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2019 Enshi | 4 Days Blue River and Green Mounts Highlight Tour

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Enshi | Enjoy Blue River and Green Mounts

Photos From CET Monica

The autonomous prefecture Enshi is located in the southwest of the central Chinese province Hubei. The whole prefecture is characterized by a mountainous landscape. It’s an area of immense natural beauty with soaring mountains, deep canyons, meandering rivers, and great waterfalls. The mountain village is a two and a half hour car ride from the bustling city.

The mountaintops are high above the skyline and the thousand-zhang waterfalls that tumble to the canyon floor below, feeding the underground rivers that flow through the Qungjiang River Valley of virgin forests and ancient villages. Enshi proudly displays the peaks and valleys of what is known today as China’s Grand Canyon.

Photos From CET Monica

Enshi has so many excellent sights. However, it's still unkown to the outside world for its special location. It's not as famous as Xi’an, Guilin, Dali or the Great Wall. After 6 times that CET has organized tours to Enshi from April 2018, we had adjusted our schedule to make it going to be more suitable to us, and also hadgiven up some place which has big fames but didnt have a good experience like Enshi Canyon senic spot. Because there are too much hikes and climbing up and downs 3 mounts in this senic spot, but the senery you can also view in the other canyons (Enshi has too many canyons, Enshi Canyon senic spot is just one of these canyons in this region). And also we add some places which is not so famouse but you can enjoy more like Wujiatai Tea Garden.

Photos From CET Monica

If you are nature lovers, you should not miss the spectacular scenery of Enshi with amazing Canyons and breathtaking rivers between the canyons. If you are photography enthusiasts, you can shoot many magnificent pictures at special locations. 

Photos From CET Monica

Highlights of this Tour

In this trip, you will explore 4 of the most charming places in Enshi: Visit Shiziguan Senic Spot to see the floating bridge; Visit Pingshan Canyon to enjoy the blue river and amazing canyons; Visit Wujiatai Tea Garden to have a look at China Tea Mount; Visit Suoyabu Stone Forest to witness the world’s first Ordovician stone forest...

  • Explorring the amazing natural ancient geological landscape museum in the vegetation coverage stone forest;

  • Witness the amazing floating bridge on the river which Vehicles can pass by and rise waves.

  • Excurse along the bule Lake and be marveled at its intriguing natural scenery  in Shiziguan 

  • Boat in the blue rivers of Pingshan Canyon and feel as though you are sailing on air.

  • Discover the green mounts and have a bird view of the Pingshan Canyon.

  • Experience the tea planting, producing, processing and sale in Wujiatai Tea Gorden if we are lucky.

  • Make a close contact to the ancient Tujia Palace in Tusi Town and know what is Diaojiaolou.

  • Have a night visit to China Tujia Daughter’s City and enjoys the reputation of being the “capital for blind date”

Here, you are in one of the most no pollution land in China, clean lakes and rivers, lots of green mountains,  Tujia culture and breathtaking scenery are waiting for you to explore.

Photos From CET Monica

Trip Overview

Enshi is in Hubei province, and it is a city bulit in the mounts, compared with Beijing and Shanghai, maybe we call it small town will be more correct. And it is also not a famous tourist destinations, most foreigners may not know it before CET organized tour groups there for foreigners (Actually CET is the first company who did foreigner tour there).... All in all, we just want to inform you that the road、the accommandations and the transports will not be so good as you expect, please be undstood.

  • Day1 Beijing-Enshi Leave from Beijing to Enshi around 18:00, Overnight on the train

  • Day2 Shiziguan Senic spot-Wujiatai Tea Gorden-Hefeng town, Overnight in Hefeng Town

  • Day3 Hefeng-Pingshan Canyon-Tujia Daughter’s City, Overnight in Enshi City.

  • Day4 Enshi City-Suobuya Stone Forest-Tushi Town, Take the train Back to Beijing Overnight on the train

  • Day5 Arrive Beijing around 10:00am

We arrange most visitors’ toprecommendation and every must-visit highlight to the point to ensure you getall the essential sightseeing, culture, and fun with nice rest time. Discoverthe area of immense natural beauty with soaring mountains, roaring waterfall, deep canyons, meandering and underground rivers.  Enjoy the Blue Water andGreen Mounts with us during this tour!

