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National day | Arxan·Changbai Mountain· Red Beach

2017-08-31 CET CETtrip北京 CETtrip北京

CET (Culture Exchange Trip) is a student self-organized service platform focusing on intercultural communication and aimed to create more opportunities for young people from all over the world to have more chances to communicate in more fantastic ways like outdoor activities.

CETtrip to Moutain changbai 2017-5-27 by Zoey

National day | Arxan·Changbai Mountain· Red Beach

Activity place:  Inner Mongolia province,Jilin province,Liaoning Province

Activity date: Sept.30th-Oct.8th

Meeting point 1: South gate of BLCU

Meeting time: 5:30pm,Sept.30th

Leaving time: 5:40pm(no waiting)

Meeting point 2: Beitucheng subway station, Exit C1

Meeting time: 06:30pm,Sept.30th

Leaving time: 07:00 (no waiting)

Traffic tools:Travelling Bus

Trip Fee:  2800RMB(more than 2 people book seats together,the fee is 2700RMB/person)

VIP Price:2650RMB  (Click it o join CET VIP,more than 2 people book seats together,the fee is 2550RMB/person)

 Important clause.This activity will stop enrolling new registrations due to the limited number of applicants. 800 RMB will be paid to local hotel as deposit. In case of quitting the activity, hotel deposit will not be refunded after 20th September or 5 days prior to the activity

Participants: Min 20 (if less than 20 participants, this trip has to be cancelled)

Booking Hotline: 18514204269 (English & Mandarin)

After sell service:18514204469 (English & Mandarin)

If you share this article on your moments and send the screenshot to our service wechat which is shown below, you will get the discounted price which is 2750RMB for normal and 2720RMB for VIP

Statements about the Trip Fees

The trip fee includes:

1.Tourist bus service

2. Accommodation (Standard Room, with individual toilet)

3. Bilingual guide

4. Insurance: Outdoor insurance 8 days

5. Activity planning  & organizing cost

Activity fee excludes:

1. Cafering is not included during the tour. Group meals in form of AA are recommended according to individual needs.

2. Tickets: Arxan park coupon ticket: 180/person, Beipo Mountain ticket 125/person, green ticket 85/person, reserve station ticket 80/person【Small Tianchi, Underground Forest,  Waterfall, free of charge】, Xipo Mountain ticket: 125/person, green ticket 85/person, Red Sea Beach Park coupon ticket 100/person.(  according to specific prices)

3. Paying price difference is required if there’s extra need for regular accommodation.

Full ltinerary

Day0: Beijing- Arxan ( 30th September)

19:00 Leave for Arxan

Accommodation: On bus

Day1: Arxan (1st October)

Pull over for photo-taking if there is any good scenery on the way

Such as sight-seeing stand of Mingshui Town, Arxan Taipingling Sight-seeing stand, have lunch in a town along the way;

Arrive at Arxan for accommodation in the afternoon( two nights), it’s recommended to view sunset at Arxan Railway Station or East Mountain and have hotspring service of your own accord.

Accommodation: Arxan Mountain

Day2: Arxan National Forest Park ( 2nd October)

Get up at 7:30 and tour around Arxan National Forest Park by bus

Have self-organized lunch at various restaurants of Xing’an Forest Farm

Stop by headstream of Arxan Ice Spring at nightfall—Wuli Spring for some water

Accommodation: Arxan

Day3: Arxan—Redleaf Valley ( 3rd October)

Head to Jiaohe Redleaf Valley after breakfast, stop by for sight-seeing, photo-taking  or  autumn scenery,or play cellphone games on bus.

Accommodate in downtown Redleaf Valley

Accommodation: Redleaf Valley

Day4: Redleaf Valley-Er’dao White River ( 4th October)

07:00 Gather at Jiaohe Redleaf Valley after breakfast

In the afternoon, we head from Redleaf Valley directly to “ the most beautiful town” Er’dao White River down Changbai Mountain. It is recommended to try all sorts of delicious Korean food in the town.

Accommodation: Er’dao White River

Day5: Er’dao White River- North Changbai Mountain ( 5th October)

Head to North Changbai Mountain at 6:00 am and we will spend a whole day touring around North Changbai Mountain. Gather at parking lot at 5:00 pm and head to West Changbai Mountain for accommodation

Accommodation: West Changbai Mountain

Day6: North Changbai Mountain- Shenyang (6th October)

Head to West Changbai Mountain at 6:00 am to tour around West Tianchi and Jinjiang Valley etc.

Head to Shenyang at 1:00 pm for accommodation

Accommodation: Shenyang

Day7:Shenyang- Red Beach- Beijing (7th October)

Head to White Beach at 7:00 after breakfast and tour around Red Beach( a boundless view of red beach) , Yueyawan Wetland Park, and Weihai Crane Sight-seeing ( see red-crowned cranes, swans, wild ducks and other rare animals);

Gather at parking lot at 12:00 and head back to Beijing

Accommodation: On bus


1. ID /passport and other licenses entitled to discount

2. Photographic equipments and battery charge

3.Please carry warm clothes ( such as outdoor Jackets) and hiking shoes

4.Necessary clothes and simply washing supplies. Please carry sunglass, hat, cream and anti-wind clothes etc. in case of strong ultraviolet radiation ;

5. It is recommended to carry cellphone, kettle, head-light, flashlight and rain gear;

6. Personal medicine and other items;

7. Please avoid going out alone at night;

8. Please respect local customs.

How to Book your seat

Cultural Exchange Trip

1.Send a message: " Activity+how many seats you need + Your Meeting point" to CET Customer Service Wechat(eg:Sawyer+1+123456(phone number)+hot spring party Feb.4th+BLCU)

2.Finish the payment by wechat 

3.Once you finish the payment, you will get a payment nub and an invitation of our activity group, keep in touch with our trip leader in the activity group.

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