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Feb.23th | Gubei Water Town+Simatai Great Wall

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Gubei Water Town+Simatai Great Wall Day Trip

Highlights of this Tour

You'll be visiting two famous locations for cultural experiences around Beijing: Simatai Great Wall and Gubei Water Town, exploring their landscapes, and learning about their past and significance to Chinese culture. 

  • Absorb the spectacular views down over the lights of Gubei Water Town, an ancient canal village nestled in the shadows of the Great Wall

  • Marvel at the charming northern architecture of the carefully preserved buildings and watch street shows

  • Enjoy a visit to one of the most scenic sections of the Great Wall at Simatai, located about 120km north of Beijing

Composed of picturesque canals, bridges, courtyard houses, shops, and hotels, set mountains and the Simatai section of China's Great Wall, it is the ideal resort spotlight for families or couples who wish to enjoy a weekend getaway. 

Basic Trip Information

Activity place: Miyun district, Beijing

Activity date: 

  • 27th trip: Feb.23th

  • 28th trip: Mar.2nd

  • 29th trip: Mar.9th

  • 30th trip: Mar.16th

  • 31th trip: Mar.23th

  • 32th trip: Mar.30th

  • 33th trip: Apr.6th

Meeting point 1:Weigongcun subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 8:00am

Leaving time: 8:05 (no waiting)

Meeting point 2:South gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 8:25am

Leaving time: 8:30(no waiting)

Meeting point 3:Huixinxijie Nankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 8:50am

Leaving time: 9:00(no waiting)

Back Time: 20:30

Arriving Time:22:50 if no traffic jams

Traffic tools:Travelling Bus

Trip FeeRound Bus+Entrance Ticket of Gubei Water Town(150RMB)+CET Guide Fee

  • Normal price: 235RMB/pax Pay the deposite fee 135RMB when you book this trip

  • Discount price: 220RMB/pax if you share this post on your moment. Pay the deposite fee 120RMB when you book this trip

  • VIP Price: 215RMB/pax if you are our VIP.  Pay the deposit fee 115RMB when you book this trip

  • Note: The Rest trip fee 100RMB will collected on the bus by our trip leader.

Participants: Min 15, Max 50 (if less than 15 participants, this trip will be cancelled)

Booking Hotline:18515959564 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No changing to other CETtrips or refund within 24 hours of departure.

  • The trip fee includes bus fee and entrance ticket which is 150 RMB for whole day visiting (from 8:00am-23:00). There is no discount for students.

  •  Optional:This trip fee doesn’t include the entrance fee of Simatai Great Wall. The ticket fee for day-time Great wall is 40 RMB (Normal price) and 20 RMB (Student price with student book below master degree).

  • The cable car fee for day-time great wall is 90 RMB for one-way and 160 RMB for round-way.

  • The night-time Great wall ticket fee is 160 RMB including round-way cable car (because it is not safe to climb Great wall at night, taking round-way Great wall is a must)

  • Please take enough water and food, it is available inside as well.

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How to join our this trip wechat group after you booked?

  • If you pay by Alipay: after you finish the payment , then go back to wechat page, wait for a second, you will see our wechat group QR code.

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Trip Schedule

9:00 Leave from beijing to Gubei Water Town:

No stop during the ride, please drink less water on the bus, it is hard to find a toilet on the way, before you get on our bus, go to pee firstly.

12:40 Arrive Gubei Water Town:

Our bus will be parked at the parking lot, and we need to walk about 15mins to the gate.

You can go to the toilet when we arrive, there are two toilets provided on this senic spot, one is near the park lot and one is at the entrance gate, the one at the entance gate is recommended, becasue it is easy for us to gather together again.

Then have a group pic and during these time, our leader will go to buy tickets for us.

13:00-19:30 Visiting the Gubei Water Town and Simata Great Wall:

If you want to climb Simata Great Wall, you need to buy the ticket by yourself(40RMB for normal, and student book can get discount which is 30RMB),inform our trip leader before you get inside of the scenic spot so that our trip leader can tell you how to get on the Great Wall.

Visiting Water Great Wall until 18:30 and then get on our bus before 19:00

22:30 Arrive Beijing if no traffic jams

Note: In case of rain, traffic jam or any other unpredictable situations, CET reserves the rights to adjust the schedule.

Gubei Water Town Sightseeing & Leisure Area

Avoid Time Wasting Walking

The sightseeing and leisure travel area of Gubei Water Town basically consists of 6 areas including Old Barracks Area,  Minguo Street Area (Republic of China Street ),  Water Street Area, Wonglong  Fort Folk Cultural Area, Tanghe Ancient Castle Area, Old Garrison Town Area.