CETtrip to Enshi 2018

Basic Tour Information

Activity Place: Enshi City, Hubei Province

Activity Date:  Private Tour provided if you want to go with your family or friends!

  • 3th Tour: May.1st-5th Labour Holiday

  • 4th Tour: May.17th-21th

  • 5th Tour: Jun.6th-10th Dragon Boat Festival

  • 6th Tour: Jun.21th-25th

  • 7th Tour: July.12th-16th

  • 8th Tour: July.26th-30th

  • 9th Tour: Aug.9th-13th

  • 10th Tour: Aug.23th-27th

  • 11th Tour: Sep.6th-10th

  • 12th Tour: Sep.12th-16th Mid-Autumn Festival

  • 13th Tour: Oct.1st-5th National Holiday

  • 14th Tour: Oct.2nd-6th National Holiday

  • 15th Tour: Oct.18th-22th

  • 16th Tour: Nov.8th-12th

  • 17th Tour: Nov.22th-26th

  • 18th Tour: Dec.6th-10th

  • 19th Tour: Dec.20th-24th

  • For people who are not in Beijing, if you are interested in our trip as well, feel free to contact us Luff 17801203127Jane 15510307192/ Monica 18514204169.

Leaving Date: Day1 leave at 17:40 and arrive at Enshi around 8:50am on Day2

Arriving Date: Day4 leave at 17:30 from Enshi and will arrive at beijing around 10:30am on Day5

Meeting point: BeijingXi Train Station(北京西站),at the Flag Tower of Beijing Train Station (Find CET Green Flag)

Meeting time: 1.5 hours before the leaving time of your train tickets

Trip fee: Round Berth Train tickets+Local Travelling Bus+Meals+Hotel+CET English Guide

  • Normal Price: 1785RMB/pax, pay the deposit 785RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Group Discount: 1755RMB/pax if 3 or more than 3 seats booked together, pay the deposite 755RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • VIP Price: 1755RMB  ( Buy CET VIP on our wechat offical Menu ), pay the deposit fee 255RMB/pax when you book the trip.

  • Pleasr Note: The left 1000RMB trip fee will be collected when we start to buy the train tickets for you. The trip fee of Holiday is 200RMB more than normal price.

  • Please Note: If you want to take flight to join in this trip, you can pay 800RMB less than the Trip fee (Round Berth Train tickets is 800RMB which you neednt pay)

Participants: If less than 5 participants, this trip will be cancelled.

Travel Advisor: Luff 17801203127Jane 15510307192/Monica 18514204169(English & Mandarin)

Book Your Tickets Online

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How to Rigister online

After you finish payment, add our coustmer service wechat to join in the wechat group

Photos From CET Monica

Statement about the Trip Fee

What is includes in the cost?

  • Round Train tickets for this trip, both are hard sleeping bed train tickets.

  • Accommodation: One night in 3-Star hotel in Enshi City, One night in 3-Star Hotel in Hefeng town

  • Meals: D2 Lunch; D3 Breakfast and Dinner; D4 Breakfast and Lunch; the other meals are left for you to explore the local food

  • Local travelling bus with experienced driver

  • Local Transport from Hefeng to Pingshan Canyon (Big bus couldnt pass the village road)

  • CET Guide fee for the whole trip

  • 4 Days outdoor insurance

What is not included in the cost?

  • Additional personal consumption

  • Entrance ticket: Shiziguan Senic Spot and E-car 120RMB

  • Entrance tickets: Pingshan Canyon and Boating fee 278RMB

  • Entrance tickets: Suoyabu Stone Forest and E-car 98RMB

  • Entrance tickets: Tushi Town 45RMB

  • Wujiatai Tea Gorden and Tujia Daughter’s City are Free

  • Please Note: We want to have a positive effect everywhere we go, we don’t take commissions or kickbacks, and we don’t take you on detours for shopping.

Statement about the Refund

  • If you cancel this trip more than 7 days before depature, we will fully refund but we will deduct the train ticket booking fee: 65RMB/ticket.

  • If you cancel this trip 3 days before depature, we will refund 50% deposit to you and we will deduct the train ticket booking fee: 65RMB/ticket.

