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33 Much Anticipated Mega Mall Openings in 2018

2018-01-11 ShanghaiWOWeng ShanghaiWOWeng

From the 80,000㎡ SML Center, to the 140,000㎡ Longhu Baoshan Tian Street and 240,000㎡ Shanghai Aegan Mall and Park, 2017 was another unreal year for the mall industry in Shanghai. And if you thought 2018 would be slower, think again. Here are 33 shopping mall projects currently underway, 18 of them spanning over 100,000㎡!

Expect a 100,000㎡ food heaven, a 30 year old American fashion landmark, a 450,000㎡ super mall, and a whole lot more. 

1. Qingpu Wanda Mao Mall

Competitor of Shanghai Disneyland

At an astounding 450,000 ㎡, the mall will provide an interactive experience to shoppers, and will be possibly the only competitor to Shanghai Disneyland. 

Mall incorporates Theme Parks and Hi-Tech Cinema Parks

The 5000㎡ indoor playground will include a wax museum, a music room gallery, flying cars, an art gallery, magic performances, Dr Strange Labs and more entertainment and interactive media options. 

The hi-tech cinema park will feature many 3D movie sets, and visitors will have a chance to interact and play with film characters in a 360° film experience.

Address: 851 Dian Shan Hu Da Dao

Size: 450,000 ㎡

Expected opening: 2018

2. Xu Jia Hui ITC Mall

280,000㎡ world class shopping mall

ITC mall is the newest attraction from Sun Hung Kai Properties, with a total area of 706,000㎡, of which the mall itself spans 279,000 ㎡.

The overall architecture and design is undertaken by Lead 8 and the mall will feature world-class luxury brand flagship stores, entertainment and dining options, as well as a green rest area. 

Mall’s Current State

Address: Yi Shan Lu, Guangyuan Xi Lu

Size: 279,000 ㎡

Expected opening: 2018

3. Love @ The City

Up to 100,000 ㎡ worth of dining and beverage options

A 220,000㎡ project, the mall will have various themed regions including food, shopping, beauty, recreation, learning and more. 

Apart from well known brands and performance venues, the mall has a 100,000㎡ dining space, which includes international cuisine and entertainment options for everyone! A food lover’s paradise indeed!

Address: 1518 Cao Yang Lu

Size: Total of 220,000 ㎡ with 100,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected opening: Second half of 2018

4. Jing An Darong Mall

Catering for up to 800,000 people 

Jing An Darong mall is a centralized shopping mall, featuring long shopping corridors and modern design style. 

There is a total of 5 buildings, totaling 190,000㎡, with each block having a ‘modern lifestyle,’ ‘sporty,’ ‘exquisite,’ ‘beauty’ or ‘education’ theme. 


The mall can easily cater to 800,000 individuals and will sell modern fashion, jewelry, make-up, popular cuisine, household items, and have an enormous theatre. 

Address: 155 Gao PIng Lu

Size: 190,000 ㎡

Expected opening: May 2018

5. Bai Lian Shopping Mall

First ever shopping mall incorporated with entertainment on Chong Ming Island

The first ever shopping mall with entertainment in Chong Ming island, the mall spans 236,000 ㎡ of land with 185,600 ㎡ dedicated to the commercial district. 

With an investment of RMB 2 billion, the mall will feature mainstream brands, a movie theatre, food and beverages options, education centers, fitness centers and more. 

Address: 2377 Cui Zhu Lu, Chengqiaozhen, Chong Ming Island

Size: Total of 236,000 ㎡ with 185,600 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: End of 2018

6. Da Ning Jiuguang Mall

Second Jiuguang Mall in Shanghai

The second Jiuguang Mall in the city, spanning up to 348,000 ㎡, the space will have a 180,000㎡ mall and 80,000㎡ parking lot, and is set to be one of Da Ning Commercial Circle’s largest malls. 

Providing a new shopping experience, major features include shopping, rooftop garden, commercial services and a courtyard. 

Address: 411 Da Ning Lu 

Size: Total of 348,000 ㎡ with 180,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: March 2018

7. Ikea LIVAT Department Store

RMB 7 billion World’s Largest Ikea LIVAT

Costing over RMB 7 billion, this new Ikea LIVAT will outshine even Beijing’s enormous Ikea LIVAT, and will become the world’s largest after completion. 

