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May.1st-4th Luoyang | 4-Day Longmen Grottoes+Shaolin Temple Tour


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Luoyang | 4-Day Longmen Grottoes+Shaolin Temple Tour

Luoyang was the capital city for the longest period, the most dynasties, and the earliest time compared with the other ancient capital cities. Luoyang lies in the Central Plain surrounded by mountains, which were natural barriers against invasions. Apart from its favorable geographical location, Luoyang had an agricultural advantage as several rivers flow through it. Therefore, 105 emperors of 13 dynasties set their capitals in Luoyang during China’s history.

Luoyang was the center of politics, economy, and culture in China for more than 1500 years. Since the Xia Dynasty, Luoyang had begun its history as a capital city. In the Western Han Dynasty, Luoyang was not chosen as the capital but the ruler still attached great importance to the city. 

In the Eastern Han Dynasty(25-220AD), Emperor Guangwu unified the country and set the capital in Luoyang. At that time, Luoyang became the largest industrial and commercial city. The Roman Empire (27-476AD) was the period of China's Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, Luoyang and Rome were the two capitals of the most powerful countries in the world.

In 493, the Northern Wei Dynasty(386-534AD) established Luoyang as its capital city. Construction of the Longmen Grottoes began. Later, the Longmen Grottoes became a world-famous site.

In the Sui Dynasty(581–618AD), Luoyang became the capital again. Emperor Yang ordered the construction of the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal was centered in Luoyang, north of Zhujun (now Beijing) and south of Yuhang (now Hangzhou). It became the main artery for traffic between the north and south at that time. Luoyang developed more prosperously.

The Tang Dynasty(618–907AD) was one of the strongest periods in Chinese history. In the early period, Luoyang was the economic and cultural center. In the middle and later periods, Luoyang became the political center. During the Tang Dynasty, Luoyang had always been the capital or auxiliary capital. It played an important role during that period.

Luoyang’s responsibility as the capital wasn’t removed until the Jin Dynasty(1115–1234). In this period, Luoyang acted as the capital intermittently. Nowadays, Luoyang is not a metropolis like Shanghai, but history has left its mark on Luoyang. 

There are a few very important historical sites including the Long men Grottoes, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and White Horse Temple, which was the first Buddhist temple in China. They offer an opportunity to learn about Luoyang’s past. When you venture into Luoyang, you become part of a strong historical atmosphere.

Highlights of this Tour

Boasting the world heritage site Longmen Grottoes and adjacent location to the famous Shaoling Temple, Luoyang is a popular destination in central China. The classic tour including all the essence of this ancient capital will give you a great chance to appreciate the splendid man-made wonders of ancient Chinese people and experience the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

  • Tour the Shaolin Temple and watch an authentic kung fu show by the monks

  • Marvel at the stunning carvings of the UNESCO-listed Longmen Grottoes, home to some of China’s richest stone art

  • View the caves and niches filled with thousands of Buddhist statues 

  • Explore the White Horse Temple, a sacred Buddhist complex from 68 AD 

  • Savor a traditional local snacks at Luoyang Ancient City

Discover the ancient capital- Luoyang on this 4 Days tour to the grandeur Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple and traditional White Horse Temple. 

Trip Overview

You must have heard of Chinese kungfu from TV series or movies. Maybe you first heard about China through kungfu! It is like a “name card” for China. Shaolin Temple is the best place to find out more about kungfu. When you come to Luoyang, you can meet the monks who practice the art, watch performances of martial arts and learn kungfu in Shaolin Temple.

  • Day1 Beijing-Luoyang, Take the train from Beijing to Luoyang, Overnight on the train

  • Day2 Longmen Grottoes-Luoyang Museum-Luoyang Ancient City, Overnight in Luoyang City

  • Day3 Luoyang-Shaolin Temple- White Horse Temple, Take the train back to Beijing Overnight on the train

  • Day4 Arrive Beijing around 6:00am

An authentic China tour experience is not only to see attractions but also to learn local culture and to participate in some local events. This 4 days classic Luoyang city tour takes you to explore the famous attractions on Shaolin Temple with an in-depth experience.

CETtrip to Luoyan 2018

Basic Tour Information

Activity Place: Luoyang City, Henan Province

Activity Date:  Private Tour provided if you want to go with your family or friends!

