Happy New Year for 2020: Greetings from CCG

Dear Friends of CCG,

As the old year ends and the new year begins, we would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year for 2020 from the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) here in Beijing. 

2019 was another remarkable year for China and Globalization, with new challenges and opportunities as the existing international order and global economy undergo profound changes. We would like to take this chance to express our thanks for your continuing support and highlight some of our achievements over the past year, which saw CCG break new ground in research, policy advice and social impact. 

International events

CCG has been active in the international community this year, attending numerous international conferences and holding seminars, often as the only non-governmental Chinese think tank or institution present.

During the 55th Munich Security Conference (MSC), as the only non-governmental partner of the 2019 MSC from China, CCG held a luncheon meeting on the topic of "Belted? China, Europe, and the 16+1 Cooperation," becoming the first Chinese organization to hold an event at MSC.

CCG also held a sub-session during the second Paris Peace Forum this year titled “Brain Drain: Making Better Use of the World's Talent.”

As the only think tank in China who has been granted “Special Consultative Status” by the Economics and Social Council of United Nation (ECOSOC),CCG build up the international platform by co-hosting several forums.

On May 17, the second round of the Silk Spice Road Dialogues convened in Beijing at the UNDP China office with the UNDP, CCG and Himalayan Consensus as the co-hosts.

On April 14, CCG, PRC Ministry of Commerce China Association of International Economic Cooperation (CAIEC) and United Nations China (UN China), in partnership with the Academy of Contemporary China and the World Studies (ACCWS), jointly held the 5th Annual China and Globalization Forum. 

Throughout the year, CCG also continued to host a series of global events to facilitate policy formulation and exchange of ideas, including the Fifth Annual China and Globalization Forum, the Fourth Annual China Global Think Tank Forum, the Third Conference on Global Talent Mobility and International Migration ,the 14th Western Returned Scholars Association Beijing Forum & 2019 Chinese Returned Scholars Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, and the 2019 China Inbound-Outbound Forum.

Track II Diplomacy

2019 was the 40th anniversary of Sino-US Diplomatic Relations, but also a challenging year for Sino-US bilateral ties. CCG expert delegations went to the US to promote greater bilateral understanding in Washington and New York City, aiming to promote greater bilateral understanding, trust, and cultural exchange between China and the US. 

At the beginning of May, a CCG expert delegation visited several US think tanks and research institutions, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Chinese Embassy in the US, the US Chamber of Commerce and other institutions as part of Track II Diplomacy activities. CCG representatives also visited four UN agencies at the UN Headquarters in New York City, and held in-depth discussions with relevant officials on important international issues.

On 21 May and 22 May, CCG hosted the 3rd Sino-US economic and trade forum in Washington, had dialogue with experts in economic relations on topics such as Sino-US relations and trade tensions, and future cooperation between Chinese and US .

CCG President Wang Huiyao was interviewed on the podcast “Dollar & Sense”.

In early December 2019, a CCG delegation again visited the US, visiting the Brookings Institution, Cato Institute, and Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). At the Brookings Institution, CCG President Wang Huiyao was interviewed on the podcast “Dollar & Sense” with David Dollar. CCG also joined the event “China’s Power: Up for Debate (2019)” at the CSIS on December 4, as the only representative from China at the event.

To promote new academic and non-governmental exchanges and strengthen international cooperation, CCG organized a series of "CCG Roundtable Discussions" at its Beijing headquarters to share insights, featuring government officials, ambassadors, experts from thinks tanks, international institutions and scholars from different countries. Participants included Chee Hong Tat, Singaporean senior minister of State for Trade, Industry and Education; Simon Birmingham, Australian minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment; Mary Ng, Canada’s minister for Small Business and Export Promotion; Jonathan T. Fried, personal representative of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the G20; Pascal Lamy, former WTO director-general and president of Paris Peace Forum; Alan Wolff, deputy director-general of the WTO; Danny Alexander, vice president and corporate secretary at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard University; Graham Allison, former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Professor, as well as other experts.