There will be over 300 shops held in this department store. It will feature the latest international and national designs, entertainment, gadgets, a movie theatre and more.

Address: Hong Qiao Attack Economic Park

Size: 150,000 ㎡ 

Expected Opening: 2018

8. Dong Du Wa City

Large natural shopping space

Incorporating an Asian holiday and vintage European style, the mall will have a 600m long shopping street, and will incorporate jungle waterfalls and other natural elements in its interior design. 

Currently, STCC, Hot Springs Paradise and SFC Cinema has officially signed a lease here, and will work in tandem with Japanese robot hotel to provide a great shopping experience for all. 

Address: 6088 Jiasong Zhong Lu

Size: Total of 450,000 ㎡ with 150,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: 2018


9. Yuanzu Dream World

Home to the world’s largest children’s park


A children themed mall, the mall will offer educational and fun options, selling child-related products and family friendly entertainment and dining options over their 16 themed zones, perfect for a weekend family visit. 

Designed by Tadao Ando, the dreamy children wonderland is split into the dreamy heaven, dream mountains and dream home zone, and will have the world’s largest KidZania playground. 

Apart from the 700㎡ professional experiential center, the children performance hall will be able to hold up to 300 people, and the mall has a 5000㎡outdoor training center and pet farm, organic farm and more. 

Address: 6088 Jiasong Zhong Lu

Size: 150,000 ㎡ 

Expected Opening: 2018

10. Zhong Geng . Roaming City

A pop culture heaven


Incorporating the best of Asian and America animation, the mall will be a pop culture paradise as it infuses culture, animation, technology, fashion, entertainment and more all in one place. 

The mall itself will have a media tower, gym and cherry blossom street and can be split into different floors - POP, Fashion, Family, Comic, Sense and Everyday floor. 

Address: Minhong Lu, Wanyuan Lu

Size: Total of 510,000 ㎡ with 150,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: May 2018

11. CITIC Limited Wanda Plaza

Collaboration between Wanda and CITIC Limited


A collaboration between Wanda and CITIC Limited, the entire mall will span over 150,000㎡ and is targeted at families, providing dining, fashion, education and entertainment options. 

Currently, the mall is set to have amenities like the ice skating rink, IMAX theater and KTV.

Address: 447 Shengxin Lu

Size: 150,000㎡ 

Expected Opening: 1 October 2018

12. L+ Mall

Shanghai’s first Starch store

In 2018, there will be a new mall in the CBD which has Paragon Cinema, Ole and Paris’ Starch first store in Shanghai.

With popular brands and cuisines, enjoy artworks done by international artists, or snap up a few insta-worthy pictures here. 


Address: 889 Pudong Nan Lu

Size: Total of 470,000 ㎡ with 140,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: December 2018

13. Shanghai Dream Center

China’s largest cultural project

Shanghai Dream Center is one of the largest investment projects, combining environmentally friendly ideals, international performances, shopping and creativity, making it a landmark of Binjiang.

Spanning 460,000㎡, the mall is separated into 7 districts, and will have China’s first ever Broadway themed center and Lan Kwai Fong section.

IMAX Movie Theatre

Lan Kwai Fong


Address: 2255 - 9 Longteng Da Dao

Size: Total of 460,000 ㎡ with 140,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: Second half of 2018

14. Century Hui Tower

Housing the largest indoor courtyard

Auctioned at RMB 20 billion, the Century Hui Tower spans over 360,000㎡ and consists of a 140,000㎡ mall. 

It will also hold Shanghai’s largest indoor courtyard, at 3,000㎡. The park on the fifth floor as well as delicious dining places, creative spaces and 1,500 ㎡ multipurpose hall aim to provide a trendy shopping experience for all. 

Address: 179 Weifang Lu

Size: Total of 360,000 ㎡ with 140,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: 2018

15. Zhi Hui Xu Hui Mall

Shanghai’s Most Beautiful Supermarket


The mall will consist of a 800㎡, dream walk, convenience shop, bar street, underground shops, park view, city collectibles, natural views and more.

It will also house the Paragon Cinema, which spans 6,500㎡, and has the largest IMAX hall. The mall is also said to be building the most beautiful supermarket in the country.