  • If you cancel this trip within 3 days before depature, no refund.

Quick Weather Info: Enshi weather is moist with four distinct seasons - a warm but variable spring, a cool summer and autumn, and snowy and chilly winter. The highest temperature occurs in July, 15 – 30C, while the coldest month is January, with the temperature low to -10–5C.

About the Local Food: Tujia dishes are characterized by sourness and spiciness. Their favorites are pickled dishes and smoked dishes. Pickled dishes include pickled pepper, cabbage, ginger, meat, and fish. Smoked dishes include smoked pork, salted lamb, and salted beef.

Photos From CET Monica

Statement about the Train Ticket

  • CET will buy hard sleeping bed train tickets for you, once we get your tickets, we will inform you in our group or text you.

  • The train from Beijing to Enshi is Z3 or Z95 leaving at 17:48 and arrive at 09:05 on the next day

  • The train back to beijing is Z50/Z4/Z96 leaving at 18:21 and will arrive at beijing 10:20am on the next day.

  • We will try to arrange all of the participants in the same train firstly, but if there is no tickets available, we have to take different train, please be cooperative.

  • All the train tickets are sold randomly, so it is a little difficult to get the sequential tickets during holiday, hope you can understand and book the trip in advance.

Full Itinerary Day by Day

Photos From CET Monica

Day1 Beijing-Enshi Leave from Beijing to Enshi around 18:00, Overnight on the train

Transfer: By train, berth train tickets.

Meals: None, prepare some snacks before you get on the train.

Accommodation: Overnight on the train.

Please Note: Dont forget to take your passport and student book to get on the train, Pic doesnt work at sometimes, Cold-proof clothing is needed as well.

Leaving from Beijing to Enshi, Find our trip leader at the Flag Tower of BeijingXi Train Station (Find CET Green Flag)  to get your train ticket. and then get together to check inside and take the train. It will take 15 hours on the train. So remember to bring some food with you.

Transport ideas: Actually most of CETtrips are planed for foreign students, so in order to make our trips more affordable, most transports of our trips are by train. But in fact, there are many flights and high-speed trains available for this trip. So if you need, please feel free to consult our travel advisor.

Photos From CET Monica

Day2 Shiziguan Senic spot-Wujiatai Tea Gorden-Hefeng town, Overnight in Hefeng Town

Transfer: By local travelling bus

Meals: Lunch. There is a food street in Hefeng Town beside the town bridge, you can have you dinner there, tasty!

Accommodation: Overnight in Hefeng Town, 3-Star Hotel (There are only 5 3-star Hotels in this town, so we will change to the Express Inn Hotel when Holiday comes)

Please Note: Please finish your breakfast on the train, we will not leave time for breakfast once you get on the train.

Welcome to Enshi! Upon arrival, you will begreeted by our tour guide in the train station who is holding a sign on whichCETtrip. A comfortable vehicle (non-smoking) with experienced driver willtransfer you directly to discover one of the greatest floating bridge in China:Shiziguan scenic Spot.  Measuring 500meters long and 4.5 meters wide, the bridge was built along the winding river,twisting and turning through the scenic area, with a passenger volume of 10,000.Walking or driving on the bridge gives people an amazing sensation that they'removing on the water surface with lush, green forests around.

After we visited the Floating Bridge, we will transfer to Wujiatai Tea Garden. Central China’s Hubei is one of the nation's major tea producing areas from the ancient times. The famous Hubei teas like Wujiatai Tribute Tea,  has been well-known long ago and attract numerous tea drinkers from different places every year. The tea culture tourism can not only make tourism projects more various, but also give an impetus to the tea economy and tourism industry. 

After we visited Wujiatai Tea Garden, then we will head to Hefeng Town to check in the hotel. It is a small town, you can explore your dinner by your food easily.

Photos From CET Monica

Day3 Hefeng-Pingshan Canyon-Tujia Daughter’s City, Overnight in Enshi City.

Transfer: By local travelling bus+Local Small Car

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner, Please prepare your lunch by yourself, you will be in Pingshan Canyon during the lunch time.