  • 13th Tour: Apr.19th-22th

  • 14th Tour: Apr.26th-29th

  • 15th Tour: May.3rd-6th Labour Holiday

  • 16th Tour: May.24th-27th

  • 17th Tour: Jun.6th-9th Dragon Boat Festival

  • 18th Tour: Jun.14th-17th

  • 19th Tour: Jun.21th-24th

  • 20th Tour: July.5th-8th

  • 21th Tour: July.19th-22th

  • 22th Tour: Aug.2nd-5th

  • 23th Tour: Aug.16th-19th

  • 24th Tour: Aug.30th-Sep.2nd

  • 25th Tour: Sep.13th-16th Mid-Autumn Festival

  • 26th Tour: Oct.1st-4th National Holiday

  • 27th Tour: Oct.2nd-5th National Holiday

  • 28th Tour: Oct.18th-21th

  • 29th Tour: Nov.1st-4th

  • 30th Tour: Nov.15th-18th

  • 31th Tour: Dec.6th-9th

  • 32th Tour: Dec.20th-23th

  • For people who are not in Beijing, if you are interested in our trip as well, feel free to contact us 15510307192.

Leaving Date: Day 1 leave at 22:06 and arrive at Luoyang around 7:44 on Day2

Arriving Date: Day 3 leave at 22:21 from Luoyang and will arrive at beijing around 06:08 on Day4

Meeting point: BeijingXi Train Station(北京西站),at the Flag Tower of Beijing Train Station (Find CET Green Flag)

Meeting time: 1.5 hours before the leaving time of your train tickets

Trip fee: Train tickets+Local Travelling Bus+Hotel+Meals+CET English Guide

  • Normal Price: 1085RMB/pax, pay the deposit 285RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Group Discount: 1055RMB/pax if 3 or more than 3 seats booked together, pay the deposite 255RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • VIP Price: 1055RMB  ( Buy CET VIP on our wechat offical Menu), pay the deposit fee 255RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Note: The left 800RMB trip fee will be collected when we start to buy the train tickets for you. The trip fee will be 120RMB more when the holiday comes!

Participants: If less than 8 participants, this trip will be cancelled

Travel Advisor:  Jane 15510307192  (English & Mandarin)

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CETtrip to Luoyan 2017

Statement about the Trip Fee

What is includes in the cost?

  • Round Train tickets for this trip, both are hard sleeping bed train tickets.

  • Accommodation: One night in 3-Star hotel

  • Meals during this trip: D1 Lunch, and D2 Breakfast Lunch.

  • CET Guide fee for the whole trip

  • 4 Days outdoor insurance

  • Local travelling bus with experienced driver

What is not included in the cost?

  • Additional personal consumption

  • Entrance ticket: Longmen Grottoes 90RMB(45RMB for students)

  • Entrance tickets: Shaolin Temple 80RMB (40RMB for students)

  • Entrance tickets: White Horse Temple 35RMB( 20RMB for student)

  • Please Note: We want to have a positive effect everywhere we go, we don’t take commissions or kickbacks, and we don’t take you on detours for shopping.

Statement about the Refund

  • If you cancel this trip more than 7 days before depature, we will fully refund but we will deduct the train ticket booking fee: 65RMB/ticket.

  • If you cancel this trip 3 days before depature, we will refund 50% deposit to you and we will deduct the train ticket booking fee: 65RMB/ticket.

  • If you cancel this trip within 3 days before depature, no refund.

Quick Weather Info: Luoyang has a temperate continental climate. Spring in Luoyang is warm while summer is hot and rainy. Autumn has the best weather but peak season prices apply, however, and it is more crowded. Winter is cold and sometimes it snows.

About the Local Food: Luoyang cuisine is characterized by its rich soups as people in Luoyang like drinking soup very much. You can see all kinds of soup restaurants throughout Luoyang. Most dishes there are cooked in soup.Other famous foods are its 24-course Water Banquet, carp dishes, tangmian jiao (steamed dumplings), and noodles in mung bean milk.

CETtrip to Luoyang 2018

Statement about the Train Ticket

  • CET will buy hard sleeping bed train tickets for you, once we get your tickets, we will inform you in our group or text you.