Address: 188 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Size: Total of 350,000 ㎡ with 130,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: May 2018

16. Shanghai Beachfront Taikoo Li

Spanning larger than Xingye Taikoo Hui

The beachfront Taikoo Li will incorporate the design elements along the streets where Chengdu Taikoo Li intersect, with a modern fall. 

Consisting of three basement floors and seven additional floors, the entire mall will spend 124,000㎡ and is set to be Shanghai’s next shopping landmark.

Address: Dong Yu Lu, Yangsi Xi Lu

Size: Total of 210,000 ㎡ with 124,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: End of 2018 


17. Fudi Vanke Huolicheng Mall

Benchmark project for “Huolicheng” products

Incorporating both shopping and park features, expect water, housing and green park features in its interior design. 

The mall will have six major themes - waterfront, pet, child, waterfront restaurant, Japanese and Korean zones, and house CGV Cinema, Metro mart and Will’s Gym. 

Address: No. 2419 Hunan Lu 

Size: Total of 240,000 ㎡ with 100,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: End of 2018 

18. Jia Cheng Plaza

36,000 ㎡ Playground Themed Mall

Made of two buildings, a fashion shopping center and Shanghai’s largest playground, connected by a fully transparent walkway, Jia Cheng Plaza is estimated to total up to 100,000 ㎡. 

The playground will span over 36,000 ㎡ and consist of various sea, castle, jungle and park elements. 

Address: 1518 Chang Zhong Lu

Size: Total of 220,000 ㎡ with 100,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: 2018 

19. LuOne Mall

First real shopping mall in old Luwan

Famous architect, Moshe Safdie, first local commercial project, Safdie intends to turn the mall into an urban oasis, with a ceiling window, 10m water wall and more. 

The mall will by Luwan’s first real shopping mall, the place will house various top-notch fashion brands and quality dining options, and host art and lifestyle events. 

Address: Xujiahui Lu, Madang Lu

Size: Total of 139,000 ㎡ with 90,000 ㎡ commercial district

Expected Opening: Beginning of 2018 

20. Hai Shang Ying Xiang. Xi Yun Building

A century old republican-style street

As Jia Ding’s first republican commercial street, the west region spans 1.2 km and over 100,000 ㎡, housing Du Yuesheng, Zhang Xiaolin and Wan Molin private housing district. 

Centered on Xi Yun river, with five bridges intersecting each other, the architecture incorporates both art and Shikumen style, reflecting 20s and 30s old Shanghai. 

The upcoming place will have a bar street, art and parent-child center, wedding clubs, duty-free shops, and even Michelin-star restaurants. 

Address: 220 Hongde Lu

Size: Total of 100,000 ㎡

Expected Opening: 2018 

21. Jing’an International Mall

Waterfront fashion fiesta

A luxurious commercial mall, Jing’an International Mall is large-scale mall provides shopping, recreational, dining, entertainment, hotel and accommodation options.

The commercial zone will house various local and international brands, incorporating art, culture, nature and shopping all into one. 

Address: 89 Yu Tong Lu 

Size: Total of 300,000 ㎡ with 76,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: Fourth quarter of 2018


22. Zhou Pu Yong Le Mall

Upcoming mall looking to overtake Zhou Pu Wanda Plaza

While it is not opened yet, the mall is expected to be bigger and better than Zhou Pu Wanda Plaza. 

With many leading entertainment and shopping options, do lookout for the new mall opening in May 2018. 

Address: 6713 Shang Nan Lu

Size: Total of 100,000 ㎡ with 76,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: May 2018

23. White Magnolia Square

Puxi’s first skyscraper landmark

Totaling 420,000 ㎡, the White Magnolia Square will be Puxi’s first skyscraper landmark and will be seen alongside Shanghai W Hotel, the Bund and Lujiazui cityscape.

The mall will have over 70,000 ㎡ dedicated for commercial purposes, and is expected to launch in the second half of 2018. 

Address: 555 Dong Da Ming Lu

Size: Total of 420,000 ㎡ with 70,900 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: Second half of 2018

24. Shanghai Tian Ge Xing Center 

Zhangjiang new financial hub and the first large-scale mall

With over 70,000 ㎡ dedicated to a shopping mall, the mall is a 20-minute drive from Shanghai Disneyland. 