Accommodation: Overnight in Enshi City 3-Star Hotel

After Breakfast, then check out the hoteland we will leave to the most charming spot: Pingshan Canyon. As the villageroad is too narrow,we have to change to the village's cars to arrive at the Senic Spot.Maybe it will cost some time. The Pingshan Scenic Area is located 11 kilometersaway from the county site for Hefeng County. This place is rough and difficultto access. The scenery is dotted with high cliffs, green mountains, and clear,running water. A stone bridge connects the two sides of Pingshan Village.

The water there is so clear that boat passengers often feel as though they are sailing on air. The boat weaves past suspended cliffs and isolated islands. The photos of this place were forwarded on Weibo more than 9,000 times. Many netizens commented that this is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. They said that for those who live in or near Hubei, there is no excuse not to visit this beautiful place.

Photos From CET Monica

After we visited this place, then we need to head back to Enshi City and visit  China Tujia Daughter’s City, the 8th man-made ancient town in China, is located in Qiliping in the urban area of Enshi city, Hubei. It is the gathering place of Tujia culture nationwide, as well as the recreation center and tourist distributing center in Wuling district. It enjoys the reputation of being the “capital for blind date”.The streets here are built on the mountain, and the Daughter’s Street is the core of the ancient town, as well as one of the most prosperous blocks in downtown Enshi.

Tonight we will live in Enshi City.

Photos From CET Monica

Day4 Enshi City-Suobuya Stone Forest-Tushi Town, Take the train Back to Beijing 

Overnight on the train

Transfer: By local travelling bus

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

Accommodation: Overnight on the Train

Please Note: If we spend too much time in the Stone Forest, maybe we will have no time to visit Tushi Town, there is no refund if this happened, thanks for your cooperation.

After we have breakfast we will check out and go to visit: Suobuya stone forest which is the world’s first Ordovician stone forest. It is dubbed as China’s second largest Stone Forest (the first is the stone forest in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Southwest China) The scenic area’s shape if looked in bird view, it is like a huge gourd, surrounded by green screens and peaks. Suobuya Stone Forest is the second biggest of its kind in China, with vegetation ranking No.1 nationwide. And this is what distinguishes itself outside the other karst formations in southwest China. 

Suobuya stone forest is vastly dotted with vegetations as if it wore a cap, hence the name “the capped stone forest”. At present, there are four main scenic spots open to the public. They are Qinglong temple, Lianhua village, Mozi Gully and Jiulonghui. Each scenic spot has its own characteristics and fossils were often found here, it is truly an amazing natural ancient geological landscape museum.

Photos From CET Monica

After we visited this place, then we will go back to Enshi City and visit Tushi Town if time is available. We will go to the train station around 16:00 and take the train back to Beijing or you next distination.

Day5 Arrive Beijing around 10:00am

Additional Information:

  • Please be advised that there will be approximately 10-45 travelers per group

  • The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to change due to the weather conditions

  • Please inform us of any dietary restrictions and allergies if you booked our tour. Please remember to bring any medication that you need with you

  • Pregnant women, guests with heart attacks, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, severe colds, and those who are not suitable for outdoor hiking are advised to carefully decide whether or not to travel according to their own conditions or doctor's advice

  • We will contact you between 8:00pm-10:00pm a day before you travel to reconfirm the pick up time and place. Please keep your contact lines or channels available. If you have not received any confirmation after 10:00pm, please contact customer service.

  • In case of severe inclement weather or other environmental problems beyond control that causes the tour to be unable to proceed, participants can opt for a reschedule.

Things to bring

  • Passport/ID card.

  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes, and a spare pair of shoes to change into at the end of the day. 

  • Bring a few changes of clothes, including something warm for night time.

  • It's highly recommended you bring a waterproof outer layer and rain jacket.

  • Bring a book or pack of cards in case you get bored during the driving between the villages. (We don't think you'll get bored!)

  • Bring you camera and chargers for all your electronics.

  • Bring a backpack to hold water and food for the hiking. Bring a duffle bag or suitcase for the rest of your things – we can leave that at the hotel or on the bus.

  • Meals, water and snacks arenot all provided; bring extra snacks if you like!

  • Bring personal toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc) and small towel.

  • Bring any personal medicine you might need. Your guide will have a basic first aid kit.

CETtrip to Enshi 2018-4-28