Research and Publications:

  1. Produced more than 30 research projects and published 10 research reports in the core areas of global migration, China’s global talent acquisition, global trade and investment, and global politics and governance, such as CPTPP, New Opportunities for China in Future Free Trade, Prospects for China-US Trade: Seeking a rational resolution via the “Argentina Consensus”.

  2. Submitted 200 policy advisory reports on pressing issues and long-term trends with many of our recommendations gaining direct attention from the central leadership.

  3. 10 Chinese and English publications with top publishers at home and abroad such as Handbook on China & Globalization published by Edward Elgar, and China’s Domestic and International Migration Development published by Springer.

Policy Advocacy

  1. Made policy proposals and suggestions to the government and international institutions on global affairs and international trade issues to promote the global liberal order and free trade.

  2. CCG’s proposal to establish an international e-commerce alliance (“D50”) was selected again by the Paris Peace Forum 2019, a high-level international conference inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Awards and Recognition

  1. CCG once again entered the top 100 think tanks comprehensive rankings in the “2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index” released by the University of Pennsylvania Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP), becoming the only Chinese nongovernmental think tank to feature in the top 100 list for two consecutive years.

  2. Awarded “Most Influential Think Tank ” at the 4th China Education Think Tank Annual Conference & 1st Future Education Innovation Achievement Award Ceremony held by People's Daily Online.

  3. Awarded “ 2019 Best Think Tank Practice” in the 2019 China Think Tank Index published by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily.

  4. Became a member of the “ Belt and Road ” Think Tank Alliance continuously, and awarded “ 2019 Brand Event ” by “ Belt and Road ” Think Tank Alliance.

CCG has been blessed with tremendous support from various sectors of society. We would not have been able to achieve the milestones we are celebrating without your dedicated involvement. As we look to 2020, we will continue to put forward new ideas and dedicate ourselves to high-quality research. The coming new year is an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to an open and prosperous China. With deep gratitude, we wish you all the best and every success in the year to come!

Center for China and Globalization

December 31, 2019

CCG Books

● Published by Edward Elgar 

● Edited by Wang Huiyao, President and Miao Lu, Vice President, Center for China and Globalization(CCG), Beijing, China 

More Information

An excellent guide for understanding the trends, challenges and opportunities facing China through globalization, this Handbook answers the pertinent questions regarding the globalization process and China’s influence on the world.

With contributions from leading experts and international researchers, each chapter covers key topics regarding China’s participation in globalization, including: China’s new role in global economic governance; outward direct investment; China’s soft power and the implications for foreign relations; global migration, diaspora and talent. An enriching range of case studies and extensive empirical research are used to explore the successes and failures of globalization in China, and to discuss the dilemmas facing decision makers in today’s globalized world. A major contribution to the field, this Handbook offers valuable insights to China’s often misunderstood globalization process.

An essential reference for academics and researchers looking for a go-to empirical resource, this Handbook provides scholars of economics, politics and East Asian studies with an exemplary selection of contemporary research on China and globalization.

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● Published by Springer

● Authors: Wang Huiyao, President and Miao Lu, Vice President, Center for China and Globalization(CCG), Beijing, China 

The first effort to address the gap regarding higher-end talent within the scholarly work on internal labor migration in China

Provides an essential overview of the major milestones in China’s talents attraction policies, as well as several recommendations to help further improve those policies

Investigates corresponding policies in Germany, Japan, and Singapore to serve as a basis for comparison

Provides a snapshot of first-hand reference material for relevant stakeholders involved in cooperation with China

More Information

This book offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date assessment of China’s domestic and international migration. Restructuring economic development requires large numbers of educated and skilled talents, but this effort comes at a time when the size of China’s domestic workforce is shrinking. In response, both national and regional governments in China have been keen to encourage overseas Chinese talents and professionals to return to the country. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has initiated a number of policies to attract international highly-skilled talents and enhance the country’s competitiveness, and some Chinese policies have started attracting foreign talents, who are coming to the country to work, and even to stay. Since Chinese policies, mechanisms, and administration efforts to attract and retain skilled domestic or overseas talents are helping to reshape China’s economy and are significantly affecting the cooperation on migration and talent mobility, these aspects, in addition to being of scholarly and research interest, hold considerable commercial potential.

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