Address: Chuan Sha Lu, Jin Xiu Dong Lu

Size: Total of 100,000 ㎡ with 70,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: 2018

25. Xcity 

Shopping center surrounded by nature

A high-end shopping center, Xcity hopes to become an integrated dining, shopping, recreational and entertainment hub for shoppers. 

Using green technology, the mall will incorporate a nature and park design concept, embracing nature into its commercial hub. 

Address: Yunhe Bei Lu, Huancheng Dong Lu, Fengxian District

Size: Total of 80,000 ㎡ with 67,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: May 2018

26. Xintian 360 Mall (Kang Qiao)

Dapu Dong Family Lifestyle and Shopping Mall

Located within Dapu Dong district, it will be the district’s first family and lifestyle hub, integrating lifestyle, entertainment, creative and nature options.

Address: 668 Xiu Pu Lu

Size: 62,000 ㎡

Expected Opening: December 2018

27. Shanghai Xingguangyao Square

Unique and dedicated female shopping floor

Under Fuxing Group, the mall is a one-stop family lifestyle hub with places like Bravo, CMC Cinema, Wills Gym, Waixingren Art Youle Theme Pavillion, Macross Arcade, Rooftop Football Themed Park and a dedicated female shopping floor. 

Address: No. 199 Chaozhou Lu 

Size: Total of 296,000 ㎡ with 58,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: June 2018

28. Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center

A world jewelry exhibition that never closes

Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center is a multi-service hub, with services like global Jewelry purchase, retail, research and development, appraisal, evaluation, pricing and financial services. 

The center will include seven major features - an art exhibition, Jewelry flagship store and headquarters, international Jewelry museum, Jewelry talent incubator hub, cultural and heritage exhibitions, wedding photography venue and international food restaurants. 

Address: 16 He Jiong Lu 

Size: Total of 116,000 ㎡ with 50,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: 2018

Newly Renovated Malls

29. Shimao International Plaza

Branded flagship store cum fashion hub

Following a “theater” design concept, the Shimao International Plaza on Nanjing Dong Lu will become a fashionable industrial shopping district, providing shopping options for females, with discounts up to 90% off. 

The mall will house one of the best Nike flagship stores, M&M flagship store, themed Hello Kitty indoor museum and the Sisyphus bookstore. 

Address: 829 Nanjing Dong Lu 

Size: Total of 170,000 ㎡ with 43,000 ㎡ as a commercial district

Expected Opening: 30 September 2018

30. Columbia Park

International district turned fashionable lifestyle circle

In one of Shanghai’s cultural zone, the district houses the historical Sun Ke Villa and Columbia Country Club. 

Designed in the 20th Century for the pre-war American elite community, the park witnessed the bustling life of the expats in the colonial era, and the Size will be renovated into a 50,000 ㎡ international trendy district.

Address: 1262 Yan’an Xi Lu

Size: 48,000 ㎡

Expected Opening: 2018

31. Nanjing Xi Lu 818 Mall

818 Mall receives an upgraded look

Nestled within Nanjing Xi Lu, around Xingye Taikoo Hui and Shanghai Starbucks Roastery, and near Wujiang food street, 818 Mall will reopen this August 2018. 

Catering to white collared workers and fashionable families, the mall aims to provide an exquisite food and lifestyle experience for visitors. Current brands to expect include Dim Dim Sum and Ao Ba Nian Homemade Soup from Taiwan. 

Address: 818 Nanjing Xi Lu 

Size: 20,600 ㎡

Expected Opening: 18 August 2018

32. Bailian Quyang Mall

Shanghai’s first E-mart has a new face

Still remember the first E-mart in Shanghai in 1997 by Shinsegae? Well, it officially closed last October, and the new Bailian Mall will be overtaking it come 2018. 

Address: 800 Quyang Lu

Size: 20,000 ㎡

Expected Opening: 2018

33. Nan Fung Group

Huaihai Middle Road latest fashion landmark

Located in the bustling commercial district along Huaihai Middle Road, the mall calls many luxury brands its neighbors and hopes to become the latest fashion landmark in the Huaihai commercial area. 

Address: 188 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Size: 13,000 ㎡

Expected Opening: Fourth quarter of 2017

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