1. Minguo Street Area (Republic of China Street )

When you cross the stone bridge spanning over the Tanghe River, you will come cross an east – west street known as Minguo Street ( literally meaning “Republic of China Street”) which is designed to duplicate a street in the time of Republic of China. It seems to me walking on the Minguo Street reminds me of Qianmen Street south of Tiananmen Square. Minguo Street is an open street free of charge outside the paid area. You will see banks, posts, markets, drug stores, clinics, book stores and more on the street.

2. Water Street Area
The Water Street Area is the highlight of Gubei Water Town.  It  brings vividly to life the water towns in Jiangnan ( the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) represented by Wuzhen Water Town,  Zhouzhuang Water Town  and Tongli Water Town. It reproduces in the northern China  winding rivers, the waterfront houses, arch stone bridges, cobblestone and stone  slab paths,  old buildings and folk life.  On the Water Street Area, you will visit Simaxiaoshao Distillery and Yongshun Dyehouse and other attractions.

3. Wonglong  Fort Folk Cultural Area
Along the Tanghe River after the Water Street Area is Wolong Fort Folk Cultural Area. This area is focused on the presentation and preservation of the Chinese folk culture, especially the folk culture in the northern China. In this area you will appreciate the Chinese traditional houses, Yangwudi Temple, the village theater stage,  Yinghua Academy of Classical Learning and more.

4. Tanghe Ancient Castle Area
Built along the branch of Tanghe River the Tanghe Ancient Castle Area depicts the ancient fortress or castle life in Ming and Qing dynasties. In this area, you have the opportunity to experience the Eight Banner Guild and Zhenyuan Escort Agency.

5. Simatai Great Wall
The water town has a charming location with a massive backdrop of the world famous Simatai Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall is 5 km long with all together 28 watchtowers ( East 16 and West 12 ). Constructed by the Ming Dynasty general Qi Ji Guang, it is one of the few stretches of the Wall that still preserve the original look of that period. It not only features unique points from other Great Wall sections, but also shows some features found nowhere. To the west there 12 watchtowers snaking on the sloping hills. To the east there are 16 watchtowers atop peaks up to 1,000 meters high.

6. The Old Garrison Town
The Old Garrison Town Area is outside the Guebei Water Town proper.  It mainly refers to the old fortress or castle area built during the reign of Emperor Wanli in Ming Dynasty.The Old Garrison Town ( or popularly known as Simatai Castle)  was a small fortified city where the soldiers  and their family members stationed and lived at the foot of Simatai Great Wall in Ming Dynasty. They were responsible for guiding Simatai Great Wall and watching the movements on the top.

What you can do

Between the heavens and the earth, a place gathering Great Wall, silent water streams, splendid mountains, wonderful nightstarts view, delicious foods and amazing performances, is Gubei Watertown. Itis a place full of magic and Chinese cultures towards north side in northernChina, and also a place waiting for you to disclose its beauty from your own feeling.

One of the most amazing and magic music fountains in China

The music fountain is played by the top water-dance-show company in China and it isone of the most amazing music fountains in China. It uses the newly developed"virtual reality" water dance control system to completely match thewater dance movement with the music rhythm. Under the starry night sky, withthe melodious music and behind the splendid Great Wall, the Gubei music fountain presents magic insight rendering you feel the soft of water, the beautyof water, and the magic of water.


The most special Simatai Great wall

SimataiGreat wall is the only ancient Great Wall that preserves the originalappearance of the Ming Great Wall, which locates in the steep Yanshan Mountain.Professor Luo Zhewen praised Simatai Great Wall as the most special one inChina's Great Wall. In 2012, the “British Times” ranked Simatai Great Wall as“the one of the top 25 landscapes that should not be missed globally”.

Boating town 

The water embracing the Gubei town starts from the foot of the Great Wall, and thewater is fascinating with emerald green. The green trees and red leaves on bothsides of Gubei Watertown are in line. Under the sunshine of the autumn sun, thetree green and deep red are so much mixed that mirroring in the water. Thebeauty is so fascinating. People always say that if there is infiltration ofwater in one place, it comes with an aura, and this exactly describes GubeiWater Town.

Chinese traditional culture - Yongshun dyeing factory

The achievements and characteristics of printing and dyeing technology from theStone Age up to now are vividly displayed in the hands of the masters in Gubei Watertown.

Sima Chinese wine manufactory

It’s not just wine. You can also see the traditional wine making process, grain rawmaterials, etc. in the underground cellar, which is an eye-opener!

Shadow show

Shadow show, also known as the light shadow, is named after the characters carved bythe animal skin under the illumination of the light. It is one of the popularfolk songs in China.

Kite hall

Artificial hand-painted kites, in various shapes and rich colors, are a major feature.

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