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National Day·Xi'an | Terra Cotta Warriors&Mount Hua

2017-08-28 CET CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

Xi'an&Terra Cotta Warriors&Mount Hua  Oct.1st-3rd

Activity place: Shaanxi province

Activity date: Oct.1st - Oct.3rd

Meeting pointxi‘an railway station

Meeting time:Oct.1st 10:00am

Traffic tools: Train+Travelling Bus

Participants:Min 20 people,Max 50 people

Trip Fee: 585RMB(more than 2 people book seats together, each one can get 50RMB discount)

VIP Price: 530RMB  (Click it o join CET VIP more than 2 people book seats together, each one can get 50RMB discount)

Please book your seat and do your payment as soon as possible, as the tickets of hard sleepers are hard to reserve. 

How to Book your seat

1.Send a message: " Activity+how many seats you + Your Meeting point" to CET Customer Service Wechat(eg:Sawyer+1+123456(phone number)+hot spring party Feb.4th+BLCU)

2.Finish the payment by wechat or Alipay (Alipay ID: 18612035869, if you paid by Alipay, send a screenshot of your payment to CET Customer Service Wechat )

3.Once you finish the payment, you will get a payment nub and an invitation of our activity group, keep in touch with our trip leader in the activity group.

Booking Hotline: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

After sell service:18514204469 (English & Mandarin)

Statement: No refund within 3 days before this trip.

Statement about the Trip Fee

The trip fee includes:

  • Traveling bus fee in xian

  • 3 days outdoor insurance

  • Two night local standard hotel

  • 2 Breakfast(Chinese traditional food)

  • Cultural exchange night party 

  •  CET English Speaking volunteer 

The trip fee does not include:

  • Other Meals: fancy or simple, it's up to you.

  • The trip fee doesn't include entrance tickets of all scenic spots, Mount Hua: 180RMB ( Round cabe car+ferry bus:190rmb); Terra Cotta Warriors: 150RMB. Student book (Exchange student book or Master or Phd are not included ) can get a half discount. 

  • note:the price of entrance tickets mentioned above are of the last year, the price might be changed this year due to the peak season timing. Our trip leader will try our best to help us get the discount tickets. Do not forget to bring your students books.



13:00pm  Meet at Xi'an railway station (train for your reference:Z19 Beijing West Railway Station 20:40-Xi'an Railway Station 08:31; Z43 Beijing West Railway Station 20:12 - Xi'an Railway Station 09:55,You can also select other cars and arrive by 1:00 p.m)

Go for the【Terra Cotta Warriors】and buy your ticket(dont forget to take your student book), enjoy the Qin shihuang terra cotta warriors museum, The eighth wonder in the world.

Head to【Xian ancient town】and have a carefree walk on the street in ancient town to feel the old Culture of Tang dynasty. Have dinner at the most famous food street 【Huiming street】.

Night is the most beautiful moments to visit【Great Wild Goose Pagoda】since that the biggest music fountain in Asia will begin at 20:30

21:30pm Hotel check in and prepare enough food for the next day on Mount Hua.


7:00am get up and eat breakfast and set out to the famous Mount Hua

9:00am arrive at Mount Hua. Take the cablecar to the north peak(the round cablecar for north peak is 190 RMB for each one), about 6 hours free time for you to enjoy the excellent mountain view.

16:30pm take the cablecar go downhill and get ready to go back to the downtown. 

19:30pm back to hotel together and have dinner, then Culture Exchange night party begins.


Set your alarm according to your train! Take care of yourself during your back tracking.

The schedule may have some change due to the speed of our movement.

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