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Jan.20th 85RMB | Ice Hike on Frozen White River Canyon


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Ice Hike on Frozen White River Canyon

After an interesting drive through the mountains of Miyun, we’ll arrive at a small scenic area where we’ll begin the walk. The scenic area has a long track down a narrow gully that will bring us to the riverside.

We’ll be following the White River as it winds through a deep and wide canyon with numerous forks and steep rocky cliffs, making this an extremely picturesque hike that is easy to finish.

All up, there are around eight places the path crosses the river. In summer we need to take our shoes off to wade across, but in winter we’ll be able to walk across the thick ice.

At times, the trail leads us through trees, but for most of the walk we’ll follow the course of the river. It’s flat the whole way, and the only thing that might slow us down is slippery ice.

Sometimes, we cross over ice that has frozen clear, and we can see all the way down to the bottom of the river. It’s like walking on thick glass – a little unnerving, but very pretty!

Midway on the hike we’ll stop for a quick lunch in a nice spot with rocks and (hopefully!) a bit of sun.

From that spot we’ll walk on down the river, crossing a few more times on the way to the end.

After we’re done hiking we’ll unpack our picnic tables for snacks and drinks, and then we’ll head back to Beijing.

Hike statistics

Distance: 12km

Time to complete: 3–4 hours

Start height: 247m

Finish height: 208m

Location: Miyun

Drive time: 2 hours each way

Note: At this time of the year the river should be frozen thick, no problem to walk on. We’ll call our local contacts for an update in the week before the hike. If we get to a place where we can’t safely cross, we’ll stay safe and turn back.

Activity place: Miyun, Beijing

Activity date:

  • 1st Trip: Jan.20th

  • 2nd Trip: Jan.27th

Meeting point 1:Weigongcun subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 7:00am

Leaving time: 7:05 (no waiting)

Meeting point 2: South Gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 7:25pm

Leaving time: 7:30(no waiting)

Meeting point 3: Huixinxijie Nankou subway station, Exit B

Meeting time: 7:50pm

Leaving time: 7:55(no waiting)

Back time: 15:30

Arrive time: 17:00 if no traffic jams

Traffic tools:Travelling Bus

Trip FeeRound Traveling bus+CET English Guide+Insurance fee

  • Normal Price: 90RMB/pax

  • Group Discount: 85RMB if 3 or more than 3 seats booked together

  • VIP Price: 75RMB  ( Buy CET VIP on our wechat offical Menu )

Participants: Min 20, Max 50 (if less than 20 participants, this trip will be cancelled)

Travel Advisor: Jon 18514203469 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No changing to other CETtrips or refund within 24 hours of departure.

Please Note:

  • In fact baihe valley is not a scenic spot which needs to pay the entrance fee, but there are villagers nearby charging the entrance fees, generally it is 15RMB/person.

  • Please take your own lunch and enough water.

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Photos of Last Baihe Canyon Trip