ticket.

Please Note: Inner Mongolia Museum is closed to visit on Monday, if the 3rd day of our trip date is on Monday, we will go to Dazhao Temple. The ticket fee is on your expense, which is not included in the trip fee.

After breakfast, we will visit Inner Mongolia Museum which is a local comprehensive museum, boasting a good selection of Mongolia items and a historical lineage of this vast grassland. There are more than 100,000 sets of collections in the museum. Exhibitions of the flora and fauna and history of (Inner) Mongolia from the stone age until modern times, as well as on minerals and mining, space exploration, and dinosaurs. For the uniqueness of Inner Mongolia, the museum has a “grassland culture exhibition series” with the theme of “prairie culture” represented in both of the basic displays and thematic displays.

Inner Mongolia Museum is indeed a large and great museum which fully shows you the Mongolia history and culture. It is a window to see and know Inner Mongolia deeply.

After we finish visiting the museum, we will have lunch in hohhot city and then back to Beijing. If no traffic jams we can arrive around 8:00pm.

Additional Information:

  • Please be advised that there will be approximately 10-45 travelers per group

  • The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to change due to the weather and traffic conditions

  • Please inform us of any dietary restrictions and allergies if you booked our tour. Please remember to bring any medication that you need with you

  • Pregnant women, guests with heart attacks, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, severe colds, and those who are not suitable for outdoor hiking are advised to carefully decide whether or not to travel according to their own conditions or doctor's advice

  • We will contact you between 8:00pmt o10:00pm a day before you travel to reconfirm the pick up time and place. Pleasekeep your contact lines or channels available. If you have not received anyconfirmation after 10:00pm, please contact customer service.

  • In case of severe inclement weather or other environmental problems beyond control that causes the tour to be unable to proceed, participants can opt for a reschedule.

Things to bring

  • Passport/ID card.

  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes, and a spare pair of shoes to change into at the end of the day. 

  • Bring a few changes of clothes, including something warm for night time.

  • It's highly recommended you bring a waterproof outer layer and rain jacket.

  • Bring a book or pack of cards in case you get bored during the driving between the villages. (We don't think you'll get bored!)

  • Bring you camera and chargers for all your electronics.

  • Bring a backpack to hold water and food for the hiking. Bring a duffle bag or suitcase for the rest of your things – we can leave that at the hotel or on the bus.

  • Meals, water and snacks arenot all provided; bring extra snacks if you like!

  • Bring personal toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc) and small towel.

  • Bring any personal medicine you might need. Your guide will have a basic first aid kit.

CET Inner Mongolia Tour

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