  • The train from Beijing to Luoyang is K1363 leaving at 22:06 and arrive at 07:44 on the next day

  • The train back to beijing is T232 leaving at 22:21 and arrive at Beijing 06:08 or K1364 leaving at 19:42 and will arrive at Beijing 05:34 on the next day on the next day.

  • We will try to arrange all of the participants in the same train firstly, but if there is no tickets available, we have to take different train, please be cooperative.

  • All the train tickets are sold randomly, so it is a little difficult to get the sequential tickets during holiday, hope you can understand and book the trip in advance.

The Cradle of Chinese Civilization

1.Luoyang was the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu. 

In 497 AD, the emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty ordered construction to commence of Shaolin Temple on Mount Song, which belonged to Luoyang in the past. Shaolin Kung Fu started developing. Although Shaolin Temple no longer belongs to Luoyang, one fact that cannot be denied is that the temple originated in Luoyang and Luoyang witnessed its glory throughout history.

2.Luoyang was the first eastern starting point of the Silk Road to Europe. 

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor Ming sent his envoy, Ban Chao, to the western regions to open up the long-neglected Silk Road. He extended the Silk Road to Europe for the first time, reaching the Roman Empire.

3.Chinese Buddhism spread from Luoyang. 

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor Ming sent ambassadors to the western regions to collect Buddhist sutras. Four years later, they came back with two eminent monks and lots of Buddhist sutras. Chinese Buddhism began spreading from Luoyang at that point.

4.Taoism originated in Luoyang. 

Laozi was the founder of Taoism, and Taoism was founded in the Eastern Han Dynasty based on his theory. Laozi had lived in Luoyang since he was a child. He researched his theory and left his writings, Tao Te Ching, in Luoyang.

5.Three of the four great Chinese inventions were created in Luoyang. 

Gunpowder, printing, and papermaking were all invented there. These inventions have had a significant influence on Chinese culture.

Rich World Heritages

1.The site of the Longmen Grottoes was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. 

About 2,300 grottoes and niches, more than 40 crematory urns, 25,000 inscribed stone tablets, and over 100,000 Buddhist images and statues are carved into the cliffs. Luoyang’s Longmen Grottoes are a treasure trove of art because of the Chinese stone inscriptions there. The site represents the highest achievement in art relating to sculptures, which is a real treasure in China in terms of religion, fine arts, architecture, and calligraphy. This alone makes it worth the trip.

2.The site of the ancient capital city of the Han and Wei dynasties is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It is the eastern end of the Silk Road heritage site. It was the capital of seven dynasties from the 1st to the 6th century in China and was the largest capital city in ancient China. Now, it is 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) east of today's Luoyang city. This was the eastern starting point of the Silk Road.

3.Two Grand Canal heritage sites are located in Luoyang. 

The Grand Canal was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. It is the oldest, largest, and longest canal in the world. It includes the Beijing–Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Grand Canal of the Sui and Tang dynasties, and East Zhejiang Canal. The Grand Canal of the Sui and Tang dynasties was centered in Luoyang. The two heritage sites in Luoyang are two barns.

Labor Holiday May.1st-3rd May.2nd-4th May.3rd-5th

 Inner Mongolia | 3 Days Grassland+Desert Exploration Tour

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Full Itinerary Day by Day

Day1 Beijing-Luoyang, Take the train from Beijing to Luoyang, Overnight on the train

Transfer: By train, berth train tickets.

Meals: None, prepare some snacks before you get on the train.

Accommodation: Overnight on the train.

Please Note: Dont forget to take your passport and student book to get on the train, Pic doesnt work at sometimes, Cold-proof clothing is needed as well.

Leaving from Beijing to Luoyang, Find our trip leader at the Flag Tower of BeijingXi Train Station (Find CET Green Flag)  to get your train ticket. and then get together to check inside and take the train. It will take 19 hours on the train. So remember to bring some food with you.

Transport ideas: Actually most of CETtrips are planed for foreign students, so in order to make our trips more affordable, most transports of our trips are by train. But in fact, there are many flights and high-speed trains available for this trip. So if you need, please feel free to consult our travel advisor.

Day2 Longmen Grottoes-Luoyang Museum-Luoyang Ancient City, Overnight in Luoyang City

Transfer: By local travelling bus

Meals: Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Overnight in Luoyang City, 3-Star Hotel

Please NoteToday's dinner is leave for you to explore the local snacks in Luoyang Ancient City!

Welcome to Luoyang! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our tour guide in the train station who is holding a sign on which CETtrip. A comfortable vehicle (non-smoking) with experienced driver will transfer you about 30km directly to discover one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world-Longmen Grottoes, about 20 minutes' driving from train station. 

Densely scattered along the cliffs on both banks of Yi River, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Longmen Grottoes contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties (316-907). You’ll appreciate the Chinese Buddhist art by visiting the major caves (Fengxian Temple, Guyang Cave, Three Bingyang Caves etc.) with notable displays of Buddhist sculptures and calligraphic inscriptions.

After visiting the Longmen Grottoes, let’s process to the next site - Luoyang Museum which is nicely designed, new, spacious and less crowded, with a good collection of Chinese artefacts dating from the Neolithic period onwards, such as historical relics, calligraphy, pottery, paintings etc. The best pieces are located in a room called "special treasures" where you find the Tang Tri-color Glazed Potteries and other bronze-copper pieces. 

Lastly, go to take a leisure walking on the old streets of Luoyang Ancient City to experience Luoyang's long history of being capitals for 13 ancient Chinese dynasties and colorfl culture. After the night walk in Luoyang Ancient City, our guide will help you check in the hotel and good sleep!

Day3 Luoyang-Shaolin Temple- White Horse Temple, Take the train back to Beijing Overnight on the train

Transfer: By train, berth train tickets.

Meals: Breakfast Lunch

Accommodation: Overnight on the train

After breakfast,  we will drive about 50km to the dream land for Kung Fu fans and Buddhist pilgrims - Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and the cradle of Kung Fu. You will visit the grandiose temples and halls, admire stone carving art, learn about Buddhism culture, observe the daily living and meditation of monks in the temple. 

Don't miss the famous Pagoda Forest, the existing largest pagoda forest in China. When an important monk passed away, their cremains or skeleton would be put into the underground palace, and a pagoda will be built on it. The pagoda's height, size and number of layers will be decided according to the monk's Buddhism knowledge, reputation and merits and virtues when during his lifetime. The pagodas here were built in different dynasties, including 2 Tang Dynasty pagodas, 2 Song Dynasty Pagodas, 10 Jin Dynasty pagodas, 46 Yuan Dynasty pagodas, 148 Ming Dynasty pagodas, etc. 

Then continue your visit to enjoy a magnificent free Kung Fu Performance in the Shaolin Wushu Hall, lasting for half hour each day. Shaolin Kungfu was first created by Bodhidharma to exercise his body when he faced the wall and meditated. After that, in Tang Dynasty, most monks in Shaolin Temple would practice Shaolin Kungfu, and this phenomenon reached to its peak in Ming Dynasty, and the Shaolin Kungfu was spread to the outer world after that. You can enter the performance hall 20 minutes in advance, so it's better to get ther early to get a good seat.

After a lunch of regional dishes,  then leave to White Horse Temple, about 80 minutes' driving from .Saholin Temple, stroll around the halls and pavilions of the White Horse Temple, considered the birthplace of Chinese Buddhism, as you learn its history. Established in AD 68 of Eastern Han dynasty, White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple in China with over 1900 years history. Since then, it spread the Buddhism throughout of China and regard as the cradle of Chinese Buddhism. 

The rest of the day is free for you until be escorted to catch the train to leave Luoyang, service ends.

Day4 Arrive Beijing around 6:00am

Additional Information:

  • Please be advised that there will be approximately 10-45 travelers per group

  • The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to change due to the weather conditions

  • Please inform us of any dietary restrictions and allergies if you booked our tour. Please remember to bring any medication that you need with you

  • Pregnant women, guests with heart attacks, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, severe colds, and those who are not suitable for outdoor hiking are advised to carefully decide whether or not to travel according to their own conditions or doctor's advice

  • We will contact you between 8:00pm-10:00pm a day before you travel to reconfirm the pick up time and place. Please keep your contact lines or channels available. If you have not received any confirmation after 10:00pm, please contact customer service.

  • In case of severe inclement weather or other environmental problems beyond control that causes the tour to be unable to proceed, participants can opt for a reschedule.

CET Past Trip to Luoyang

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